What Are the Top Wellness Trends for 2022? 

On Tuesday, February 8, the GWS will release its annual “Future of Wellness” report, the industry’s most in-depth look at the trends that will shake up health and wellness in 2022.    

We’re excited about these 10 trends for 2022: They feel new–and explore what’s next in wellness travel, wellness real estate, health/wellness technology, women’s health, preventative healthcare, nutrition, and sustainability. The report is packed with the new ideas, experiences, practices, and destinations that will make news in the wellness space this year.  
We invite our Trendium readers to pre-order the report by Feb. 8 for $65 (saving $30). Your pre-order includes an exclusive invitation to the virtual press event (9am-12noon ET, Feb. 8)–which has become one of the “can’t miss” wellness events of the year. 
The Zoom event will feature insights from our expert authors on their trends. And the Global Wellness Institute will present the first-ever research on national wellness markets, ranking the top “wellness nations.” And there will be surprise guests…


A Look Back at Our Top Wellness Trends
for 2021:

As we get ready to launch our 2022 report, we thought we’d quickly look back on our top 9 trends for 2021. Trends don’t come with an “expiration date,” and we hope (and think) they still resonate…
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Hollywood and the Entertainment Industries Jump into Wellness: Wellness is shaking up Big Media and the TV and music industries–from wellness companies becoming full-blown TV production studios to so many types of–and platforms for– “wellness music” being born.

The Future of Immune Health: Stop Boosting, Start Balancing: Immune health will be a huge 2021 focus, but we need to stop with the unscientific “immune-boosting” supplements and therapies, and focus on evidence-backed approaches: metabolic health, the microbiome, and personalized nutrition. 

Spiritual and Numinous Moments in Architecture: Spiritual wellbeing will become a bigger design focus and we’ll see more everyday spaces that incite sacred and numinous moments that can move our souls…in homes, workplaces and urban landscapes. 

Just Breathe!: The practical and evidence-based magic of breathwork is being pushed in exciting, new directions–this looks at the star practitioners, the techniques, the places, and the new breath-tech, that is taking breathwork to the very center of wellness.  

The Self-Care Renaissance: Where Wellness and Healthcare Converge: Two complementary yet oft-competing entities—healthcare and wellness—will now converge. Wellness is leaning into science–and healthcare is borrowing from the wellness playbook—transforming a once sterile, strictly curative industry into a more holistic and lifestyle-oriented one.

Adding Color to Wellness: The wellness industry must address the false narrative that wellness is for affluent white people. This trend looks at how the industry can add “color to wellness” by valuing Black consumers and wellness professionals.

Resetting Events with Wellness–You may never sit on a banquet chair again: The pandemic has transformed the meetings and events industry: If wellness used to be a side-show or afterthought, now health and wellness is suffused throughout–and the very point of–events.  

Money Out Loud: Financial Wellness Is Finding Its Voice: Money has topped the “do-not-discuss” list for decades—alongside religion, sex and politics. But transparency is trending and a financial wellness movement is moving money/finance from a hush-hush, one-size-fits-all industry to one that’s more human, empathetic, and, dare we say, fun.

The Year of the Travel Reset: The pandemic pause on travel gave everyone—consumers and suppliers—time to think about rebooting travel for the better. 2021 is the year that all travel essentially becomes “wellness travel.” The big trends: going slower, nearer and more mindfully; making travel regenerative; challenging overtourism and correcting undertourism; embracing nature; and putting purpose first. 


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