26 July, 2022

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Happy Tuesday! Its the beginning of a new week! This edition of modern different's product spotlight focuses on craftsmanship within different areas of expertise. Whether it's a casual game, cooking or work, there is artistry and brilliance woven into our daily use trinkets.

Weekly Picks

Leather Desk Pad

The leather desk pad brings visual structure and organization to your workspace. The premium, vegetable-tanned leather is buttery soft to the touch and dynamic, with distinguished character that will age and develop as you use it.

Emperor Series Chess Set

Ideal for coarse beards or skin prone to bumps and ingrowns, this nourishing Pre-Shave Cream softens the scruff and prepares the skin before shaving to enhance the razor's glide, help reduce irritation and, like an invisible shield, create an additional layer of protection between the skin and the blade.



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Bank Spinner 53

The Yohann MacBook stand gracefully elevates your laptop screen, promoting an upright sitting posture and a comfortable, ergonomic viewing angle for both a MacBook and MacBook Pro.
Rice Paddle And Chopsticks Set 

Rice paddle and Japanese chopsticks gift set. The paddle has a nice curved sweep. They fit so nicely in the hand. The paddle has a 1 inch wide handle, 3 inch round serving blade, and a total length of 8 inches.
Joyce Chen 6" Bamboo Steamer

Cook dumplings, bao, fresh vegetables and a variety of proteins to perfection without oil in this traditional bamboo steamer. Consisting of two stacking steaming compartments and a lid, the tiered basket works its magic placed above simmering water in a wok, skillet or saucepan.

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