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Fall, 2018

BVKID Advocacy Update

BVKID members have been working with BVSD teachers and administrators in the Dyslexia Advisory Team (DAT)
  • The DAT is working an action plan to improve services for dyslexic students.
  • The DAT has recommended - and the district has approved - a dyslexia screener to look for characteristics of dyslexia in students. This screener will be used for students struggling to read to determine the best method of intervention. We are still working on a universal screener for all kids to catch students early before they fail.
  • BVSD and BVKID will team up this October to give a Dyslexia Awareness presentation to all K-5 teachers in the district. The next step will be to a similar presentation to all middle and high schools.

2nd Annual Struggling Readers Symposium

2018 Symposium Guest Speaker

BVKID would like to welcome Chris Anthony as our annual celebrity guest speaker! Chris was born and raised in Colorado at a time when not much was known about dyslexia, the learning disability that affects 1 in 5 people. He had to navigate and compromise at a time when there was no support at school for kids who struggled with dyslexia. Don’t miss the chance to hear how Chris was able to overcome his challenges and how he was able to become a successful and happy adult.
"Chris Anthony is a 2018 Colorado Snow Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Executive Director / Founder of Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project and Professional Athlete, Screenwriter,  Producer,  Screen Talent, Journalist and Philanthropist.  He traveled for 28 years with Warren Miller Entertainment as both an athlete and host. He also worked with a number of outdoor adventure and sports production companies as a creator, screen talent, producer, writer and editor. His youth project has impacted more than 30,000 students since its inception in 2013.  Other outreach endeavors have directly connected him with more than 100,000 students over the past 20 years. "

A special thank you to the University of Colorado's Leed School of Business for donating the space to hold this awesome event for the community. 

Posts of Positivity 

This is an actual Facebook post about a star teacher, Ryan Root, from Manhattan Middle School.
Thank you for being so positive and for creating solutions that will support our dyslexic learners. 

We would love to share your stories and examples. Email us here.

Ways to Donate

Buying a new car? Getting rid of an old one? Selling isn’t your only option. We’ve teamed up with Donate for Charity to make donating your vehicle easy.  It’s a win for all:  you get a minimum $500 tax deduction (or higher, depending on what your car sells for), and BVKID receives the net proceeds to support our program.
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Upcoming Events

COKID Corner

COKID is a grassroots parent led advocacy group with current leadership representation from Boulder, St. Vrain, Adams 12, Littleton, and Douglas County. Click here for more info.

Newsworthy Articles

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Colorado's Dyslexic Students Face Systemic Challenges—If They Can Even Get A Diagnosis

Ask Elaine

When should I ask about an IEP and how do I get started?

You need to reach out to your student's teacher, school administrator and a member of the special education team when your student has received Tier 3* intervention and has not made significant progress**.  Ask to see the progress monitoring done from the time the intervention support started up to the present. The information and data from the intervention along with district assessments will indicate how much progress your student has or has not made.  You can request, in writing, that an initial evaluation be completed for your student given lack of sufficient progress.  The school has 60 calendar days to complete the assessment and hold an initial IEP meeting.  You may also have an outside academic and cognitive evaluation completed and provide the school with the data, scores and reports from independent evaluators.  The school may or may not accept these reports.  However, the written request for a school evaluation, is the most direct route to determine if your student qualifies for special education services from an IEP. 

*Tier 1 intervention can take place in the general education classroom. Preferential seating, fewer items to answer or to complete to show mastery of a concept, extra time for assignments, hard copies of notes are just a few interventions. Tier 2 can involve the student working with a literacy or reading interventionist inside and outside the general education classroom.  

**Progress can be determined using progress monitoring tools and district and state assessments. I- ready, Dibels and Curriculum Based Measures can provide accurate data to determine if lack of growth has been made over a predetermined time during which the interventions were used with fidelity by qualified teachers. Different schools within BVSD use different measures and types of interventions over varying timelines. A four-six week period of monitoring progress should be considered before taking the next step. 

Elaine is a retired BVSD SPED teacher and reading specialist. She currently teaches graduate level courses in special education at CU. She is the owner of Academic Assessment Solutions LLC, where she evaluates and provides assessments for students with learning disabilities. Elaine also serves on the BVKID board as an educational advisor. For questions, contact Elaine through her Facebook page. 

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Schedule a Simulation at your School

Experience Dyslexia® is a simulation that lets participants experience some of the challenges and frustrations faced by people with language-based learning differences. Participants are guided through six learning tasks commonly encountered in the classroom or workplace. These activities are followed by a group discussion focusing on experiences shared and lessons learned, as well as practical tips, accommodations and interventions for the classroom. Click here for more information.

Technology Recommendations

Whispersync is Amazon's technology that lets readers switch “back and forth between a Kindle book and Audible professional narration - without ever losing your place.” Click here for more information.

Get Involved

We are also looking for volunteers who would be interested in the following positions:
  • Fundraising coordinator, 
  • Scholarship committee member (5-10 hr/year),
  • Simulation facilitators (2-6 hours/year), and a 
  • Dyslexia awareness coordinator for October Awareness Month (5-10 hours/year). 
Please send us an email if you are interested in coordinating one of these jobs or if you have other skills you think would help our cause. contact us

Upcoming BVKID Board Meetings:

Wednesday, Oct 3rd 
Wednesday, Nov 7th
Wednesday, Dec 5th

6:00pm - 8:00pm

South Boulder Lucky's Market
695 S Broadway, Boulder, CO 80301

Board meetings are open to the public. Visit our website for updated meeting information.
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