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August 2020

This month we have made available a new symphony in our Music Shop! We also have exciting news about the New Equations Practice, an invitation to our Spiritual Posture gatherings, as well as beautiful pieces from our monthly contributors: Wisdom from Ingrid, and A Parcel from Paradise from Betty. Alan shares the final chapter of his journey recovering from cancer, and Siska delves into the history of the Facial Expressions of Strength.


Soft sounds of colorful light embrace me.

My music takes me to

unknown treasure

spreading joy and growth

from what I saw but didn't see.

A memory hidden in a cell

like true nourishment found

by the roots of a tree.

Stored soul wisdom.

Secrets of what is to come.

Ingrid Mellingen, Soultype 3, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 - New Equations Creative Soul program. Ingrid lives in Oslo, Norway, with her two dogs, Chili and Pepper.

Spiritual Postures every week!

Tuesdays we do the Spiritual Postures! Everyone in the New Equations World Facebook group, Soultyping Program, or the New Equations Advanced Training Organization, is invited to join. Doing the Spiritual Postures together creates a wonderful connection and supports the Soultypes throughout the world.
If you would like to do the Spiritual Postures with us, please contact Jenna. You can also find details in our Events Calendar. Click on the NESP-Video Calls to find dates and times. We can't wait to see you!

New Music

We have a new symphony uploaded and available for you in our New Equations Music Shop! It is called the Mahrillon Spiral Symphony and was composed to help all of us move into the future using the strength of our soul, spirituality, and physicality. Click the link below to purchase this symphony or listen to free samples!
Mahrillon Spiral Symphony

New Equations Practice - Updated!

A wonderful addition is coming soon! 

We are creating nine new photo pages for our New Equations Practice. There will be all new photos that show the Facial Expression of Strength for each Soultype! Siska and Siv have been combing the internet this month looking at thousands of photographs in their search for these magical photos. The new Soultype 3 page is shown above.

Personally, looking at the faces is one of my favorite parts of the New Equations Practice—which is why I am so excited! There are dozens of new people to look at, and I love them all, especially the baby girl Soultype 1, and the teenage girl Soultype 5. 

Of course, being a Soultype 2, I love the 2 page, but I really can't get enough of the Soultype 3 smiles and the Soultype 8 grounded beauty. But, by far my favorite thing is the cultural diversity that is present for every Soultype. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Our updated New Equations Practice—which will include these photos—can be purchased starting September 15 in our Music Shop.

Some of you already know the New Equations Practice very well, especially if you have done the Soultyping Program or participated in the NEATO 36-Day Practice. If you would like to get your hands on our new set of Facial Expressions of Strength without needing to buy the full practice again, you may purchase this, as well, in our Music Shop, but be sure to wait till September 15!

Happy looking!

Jenna Tovey, Soultype 2
New Equations Communications Manager
New Equations Certified Teacher

Journey with Betty

A Parcel from Paradise

A few days ago the postal carrier rang my doorbell and delivered a beautifully wrapped parcel. I was very surprised as I was not expecting a delivery. I wondered who could have sent me a gift! I weighed the parcel in my hands and guessed it was about 3 kg. I searched for the sender's name, still wondering about this unexpected surprise, only to burst out laughing. It read: Parcel from Paradise

The food on my stove would have to wait! Without delay I began to open my package, trying not to destroy the beautiful wrapping paper decorated with a flower print and all kinds of geometric shapes. I slipped off the shimmering red-golden cord and lifted the silky lilac paper that had been lovingly placed over my still hidden present. A wonderful fragrance arose—a mixture of rose and vanilla—making me even more curious. 

In a flash, the rustle of the silk paper transported me back to my childhood. I remembered a feeling from many moments past—tingling in my stomach from when I was young and aunts and uncles came to visit, bringing me gifts, and my unrestrained curiosity and overflowing joy while unwrapping their presents. The same intensity filled me now as I began opening my Parcel from Paradise.

My joy always felt the same when I saw my brothers or my parents unwrap their presents. We were, I could say, experiencing a universal pleasure—sharing in the joy of receiving. 

The inspiring intensity before my gift became visible was inevitably woven into my gift itself. Simply touching the silky paper opened my senses and was bringing back beautiful moments from my childhood. I felt so blessed already!

Carefully I push the paper aside. What could it be? What smelled so sweetly of rose and vanilla? I found a handwritten note:

Unless one is conscious of one’s soul, one does not have true knowledge.

My curiosity increased. The handwritten note was promising something and lifting me into a space of openness.I gently pulled away some more paper . . . and found . . .

Read More . . .
Betty KrausSoultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 2 - New Equations Expansion program. Betty lives in Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany. She is a Spiritual Grandmother and healer, and offers seminars and transformative journeys in Europe and South-India.

Hello From Siska

When we discovered the Facial Expressions of Strength in 1994, the first thing we did was create photo display boards of these expressions—one board for each Soultype. We wanted to create for ourselves and others a way to see this physical expression of the soul.

It was extraordinary to see people of the nine different Soultypes on our display boards for the first time. Knowing that these specific expressions communicate soul wisdom that resides in every human being had a deep emotional impact on me. Knowing that this is something that humanity did not yet know about, inspired me to continue our work and share our discoveries.

I am so excited because September 15 we will publish and make available in our New Equations Practice a new set of photos of the nine Facial Expressions of Strength. This is exciting for me because with these photos you will be able to see the nine expressions more clearly than ever before. Thanks to the resource of the internet and photo media sites, we have been able to search through thousands of photos which was not possible in the 1990's because we were limited to searching through books and magazines! As human beings, we are becoming more aware of our spiritual nature—and I look forward to continuing the journey together.

The new photos have reinforced for me the beautiful gift every human being is born with and gives from their soul. When we look around the world today, we can see that some leaders are trying to force people to not be who they are. They are trying to convince the mind that using force, agenda, and control, is the best way of living. Yet, the soul embraces everyone. The soul is giving to everyone. The soul moves forward without force, agenda, or control, and encourages everyone to be who they are and bring forward the magic that is within.

Siska ToveySoultype 8
Director and Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music

Alan's Journey

Part 3
Before I got sick, I was running two miles in twenty minutes every day. When I started again, I did not time myself. Later, when I did pay attention to how fast I was running, I felt different about time. I didn't care how fast I was running. Instead, I paid attention to how I was feeling.

Every day of my new way of life has been an opportunity to move forward into a new way of being. Every day I become more aware of the changes that are going on inside me. If there is a lot of change going on, my run tends to be slower. I consider that to be a very good sign. 

I discovered that what is most important is to be as calm and relaxed as possible and let my soul, spirituality, and physicality, do whatever is needed to help me heal.

I no longer have a plan in mind. In the past, I always had a goal. I always knew where I was heading and had many ideas about how to get there, but now I realize . . .

Read More . . .
Alan SheetsSoultype 5, Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music

Alan's Words

Welcome to Alan's Words! Alan Sheets, Cofounder of New Equations, brings you some of what he is writing these days!


Each of us has experienced only a minuscule fraction of the universe. The universe is much vaster than we realize. To gain a partial understanding of this vastness and create new meaningful experiences, we can connect and align with our soul. From this place it becomes possible to have a deeper understanding of our small part in the giant whole. 

Soultype 6

Spiritual Insights. The 6 spiritual energy is used by your body to receive the soft, warm, and alive spiritual energy of the physical world. When this Spiritual Portal is open, your chest is forward and expanded. Your facial expression looks alive and aware. Everything you encounter is more vibrant and dynamic and you can feel its vibration in the region of your heart. Discover more!

Featured Music

Six Pearls - Portal 6 from The Rihalana Circle - Music for Internal Peace Symphony was composed in the New Equations Frequency that resonates with Spiritual Portal 6. Enjoy listening to a sample of Six Pearls - Portal 6 on our YouTube channel

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See you next month!

Jenna Tovey
New Equations Communications Manager
New Equations Certified Teacher

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