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December 2018

Our last newsletter this year is featuring the surprising way The Sound Aligners came together, student travelers, our beautiful music website, workshops, and music to listen to. From all of us at New Equations, we hope you have a wonderful New Year! We are looking forward to an expansive and fun 2019!

I Booked My Ticket and Took Off

Looking at this recent photo of myself playing on four keyboards reminds me of how far we have come! In the Spring of 2009 when I flew from Norway to California to play music for New Equations cofounders, Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets, I never could have imagined where our meeting would take the three of us. Sitting on the plane I wondered if what I was doing was really as crazy as I had been told – I was using my entire savings to fly to the other side of the world!

Earlier that year I had traveled to Egypt to attend a New Equations training, and when I returned home I discovered that a new world had opened up to me. I had composed music a little bit before I went to Egypt, but only short piano pieces for my private students and the choirs I directed. When I came back from Egypt I knew that something was different. I found myself completely focused on composing and playing music in the New Equations Frequency for Soultype 7 (I'm a Soultype 7) and investigating the overtone series. I felt a strong urge to play the new pieces for Siska and Alan. I knew I had to go and meet them even though it made no sense to spend all my money. 

I booked my ticket, rented a car, an apartment, and took off!

I did not know Siska or Alan very well, but had been with them in Egypt and I had participated in a New Equations training the year before, as well. My ability to speak English was poor at best and I had almost no composing skill, but there was a knowing in me that I had to go – that if I didn't I would regret it for the rest of my life. 

I brought with me a few short pieces of music that I had composed using the Soultype 7 frequency. After I played the first piece, Siska said, "I have never experienced a feeling like this from music." The moment I heard Siska say this, I knew something had begun, of course with no understanding of what it was. I felt a release and relief that I had made the right decision by coming to play for them.

We all began experimenting with creating music together using the New Equations Frequencies and Soultypes. Alan said, "The music is born."

In order to convey the energy of the nine Soultypes when I played the keyboard, I needed to learn to use, and move from, all of the Spiritual Portals (the energy centers associated with each Soultype). Using the Spiritual Portals that were not my own was a new, challenging, and expansive, experience. Magic happened and there is much more to tell another time, but soon the three of us came together as The Sound Aligners; we have now composed over a hundred hours of music, including long symphonies and shorter Pesdjets. It is still hard to believe that the creative musical energy of the universe, aligned to New Equations, could make so much music possible in such a short period of time.

Whenever we finish composing a symphony, Siska immediately confirms with Alan, who is our recording technician, that there were no problems with the recording process; I know that it is not possible for me to ever play the piece again, and Siska is no longer holding the present moment magic that is needed for the music to be composed. When we look around the room, we can see the profound peace the music has brought to our audience. —Siv Roland

Hello From Siska

When Siv arrived from Norway, she rented a keyboard and brought it to our home. We watched her set up the keyboard and tune it to play in the frequency for Soultype 7. Siv shyly pulled from a folder a couple pieces of paper on which she had written notes of key changes and then she placed the papers on a stool next to her.

Alan and I, and a New Equations student who had joined us, sat down on the floor in the small room, looking forward to what was to come. I was very interested as Siv, unlike most people at that time, had recognized that the frequencies were important and had even been drawn to use them to compose. I wanted to support her, no matter what she played. 

Siv began to play and lovely music filled the room; intensity grew inside me as she played because I immediately knew that by composing music ourselves we would synthesize the mathematics and spirituality of our discoveries. It meant that our music might help wisdom from the soul become more available to people.

Through our research we found a way to do this. We began to compose by using our Soultype strengths in an unexpected relationship. There were so many wonderful developments, but one of the most important parts of our creative process is the present moment. The present moment is the magical place where all creation happens.

We discovered something else, which is that throughout the universe there is a common spiritual language of music and sound. Because of the way in which New Equations Music is connected to the universe, it is possible for your soul to personally connect and be with this magical language. Your alignment to the universe through this language creates an amazing opportunity for you to develop in a new way.
By heart, by soul, by light, 

Siska Tovey
New Equations Director

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Workshop in Stockholm

This month, Siv Roland, Leader of New Equations Europe, traveled to Stockholm to teach New Equations. This is the first time New Equations has been available in Sweden!

Siv led an introductory workshop that gave people an experience of New Equations and she also taught private sessions for folks in our Soultyping Program.

For information about how to bring New Equations to your area, please contact Siv at


This month's blog post features our New Equations travelers! People studying New Equations come from all over the world. Find out about their adventures here!

Featured Music

Responsiveness in Light – Portal 6
Responsiveness in Light – Portal 6 from The Northern Lights Symphony was composed in the New Equations Frequency that resonates with Spiritual Portal 6. Enjoy listening to Responsiveness in Light – Portal 6 on our Youtube channel.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Jenna Tovey
New Equations Communications Manager
New Equations Certified Teacher

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