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March 2019

This month we are featuring artwork from Laurel's books for children and Part II of Betty's New Equations journey. Siska has also created a special video about the magic of New Equations Music, and we share with you how you can find us on social media. Enjoy!

Laurel's Books for Children

My wish is that each child sees, feels and experiences, the light and magic of their own soul through the pictures and words in these books. 
Recently I’ve been having lots of fun creating and designing characters for my nine book series for children about the New Equations Soultypes. These characters will play together in my Soultype 2 book: a caterpillar named Catie, two fish named Finny and Finnella and their friend Cori the coral, a tiger cub named Tefnut-tia, and a young girl named Tulee. I always listen to New Equations Music while I’m in my creative process.
The two pieces that I am currently listening to the most are Balance of Movement - Portal 2 (From the Unknown to the Known Symphony) and Dancing in Light - Portal 2 (Northern Lights Symphony). The light and movement in both of these pieces supports and helps me to bring each character to life. The magic happens when the characters come to life, start to dance, and begin to tell me who they want to be and how they want to play!
Laurel Avery is a Soultype 7 artist and writer from California, USA. She is in the NEATO Level 4 – New Equations Soultype Instructor program. Laurel is a New Equations Certified Teacher and Early Childhood Education Teacher.

Music Was My Love and Music Was My Lead
Part II - The Process

By Betty Kraus
Sitting with Siv Roland in her beautiful home, I listened carefully to what she had to say about evolution, New Equations Music, and spirituality. Although what I heard was not all new to me, I stayed open-minded with an open heart (best way!). I have always been propelled by the subjects of body and consciousness. Deep in my heart I knew that this new spirituality had to do with divinisation of matter: awakening the consciousness in our bodies and using our bodies for the next step in evolution. New Equations is very concrete, and, as I mentioned before, all my dedication is directed to this path of evolution.
After some sharing time, Siv asked me in her typical easygoing way, if I would like to have some experiences of what she had shared about New Equations – and, of course, for all of you who are New Equations soul travelers, you know what the experience was like – I was so deeply touched that I did not want to mentally process it.

There I was, standing in Oslo, raising my arms, listening to New Equations Music, and immediately was taken to a place which clearly was a memory of a past life in Egypt. I had a personal ’awakening’ connected to Egypt half a century ago, while reading Initiation by Elisabeth Haich, and so it made total sense to me that I was catapulted back. Within this moment of vastness, there was so much peace and knowingness, yet, at the same time, such normality, that I felt at home. I remembered an experience some years ago when my inner light had shown me in a flash how the vastness of the creator consciousness is an eternal consciousness within the whole universe, untouched by any outer circumstances.
What I was now experiencing was, in a certain way, familiar, but this time I felt consciousness IN my body. I started to have an understanding, through my body experience, of what is meant by divinisation of matter. I was totally hooked! Nothing could stop me from continuing the New Equations Soultyping Program and giving as many people as possible the opportunity to get to know this universal knowledge. While having my own experiences, I organized New Equations workshops and sessions, led by Siv in Germany, which was a delight the whole time.
As I was riding along, benefits showed up in my personal life, my relationship to myself and others, my communications, the new ways in which people felt drawn to me, the newness in my being, the gaining of physical strength, the deep joy rising while walking in nature, the unexpected smile appearing on my face – but yet no clue which Soultype was "mine ". As a matter of fact, I did not want to know, since I was enjoying the ride so much; I even had, for some brief moments, thoughts of not wanting to be Soultyped.
I kept doing my inner research, following my path of evolution, wanting to understand how New Equations fit in. New Equations had found me, and now I wanted to know why...

More next time – enjoy your ride!

Betty Kraus is a Soultype 8 student in the NEATO Level 1 - New Equations Essence program. Betty lives in Sölden/Freiburg, Germany. For over thirty years she has practiced healing touch in Germany, India, and the USA.

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Hello From Siska

Siska Tovey
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Soultype 1

Relationship to Spiritual Essence. The 1 spiritual energy is used by your body to help it function from a receptive state of being so you can appreciate the spiritual and physical beauty of everyone and everything. Discover more!

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All Is Connected – Portal 5 from the Quintessence with Source Symphony was composed in the New Equations Frequency that resonates with Spiritual Portal 5. Enjoy listening to All Is Connected – Portal 5 on our YouTube channel

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