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May 2020

This has been quite an intense month for New Equations and the world. Members of the New Equations community have been writing about experiences, stories, thoughts, and we are happy to bring some to you. We share a loss in the New Equations community, some insights about transitioning, as well as a beautiful soultyping. And, for the first time, Alan Sheets, Cofounder of New Equations, tells his story of surviving cancer.


Last month, Reidun Judith Roland, "Mom" for so many in New Equations, transitioned from earth. Reidun, Soultype 8, generously and lovingly supported New Equations students worldwide, NEATO, and New Equations Music. Our gratitude is eternal. We love you, Reidun! 

Dear Mom

My light and love has moved . . .

You touched so many people and embraced us all, holding everyone you met with care, gently and softly giving your soul wisdom. You used New Equations Music to connect with your soul every day, and showed us how to walk in the Postures of Strength.

With love from your heart, you embroidered and gifted extraordinary pieces of art and colorful potholders for students around the world, and prepared delicious meals for us with the fruits and vegetables that you grew in your garden.

I love you more than words could ever say, and you will always be my beloved mom. 

You waited for me to arrive when you transitioned, embraced me with your magic, and gave me a robe filled with light to help me find my new reality.

Grief can be a lonely feeling, but you are not gone. You immediately began visiting our New Equations family, and are supporting us from your new state of being, still aligned to the magical and creative light of the universe. Some days ago you even visited a student and asked her to remind me and dad that it's time to get the cucumber seeds into the ground!

I guess the universe is practical as well!

Siv RolandSoultype 7, Leader of New Equations Europe and daughter of Reidun.

Hello From Siska

Transformation . . .

The soul comes from the universe to give its magical light to the earth, people, and all life. Then the soul with its magical light goes back to the universe and gives to all existence. Birth and death bring about spiritual transformations as the soul moves into a new spiritual physicality.

Being close to death brings transformation. The soul expands its life-giving force and the brain gets re-set so one's spiritual awareness can open into something new.

COVID-19 is bringing about transformation for many people who have either come close to death or have transitioned. The light from these transformations opens humanity to a bigger picture: we all are born with a soul, spirituality, and physicality. When these three are in alignment, the creative energy of the universe becomes available in a new way.

Being Soultyped also creates transformation. People can consciously experience the strong connection between their soul, their spirituality, and their physicality. Culturally, scientifically, and spiritually, we can stay in a place where the present moment becomes constantly transforming and developing. 

Living your life from the strength and wisdom of your Soultype is pure giving and receiving. Being connected soul-to-soul makes it possible for us all to care for each other, and the earth, in alignment with the universe.
Siska ToveySoultype 8
Director and Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music

Alan's Journey

Part 1

I look into a hospital room. I see a very sick man. 
He is so sick that the staff is worried about his very survival. 
He seems completely unaware of how sick he is. 
It was a great shock to me when I learned that I had cancer. Even though I had been sick a lot for a few years, I did not think it was serious. My wife, Siska, believed something was very wrong, and urged me to go to the doctor for a checkup. The doctor examined me but she did not find any problems. She sent me to the laboratory for a blood test and that evening they called. I was told I was extremely ill, and that I should ask someone to drive me to the emergency room right away. My blood test showed that I was so sick I might collapse while driving. I had trouble believing this. 

Siska drove me to the emergency room. The very first thing I did was ask them to take another blood test to confirm what they had found. Shortly after, they told me that the result was the same . . . 
Read More . . .
Alan SheetsSoultype 5, Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music

Soultyping Leean

We are excited about sharing these beautiful photos of Leean! Leean is a Soultype 9 from Los Angeles, USA.

Soultype 9s use the breath to bring alive and vital spiritual energy to every cell of the body. When your Spiritual Portal 9 is open, your body and your cells can harmoniously work together so you can be one with everything around you.
Leean was Soultyped by Siv Roland and Jenna Tovey. Siv instructed on Zoom, while Jenna (in the Level 4 Soultype Instructor program) worked with Leean in person. Magical, beautiful, fantastic!

Journey with Betty

So Much Love

Since traveling is limited, students in the NEATO program are coming together through online video to deepen relationships by sharing the wisdom of their souls, and the strengths of their Soultypes, with each other and the world.

Every meeting and experience is filled with pure joy. This connectedness is bringing forth deep care and love beyond description. As the world shuts down, we are called home—home to where we belong, to the land of our souls.

In the present situation, many are creating understanding using new metaphors, sounds, pictures, stories, and smiles. Heaven has kissed the earth and a new love affair has started.

I remember my grandfather saying: When a tool is at the ready, an opportunity will arise to use it. I see the light and strength of my soul as a tool, and the opportunity to use it has arrived. As I listen to the media, which is mostly still stuck in the old war mentality, I rejoice in deep awareness that what is in the Unknown will open up for a soul mentality. What will this look like? I do not yet know! But I do know that my soul rejoices NOW—at this present moment. I do not have to wait. Having practiced the New Equations Spiritual Postures every day for weeks with my companions and friends . . .

Read More . . .
Betty KrausSoultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 2 - New Equations Expansion program. Betty lives in Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany. She is a Spiritual Grandmother and healer, and offers seminars and transformative journeys in Europe and South-India.

Feeling Connected

I have always felt it, but now I am experiencing it . . . that there is something great(er) waiting for us . . . that we all are connected, connected across borders, cultures, belief systems . . . that we really are all in this together on some deeper level.
I am deeply touched by the feeling of connection I am experiencing these days.

Doing the New Equations Spiritual Postures supports this feeling. I connect to my self, my soul, my truth, and in doing so I connect with others—their soul, their truth. It helps me to let my light shine bright and to stay peaceful, joyful and curious.
Keren Kraus is a student from Germany in the Soultyping Program

Light Love Movement

Her infusion of gentle breath expanded the air around her with love

Always deeply engaged with every cell in her body

Caring about all that lives and grows

Responding to every soul and giving the greatest happiness

Brightly sharing from her never-ending well of light and goodness

Her wonderful soul shined through her eyes, brightening up all around her

She dissolved the borders between self, others, and the universe, with unbounded light, love, and movement 

When old patterns became overgrown, she helped the new to arrive

Her soul showed strength in movement beyond her own limits

She embraces life

Reidun embraces us all

Ingrid Mellingen, Soultype 3, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 - New Equations Creative Soul program. Ingrid lives in Oslo, Norway, with her two dogs, Chili and Pepper.

Alan's Words

Welcome to Alan's Words! Alan Sheets, Cofounder of New Equations, brings you some of what he is writing these days!


Happiness honors the magic of being alive. It is easy to get distracted from being happy if you are thinking about and reliving your past, or if your future is filled with agendas. Filling the body with spiritual energy creates a deep feeling of happiness, well being, and is without agendas.

Soultype 4

Relationship to Self. The 4 spiritual energy is used by your body to profoundly be with yourself and with others. When this portal is open, your lower abdomen is forward and your body is soft and relaxed. Your eyes are either closed or open and you can go deep inside yourself. Being with others from this place of stillness and ease creates a neutral connection that spiritually moves you forward. Discover more!

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