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January 2019

We are only a month into the year, and already many things are happening in New Equations! This month we are sharing with you a video and words from our students, upcoming workshops, some exciting news about the New Equations website, and a video from New Equations Director Siska Tovey! 

The Spiritual Potential of You

Hanne Kristin, Soultype 3, has a beautiful message for
you about your own spiritual potential.
The Universal Mirror shows us the magic in ourselves, others, the earth and the universe. Not everyone will get to perform at Wembley Stadium like Freddy Mercury and Queen. But in a way, we are all on our own personal Wembley stage every day. So how do we know the impact we have on others? The Universal Mirror shows us.
—Hanne Kristin Rohde
New Equations Creative Soul Program

Soul Wisdom from Ingrid, Soultype 3

What do we really need in this wide world? How do we create good attitudes and role models? How do we resolve disagreements and conflicts, avoid misinterpretations, misunderstandings and war? How do we sustain diversity and growth? Could our souls possess forgotten strength and wisdom? A knowledge that could give us access to the joy and the usefulness of breathing, smelling, tasting, flowing, feeling, knowing, strengthening body and soul to make wiser choices, that improves our attitudes and sets light and focus on all the infinite beauty around us .... with no force, no control, no agenda ... Do our souls basically belong to something good – from where the source of the universe's existence resides ... The soul's knowledge is powerful.

—Ingrid Mellingen
New Equations Creative Soul Program

Watch for our new website!

We are excited to announce that next month we will be launching our redesigned New Equations website (see picture sneak peak below!). We can't wait to share all of our new webpages, programs, and much more information about the Soultypes with you!

Workshops in Germany and Switzerland

Next week, Siv Roland, Leader of New Equations Europe, is offering introductory workshops and private sessions in Sölden near Freiburg, Germany, and Basel, Switzerland.

Siv will be in Sölden, January 29th to February 1st, and in Basel, February 2nd – we hope to see you there!

To sign up, contact Betty Kraus at

Hello From Siska

I would like to wish you all a magical 2019 – I look forward to what the future will bring!
By heart, by soul, by light, 

Siska Tovey
New Equations Director

Featured Music

Source Creative Joy – Portal 3 from The Katembusk Symphony was composed in the New Equations Frequency that resonates with Spiritual Portal 3. Enjoy listening to more pieces like Source Creative Joy on our YouTube channel!

I hope you had a great January!

Jenna Tovey
New Equations Communications Manager
New Equations Certified Teacher

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