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December 2019

Hello From Siska

Since our discovery in 1994 of the Soultypes—that extraordinary moment when we caught our first glimpse of a person moving from their Spiritual Portal—we have followed a path filled with light of the soul that is without force, control, or agenda. This always leads in many surprising directions. For example, this year, novelists began creating characters that have Soultypes, and the characters are sharing New Equations wisdom.

We wanted to take a look back at 2019 in our December newsletter, so we are featuring an article from each month of the year. You can click on the name of the month under a heading to see the full newsletter for that month.

The world has been quite chaotic this year, and though the issues are not yet resolved, the profoundness of all human beings moving toward new alignment in connection with each other, using the strength and wisdom of the soul, is taking place worldwide and will become more important and visible in 2020.

— Siska Tovey, New Equations Director and Cofounder

Hello From Siska - 2019 Posts

Alan's Words

Alan Sheets
New Equations Cofounder

Everyone has the freedom to align with and follow their soul’s guidance at any time. Our soul is always ready and waiting to be listened to. There is never any judgement. 


The universe is vast beyond belief and we are each a part of it. Our soul is always synchronized with the universe. When we look inside to our soul and let it guide us, it is easy to align with its magic and we will naturally be in touch with this incredible vastness.

Our soul is always available. It never uses force. It never tries to change who we are. Our soul is the guide on our ever-changing spiritual journey. It helps guide us to grow and move forward in harmony with the earth and the creativity of the universe.


The soul is not only available, it is inviting. It promotes a state of being that aligns with the spiritual vitality of the universe. There is no force. There is no agenda. There is no control.

Journey with Betty

You can find all of wonderful Betty's stories about her New Equations journey on our blog!

Betty, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 1 - New Equations Essence program.

New Equations Blog

Soul Wisdom from Ingrid


What do we really need in this wide world? How do we create good attitudes and role models? How do we resolve disagreements and conflicts, avoid misinterpretations, misunderstandings and war? How do we sustain diversity and growth? Could our souls possess forgotten strength and wisdom? A knowledge that could give us access to the joy and the usefulness of breathing, smelling, tasting, flowing, feeling, knowing, strengthening body and soul to make wiser choices, that improves our attitudes and sets light and focus on all the infinite beauty around us . . . with no force, no control, no agenda . . . Do our souls basically belong to something good—from where the source of the universe's existence resides . . . The soul's knowledge is powerful.

— Ingrid Mellingen, Soultype 3
New Equations Creative Soul program

The Mystery of the Pyramid


Hanne Kristin Rohde, Soultype 3, has just released The Mystery of the Pyramid (Pyramide Mysteriet). This is the first book in her new nine volume series called Blue Light (Blålys), written for children and young adults. The main characters, thirteen year old Astrid, who is a Soultype 3, and fourteen year old Yusuf, who is a Soultype 7, solve crimes using wisdom and strength from their souls to give more and new information to their brains. 

While launching her new book in the newspapers, on the radio, and on television in Norway, Hanne Kristin has been sharing New Equations wisdom. 

Click to watch her interview (pictured above) on God Morgen Norge.

Through her books, Hanne Kristin is also helping children deal with drug abuse and bullying in a way that opens communication about these important issues between children and the adults in their lives.

UPDATE: Hanne Kristin has now published the first four books in the Blue Light series! You can purchase them here! English translations are coming!

Hanne Kristin is an author, public speaker, and former director of the Homicide and Sexual Crime Unit in Oslo, Norway. She also appears each week on the Norwegian television program Åsted Norge as one of the experts on criminal cases, and has published four crime novels. Hanne Kristin is in the NEATO Level 3 – Creative Soul program. 

Laurel's Books for Children


My wish is that each child sees, feels and experiences, the light and magic of their own soul through the pictures and words in these books. 
Recently I’ve been having lots of fun creating and designing characters for my nine book series for children about the New Equations Soultypes. These characters will play together in my Soultype 2 book: a caterpillar named Catie, two fish named Finny and Finnella and their friend Cori the coral, a tiger cub named Tefnut-tia, and a young girl named Tulee. I always listen to New Equations Music while I’m in my creative process.
The two pieces that I am currently listening to the most are Balance of Movement - Portal 2 (From the Unknown to the Known Symphony) and Dancing in Light - Portal 2 (Northern Lights Symphony). The light and movement in both of these pieces supports and helps me to bring each character to life. The magic happens when the characters come to life, start to dance, and begin to tell me who they want to be and how they want to play!
Laurel Avery is a Soultype 7 artist and writer from California, USA. She is in the NEATO Level 4 – New Equations Spiritual Research program. Laurel is a New Equations Certified Teacher and Early Childhood Education Teacher.

More Music For You


We have added music in our Music Shop! We hope you enjoy these new pieces! We are putting up more music all the time time—be sure to keep a lookout! 
Spiritual Circles Symphony was composed at the base of the Mt. Shasta volcano that connects deep into the earth, in alignment with nature, light, color, and sound. The five movements of this symphony help the physical expressions of your soul become more available to you.
Pesdjet VIII Music from One Universe - All There Is Aligned Symphony was composed at Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawai’i. It offers an excerpt for each of the nine Spiritual Portals so they all can be experienced in about an hour. It supports evolving in oneness, as dolphins move together in a wave.

There's Something About London

By Siv Roland


New Equations is always changing, expanding, and taking us in new and unexpected directions as we move forward together, and this month I had the pleasure of taking three students (Marit, Soultype 8; Janne, Soultype 6; Ingrid, Soultype 3) in our advanced professional training (NEATO) to London where, once again, new paths opened. It all happened at the British Museum in the area of the Egyptian exhibit that displays the oldest antiquities.

The four of us met at the airport in Oslo and enthusiastically set off on our expedition! Once in London we immediately headed to the museum to be with the ancient statues, false doors, and other artifacts.

Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets had discovered through their research that the ancient Egyptians not only knew about the nine Soultypes, they had also built their civilization from this strength and wisdom. People knew that the wisdom of the soul is much more important than wisdom that comes from the mind, and they had a way to bypass the mental process so it was possible to receive and expand from the soul. We teach the same ability in New Equations, and the students I brought to London were about to experience this profoundly.
The energy and beauty of some of the pieces was magnificent and absolutely mind-blowing. It was stunning to be with the fact that some of the artists were able to not only create their work in the present moment, but also imbue universal soul wisdom within their piece; and, they did this in such a way that the wisdom has been carried forward for people to receive. It was fantastic!

I would like to share with you two gems conveyed to us:
  • The wisdom of each of the Soultypes is in touch with an expanded reality that connects the past, the present, and the future, all within the awareness of the magical universe.
  • Intellectual spirituality, however, manipulates the mind so it needs to be fed by others.
One of the students commented when we were on our way back to the museum on the third day, "I always have found going to museums so boring and filled with dead energy. But, here I am for the third time, really excited to get back and spend more time with the ancient Egyptian statues and artifacts!"

We look forward to traveling again!

Siv RolandSoultype 7, is the Leader of New Equations Europe and a Soultype Instructor. She teaches New Equations throughout Europe, and is also one of The Sound Aligners who compose New Equations Music.

Lights of the Soul


Siv (left) & Miriam, Soultype 3
Sylvia, Soultype 8, & Siv (right)
These photos are from our New Equations Advanced Training Organization gathering in Germany! Everyone in NEATO has the opportunity to attend these trainings. People from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, came together in Berlin and Sölden near Freiburg. Siv led the training, held private sessions, and introduced New Equations to new people. She also Soultyped students who were completing the Soultyping Program. 

It is wonderful when students in NEATO come together and meet from the strength and wisdom of the soul. Something new happens for everyone, and there is always lots of laughter and fun! Meeting others of the same Soultype as yourself, and meeting people with different Soultypes then your own, always creates magic! — Siv Roland
Maja (left), Soultype 5 & Sylvia, Soultype 8
Siv (left) & Betty, Soultype 8

Spiritual Postures


The Spiritual Postures can be done anywhere, and they're really fun to do with friends!

Here you see Merete (left), and Susanne, doing the Soultype 9 Spiritual Posture.

The Spiritual Postures is a 13.5 minute exercise that connects you to each of the Spiritual Portals. You can purchase this exercise and others in our Music Shop

Switzerland Meets Norway


Maja, Soultype 5, and Sylvia, Soultype 8, traveled from Switzerland to Norway to attend their first New Equations Advanced Training Organization gathering! They are both in NEATO Level 1. Below, Maja shares a story about her experience meeting another Soultype 5 for the first time!
Left: Marit, Soultype 8 & Sylvia, Soultype 8 Middle: Maja, Soultype 5 & Fabian, Soultype 5 Right: Sylvia & Maja
Finding Fabian
I was not sure what to expect when meeting the NEATO Norway group—it ended up being so different than I imagined.

It was great to travel with my best friend, Sylvia, with whom I have shared a lifetime of spiritual traveling and growth.

When we met the open and lovely Norwegian souls, it was an immediate fit. We had a lot in common, and at the same time, they have spent a longer time exploring New Equations, which was wonderful for us.

So there I was, waiting to meet one of my kind, another Soultype 5! I have never met another person who's had an awareness of being a Soultype 5. And there he was—Fabian—a calm, very self-aware young man, with an understanding and peace that was so present, even without words. 

The most magical moment Fabian and I shared was when we sat on a chair and bowed so our Soultype 5 Spiritual Portals touched. What a strong and nourishing feeling that was! To receive this pure soul strength was amazing—so powerful without using force! I'm looking forward to experiencing more of this empowerment!

I am very grateful that New Equations has been discovered and is available so everyone can learn and expand their soul wisdom.
— Maja Müller



Enjoy these gorgeous photos of Susanne, Soultype 2, right after she discovered her Soultype! Soultype 2 is about connection to others, movement, and the celebration of people. 
"Being Soultyped was something completely unique—a little bit scary, fantastic, fascinating, as if I received a whole bunch of puzzle pieces that I am now going to use to put together the real me!" —Susanne
You can discover your Soultype in the New Equations Soultyping Program. This program creates a solid foundation for your own Soultype because it gives you an experience of the spirituality and gifts of all nine Soultypes, and you learn to use all nine Spiritual Portals in your daily life.

NEATO Gathering


The New Equations Advanced Training Organization held a three-day gathering this month in Oslo, Norway! Led by Siv Roland, Leader of New Equations Europe, we had people attending from all over Norway, Germany, and the United States.
Marit, Soultype 8 (left) & Jenna, Soultype 2
Soultype 3 exercise
We did a lot of training together. Our focus was showing each other how the different Soultypes give their soul wisdom, relate to each other, and interact with the world around them. It was eye-opening for all of us! Here are a few quotes from students:
  • I have so much energy that I am almost exploding!
  • Magical days with magical moments!
  • It was quite a ride and the fun part is that our ride has just begun.
Physically experiencing and seeing the ways in which the Soultypes are different makes it easier to engage with people and live life. 
Unni Helen, Soultype 5 (left) & Fabian, Soultype 5
Marit, Soultype 8; Janne, Soultype 6; Betty, Soultype 8 - together in a Soultype 8 exercise

New Equations in Germany


As Leader of New Equations Europe, Siv Roland is traveling a lot! Since October, she has taught in Berlin with Jenna Tovey, New Equations Certified Teacher, and in Sölden. She taught private sessions to students in the Soultyping Program and NEATO, presented a New Equations introduction workshop, Soultyped, and led a NEATO gathering. 

Below are photos of Siv teaching an introduction workshop in Sölden, and photos from a day trip to the lovely town of historic Freiburg.

Read more about our time in Germany in our blog!

Soultype 9

Breathe in Harmony. The 9 spiritual energy is using the breath to bring alive and vital spiritual energy to every cell of your body. When this portal is open, your shoulders are slightly back and your shoulder blades are open. Breathing is full and wide, and your facial expression is peaceful. Your body and your cells harmoniously work together so you can be one with everything around you. Discover more!

Featured Music

Breathing Balance - Portal 9 from The Unknown to the Known Symphony was composed in the New Equations Frequency that resonates with Spiritual Portal 9. Enjoy listening to a sample of Breathing Balance - Portal 9 on our YouTube channel

New Equations & New Equations Music

Find out more about the nine Soultypes, our discoveries, our programs, and the history of New Equations, on our New Equations website.
Explore our Music Shop, learn about The Sound Aligners, and the nine New Equations Frequencies, on our New Equations Music website.

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Have a wonderful New Year!

Jenna Tovey
New Equations Communications Manager
New Equations Certified Teacher

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