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May 2019

This month we share new knowledge we discovered from Egypt's ancient past, special YouTube playlists, more beautiful music, and a peek at the leading-edge new book, The Universal Presence, by Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets! 

There's Something About London

By Siv Roland

New Equations is always changing, expanding, and taking us in new and unexpected directions as we move forward together, and this month I had the pleasure of taking three students (Marit, Soultype 8; Janne, Soultype 6; Ingrid, Soultype 3) in our advanced professional training (NEATO) to London where, once again, new paths opened. It all happened at the British Museum in the area of the Egyptian exhibit that displays the oldest antiquities.

The four of us met at the airport in Oslo and enthusiastically set off on our expedition! Once in London we immediately headed to the museum to be with the ancient statues, false doors, and other artifacts.

Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets had discovered through their research that the ancient Egyptians not only knew about the nine Soultypes, they had also built their civilization from this strength and wisdom. People knew that the wisdom of the soul is much more important than wisdom that comes from the mind, and they had a way to bypass the mental process so it was possible to receive and expand from the soul. We teach the same ability in New Equations, and the students I brought to London were about to experience this profoundly.

The energy and beauty of some of the pieces was magnificent and absolutely mind-blowing. It was stunning to be with the fact that some of the artists were able to not only create their work in the present moment, but also imbue universal soul wisdom within their piece; and, they did this in such a way that the wisdom has been carried forward for people to receive. It was fantastic!

I would like to share with you two gems conveyed to us:

The wisdom of each of the Soultypes is in touch with an expanded reality that connects the past, the present, and the future, all within the awareness of the magical universe.

Intellectual spirituality manipulates the mind so it needs to be fed by others.

One of the students commented when we were on our way back to the museum on the third day, "I always have found going to museums so boring and filled with dead energy. But, here I am for the third time, really excited to get back and spend more time with the ancient Egyptian statues and artifacts!"

We look forward to traveling again! 

Siv Roland, Soultype 7, is the Leader of New Equations Europe and a Soultype Instructor. She teaches New Equations throughout Europe, and is also one of The Sound Aligners who compose New Equations Music.

Special Soultype Playlists

We are so excited to share with you brand new YouTube playlists! These playlists, one for each of the nine Soultypes, give you an easy way to access everything for one Soultype in the same place! You can easily listen to their music, see their unique movement, watch their music being composed, and see what their Soultyping looks like. This is really fun if you want to deeply immerse yourself in one particular Soultype.

Have fun exploring!

More Beautiful Music

We have added symphonies and Pesdjets to our Music Shop! Available now: We hope you enjoy our newly uploaded music! 

Hello From Siska

This month I'm happy to show you an excerpt from our new book, The Universal Presence - Nine Forces as One Movement, that Alan Sheets and I are in the process of completing.

During a study group one summer evening in 1994, while standing still and with no apparent movement, I threw Alan across our living room. Everyone could feel and touch the silence in the room when it happened. In that unexplainable moment, Alan and I knew that non-forceful creative energy exists, and we have spent our lives doing research to find the source of our mysterious experience.

Our new book is about spirituality, the physical expressions of the soul, and how to use the physical body to develop from the soul. 

The Universal Presence – Nine Forces as One Movement includes many new discoveries and insights about the nine Soultypes, the universe, and humanity, as a means to give us all more wisdom for a solid spiritual foundation.

Force of Nature 8


Source of Creation is vibrating and solid.


Force of Nature 8 gives

peace and expansiveness

to a physical foundation for the soul to be in.


The pulsation it contains creates

the physicality needed to be in relationship

with who you are.


You are your soul,

your spirituality,

and your physicality.


Force of Nature 8 is

always available,

always giving,

and in each present moment

there is new energy for you to receive.


Siska Tovey
New Equations Director

New Equations Blog

Over the last three newsletters, Betty Kraus, Soultype 8, has shared with us her New Equations Soul Journey. So, for our newest blog post, we thought it would be nice to put the three parts of her story together for you to read from beginning to end. Thank you, Betty, for letting us all be a part of your beautiful story!

Soultype 3

Relationship to Soul. The 3 spiritual energy is used by your body to focus your attention on your soul. When this portal is open, your sternum is lifted and your eyes are focused and bright. You can focus on your soul and you will be guided by its knowledge and wisdom. Discover more!

Featured Music

Dancing in Brightness - Portal 2 (short) from Pesdjet IX Music from Light from Sunrise and Sunset - Change in the Present Moment Symphony was composed in the New Equations Frequency that resonates with Spiritual Portal 2. Enjoy listening to Dancing in Brightness - Portal 2 (short) on our YouTube channel

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Jenna Tovey
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