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April 2019

This month we are presenting new music in our Music Shop, Part III of Betty's New Equations journey, and Siska offers a sneak peek at the new Tao Te Ching translation that brings forward profound wisdom about the Soultypes!

More Music For You

We have added music in our Music Shop! This month we are happy to share four more beautiful symphonies for you to listen to:
Spiritual Circles Symphony was composed at the base of the Mt. Shasta volcano that connects deep into the earth, in alignment with nature, light, color, and sound. The five movements of this symphony help the physical expressions of your soul become more available to you.
Journey Inward - Music from Sumiralux was composed for Portal 4 which is located at the lower abdomen. When you align to this music, deep peace within yourself becomes more available. This was some of the first New Equations Music ever played, and was composed in Northern California.
Pesdjet VIII Music from One Universe - All There Is Aligned Symphony was composed at Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawai’i. It offers an excerpt for each of the nine Spiritual Portals so they all can be experienced in about an hour. It supports evolving in oneness, as dolphins move together in a wave.
Tokyo Concert for World Peace was a benefit concert presented at Meguro Persimmon Hall in Tokyo. Being connected soul-to-soul through music creates an understanding and peace between all people. Evolving together as new energy and music arrives helps us all move in unison.
We hope you enjoy these new additions to our Music Shop. We are putting up more music all the time time – be sure to keep a lookout!

Music Was My Love and Music Was My Lead
Part III - The Open End

By Betty Kraus

A few months later I was again in Oslo – Siv Roland had gently guided me through the Soultyping Program and now I was ready to be Soultyped!

It seemed that no time had passed since I had last been in Oslo, but boy, how different I felt! Siv had lovingly prepared a space of beauty and welcoming energy for me. Being Soultyped was pure joy, and the feeling of being home stays with me.

Siv’s dedication to New Equations had made it possible for me to bring her many times to Germany to support me, as well as open Germany to New Equations. On my “bucket list” was introducing New Equations to the many pioneering people in my life. I have to mention that we had lots of fun, although there were times when Siv was at the brim from teaching around 25 sessions within a few days! 

Even after all of my personal gains, I was still continuously wondering why New Equations had not only crossed my path, but had pulled me so deep into it.

I read the history of New Equations several times, about the way in which it was brought into the world, and loved every bit of it. But I wanted to find out for myself, and not just assume that what I was reading is true. My own research did not take me away from my experiences and my thankful heart. I can truly say that it made me even more thankful.

I took my quest with me to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry, South India. One day, while enjoying my Spiritual Portal 8, and leading a group through new consciousness terrain, I was gifted with a very touching and expansive experience. I was on my balcony, watching the ocean, listening to the crows, standing in my Soultype 8 strength. Suddenly, my consciousness shifted and I was aligned to Mirra Alfassa, also known as The Mother. She literally gave me an experience of how she sees everything. I was allowed to see everything through Her eyes. I have no words to describe the vastness of consciousness, the way in which I saw the ocean, the crows, the goats, the fishermen, the children, the flowers, the air, the sky – it felt timeless. Later, the following information came to me:

  • New Equations gives us a possibility to experience the strength of the soul; it gives humanity a conscious access to this strength, which has not been available to us for thousands of years. 
  • New Equations creates a state of serenity from where it is easier to grow and evolve. It gives us a protecting envelope for our own evolution, and from there we serve each other and the earth.
  • New Equations is a path to follow within the protectiveness of the soul’s strength.
  • New Equations gives access to a new world where matter is divinized, and to a true consciousness in our bodies: a life divine in a divine body.
  • There was another moment of love. I heard the words, “Well done, my child!”

I was led to New Equations via The Mother while I was in India two years ago; now it seemed natural to be back in India, this time Soultyped. 

I had been shown the way in which my journey can continue in the newly discovered strength of my soul, with access to what had for so long been hidden in matter. This is what I was striving for, and this wisdom is what I want to pass on to you. May these words uplift you and illuminate your own soul’s journey, as they do for me. 

What is important for me is that from my inner search I received an answer to my questions and wonderings. My greatest thankfulness to Siska, Alan, and Siv, and all of you who are bringing this work into the world! 

P.S. The world needs new stories – like YOURS!

Betty Kraus, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 1 - New Equations Essence program. Betty lives in Sölden/Freiburg, Germany. For over thirty years she has practiced healing touch in Germany, India, and the USA.

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Hello From Siska

This month it is my pleasure to share with you two chapters about Soultype 9 from a New Translation of the Tao Te Ching that Alan Sheets and I are in the process of completing.

In 2004 Alan and I discovered that the Tao Te Ching is connected to the wisdom of the nine Soultypes, and that it was specifically written to help human beings develop from the soul. 81 chapters in all, it contains nine chapters about each Soultype, and it is the only historical document we have found worldwide that is dedicated to the Soultypes. Learning about the Soultypes from the Tao Te Ching is an extraordinary experience!

Our first translations were published in 2004 and 2005, and now we are pulling out even more information about the Soultypes from this amazing ancient text. We are beyond excited about bringing to you everything about the Soultypes that the Tao Te Ching has to offer.

Soultype 9 Chapter 36

To be at peace with your deep-seated desires, you must expand.

To soften your deep-seated desires, you must be open.

To give up your deep-seated desires, you must flourish.

To deprive your deep-seated desires, you must give of yourself.

This is called the mystery of the light.

The gentle and the yielding overcome the hard and the forceful.

Force cannot separate you from your deep-seated desires.

Acquisitions cannot help you to know yourself.


Soultype 9 Chapter 63

Act without doing.

Work without working.

Taste without tasting.

Great is small; more is less.

Respond to everything with the action of your soul.


Deal with the difficult by becoming One.

Ease becomes great through the exquisite.


The difficult endeavors of the sacred physical body flourish through ease.

The sacred physical body’s endeavors arise from the exquisite.


Do not act great, yet accomplish great things.


Ignoring the inarticulate diminishes trust.

Moving becomes very difficult.

The Tao creates ease, not difficulty.

Siska Tovey
New Equations Director

Soultype 2

Relationship to Others. 2 spiritual energy gives you the ability to resonate with another person. When this portal is open and activated, your solar plexus is forward and toned, and your eyes are bright and engaging. Discover more!

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True Nature - Portal 4 from Journey Inward - Music from Sumiralux was composed in the New Equations Frequency that resonates with Spiritual Portal 4. Enjoy listening to True Nature - Portal 4 on our YouTube channel

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