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January 2021


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Janne Ulfstein, Soultype 6, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 - New Equations Certified Teacher program. Janne lives in Oslo and likes to write, walk, and talk!
Soultyping Alex
We are excited about sharing these beautiful photos of Alex being Soultyped.
Alex is a Soultype 9 from Norway! 

Soultype 9s use the breath to bring alive and vital spiritual energy to every cell of the body. When your Spiritual Portal 9 is open, your body and your cells can harmoniously work together so you can be one with everything around you. In the first photo, Alex's face shows the Facial Expression of Strength for Soultype 9. Soultyping brings a person strongly into alignment with their soul. 
The History is better than ever!

A FREE updated version of the New Equations History is here for you! It takes you through the expansion of New Equations through 2015 with more details than ever before! You can enjoy it on the New Equations website, or download a free PDF in our Music Shop.
Free History PDF!
Enjoy in our blog!

Fabian Rohde, Soultype 5, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 - New Equations Certified Teacher program. You can find Fabian in Oslo, Norway, golfing and playing his guitar.
Why WAV?

Did you know that all New Equations Music is sold in WAV format? And did you know that the reason we don't sell music through big stores like Apple, Amazon, or stream on services like Spotify, is because they don't support WAV files?

We have found that many music lovers are surprised to learn that all music downloaded from iTunes or Amazon, for example, has had a huge amount of the sound removed from the music—in fact, about 90% of the sound has been removed. You can get an idea of the difference by looking at these figures: 1 hour of a New Equations Music WAV file uses about 600MB of storage space, whereas a 1 hour mp3 audio file needs about 60MB of storage space. Music stores remove the sound in order to make small mp3 files which take up less storage space and transfer more quickly onto audio players, such as iPods, iPads, smartphones and computers. 

We recommend that you keep your New Equations Music in its high quality WAV format so that the unique New Equations Frequencies™ that are used when New Equations Music is composed do not become lost and distorted. When the sound is distorted and frequencies are missing, the music’s ability to align with your body and soul is diminished, and the rich sound of the original recording is lost.

Is my music saved in WAV?
This Feeling . . .
Enjoy in our blog!

Ingrid Mellingen, Soultype 3, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 - New Equations Creative Soul program. Ingrid lives in Oslo, Norway, with her two dogs, Chili and Pepper.
Soul Music For You

We have more New Equations Music in our Music Shop! Four Corners as One Symphony (Portals 1-4) helps you be with everyone in pure beauty (Portal 1), pure movement (Portal 2), pure soul (Portal 3), and pure deepness (Portal 4), and strengthens the relationship between these Spiritual Portals. Click the link below to purchase this symphony or listen to a free sample!

Four Corners as One Symphony
Journey With Betty 
Looking Deep
It is so nice to share my journeys with you!
I could never have imagined that my living room would turn into a soul-expanding 'training camp,' but this is exactly what happened. 
Since I have had to stay home in quarantine and social distance because of Covid-19, I grabbed my chance: the lockdown would become my opportunity to look deep. I began to intensively practice the New Equations Spiritual and Physical Postures, alongside other spiritual practices. Nothing is more important to me than being in alignment with the energy of my soul as much as possible, so this was nothing but a delight—although my body started to react to the incoming amount of new energy in all kinds of ways which were changing every day. 
Going into silent observation, I took time to lie down on the comfortable sofa in my living room and listened attentively to the language of my body. I went deeper and deeper. It seemed as if my body was about to merge with the Earth and become One with it. Keeping myself alert while wondering about the arising bodily sensations, I tried to surrender without questioning the experiences, and my body relaxed into it and trusted the inner journey.
Magnificent images surfaced and led me deeper into connection with that sweet spot in me: my soul. While surrendering and trusting the process I continuously heard the words: Allow the hidden doors of knowledge to open . . . 
Read More . . .
Betty KrausSoultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 2 - New Equations Expansion program. Betty lives in Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany. She is a Spiritual Grandmother and healer, and offers seminars and transformative journeys in Europe and South India.

Hello From Siska

Wow! What an experience I have had! I have been wanting to update the New Equations History on our website for a long time. It meant living submerged in the past, trying to remember so many things: what happened? why did we do that? when did it happen? who was there? what did it mean? how did it move us forward? So many questions...

After days sorting through 20+ year old photos, videos, articles we published, workshop flyers, books, conference and travel documents, emails, etc., I finally completed an overview for those of you who would like to see where New Equations came from. There's so much more, but that will come later.

Reading the New Equations History about our research and discoveries might give you a new understanding for how profoundly related New Equations is to the earth and the universe. Your soul, your spirituality, and your physicality, is in oneness with all existence. The physical expression of your soul and your Soultype is visible, manifested, and all people have soul wisdom to give that helps everyone move forward.

You can download our story here (FREE PDF) or read it on our website

Siska ToveySoultype 8
Director and Cofounder
New Equations and New Equations Music
Alan's Words 
Alan Sheets, Cofounder of New Equations, brings you some of what he is writing these days!
The Universe is Amazing 

Every soul that you encounter in your daily life is a magical expression of the spiritual essence of the universe.

When you connect with someone, take a moment to open your heart and soul to them even if it is someone you see every day.

Once you feel your heart open, direct that feeling to the other person.

This will help guide a very special interaction with them.

Alan SheetsSoultype 5
New Equations and New Equations Music

Spiritual Postures every week!

Tuesdays we do the Spiritual Postures! Everyone in the New Equations World Facebook group, Soultyping Program, or the New Equations Advanced Training Organization, is invited to join. Doing the Spiritual Postures together creates a wonderful connection and supports the Soultypes throughout the world.

If you would like to do the Spiritual Postures with us, please contact Jenna. You can also find details in our Events Calendar. Click on the NESP-Video Calls to find dates and times. We can't wait to see you!

Soultype 1

Relationship to Spiritual Essence. The 1 spiritual energy is used by your body to help it function from a receptive state of being so you can appreciate the spiritual and physical beauty of everyone and everything. When open, your neck is gently stretched upwards, your chin is slightly lifted, and the eyes are soft. You are able to get in touch with the unimaginable, spiritual, and creative magic that made the universe. Discover more!

Featured Music

Third Movement - Portal 1 from The Source Symphony was composed in the New Equations Frequency that resonates with Spiritual Portal 1. Enjoy listening to a sample of Third Movement - Portal 1 on our YouTube channel

New Equations & New Equations Music

Find out more about the nine Soultypes, our discoveries, our programs, and the history of New Equations, on our New Equations website.
Explore our Music Shop, learn about The Sound Aligners, and the nine New Equations Frequencies, on our New Equations Music website.

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Happy New Year!

Jenna Tovey
New Equations Communications Manager
New Equations Certified Teacher

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