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August 2019

Have you been wondering how to start your New Equations journey? Or, how to get more involved in the community? We have answers for you in this newsletter! Also, we bring you another beautiful Journey With Betty; a new NEATO student shares her surprises; you hear from both New Equations cofounders; and more! Enjoy our August updates!

Where to Start

Can a spiritual experience change your life? In our New Equations Soultyping Program you discover your Soultype. This program is the first step in your New Equations journey! You can use your Soultype knowledge in every aspect of your life. After you finish the program you have the option to join the Advanced Training Organization! You can learn more or sign up here.

New Equations Music is composed in the New Equations special frequencies that help open your nine Spiritual Portals. Our music connects you to the energy of the universe—it can help you calm down, sleep, create art, study, work out, and more! Listen for free on our Youtube Channel, or purchase music in our Music Shop.

The nine Soultypes are beautiful and unique—there is so much to learn about each of them. We have pages for exploring the Soultypes! They are fun even if you already know your Soultype. Learning about all nine Soultypes helps you better understand the world!

Journey with Betty

An Einstein Swing!


Your soul always is ready to guide you in unexpected, unplanned ways. How many times did I read this doing a practice in the New Equations training?

And my soul did exactly this!

I had intended to write for this month's newsletter about my connections with Egypt, but to my surprise, this was not what my soul wanted me to do. What my soul wanted was for me to be immersed in its wisdom while doing the New Equations 27 Day Practice—and save my ticket for the Egypt story for later.

Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! This is what I heard! Incredulous, I wondered how different could the 27 Day Practice be compared to the 36 Day Practice that I had already completed? Well, my soul told me otherwise.

A heatwave hit Germany! Could there be a better way to connect with the fire of my soul? The heat in the air mixed with the heat inside me. It was not easy for my body to handle, but my soul stayed cool and guided me through a most beautiful joyful process.

The 36 Day Practice had brought me lots of pictures, memories, and more understanding about the different Spiritual Portals and their inner wisdom. Through the process of opening the nine Spiritual Portals, I experienced a connection to all. The 27 Day Practice deepened this process by slowly turning it into embodied knowledge. I dived deep into the wisdom of MY soul: daily insights, hints and realizations. Most of all, I experienced who I am in MY soul strength. By taking away one layer after the other—like a Zwiebel (onion)—a new ME appeared. I was so connected to the Earth (I am a Soultype 8) that it was breathtaking, and deep deep gratitude dwelled in my heart. The intimacy with my soul and nature continued to grow each day. I was so glad that the 36 Day Practice had opened the Spiritual Portals in my body, so that my body could not only receive all that spiritual energy, but also contain all that BLISS. I literally felt myself fill with this energy that was not only streaming through me, but also found a place to stay in me, as a solid foundation.

After completing the 27 Day Practice, I needed time for integration. My soul had wisely guided me to stay home for most of the summer, so I had time to sit in my swinging chair, which I did day in and day out. My swinging chair turned into my “Einstein Swing” and I’d swing all day long, waiting for my “soul’s formula” to drop down while being in gratitude for becoming who I am. My life’s important events started to come together like pieces of a puzzle—my life made more and more sense.

I would like to share with you one of my puzzle pieces:

About 40 years ago, while living at the Findhorn community in Scotland, I was sitting on a bench near Findhorn Bay, pondering what to do next, when all of a sudden a gust of wind blew a huge piece of  paper right into me, covering almost my whole upper body. Annoyed, I started to pull it off when my eyes caught the words: Writing Down the Bones - Freeing the Writer Within. I truly had forgotten all about this experience of the paper blowing onto me and what the words said.

During the 27 Day Practice, while swinging in my Einstein Swing, the story below appeared in my consciousness. I am so happy now to share with you this story and the wisdom it contains. 

Gratitude—A Story From Long Ago
At that time, people lived happily in tribes, often on barren land, but they had everything they needed so that their communities could flourish. Once or twice a year, tribes came together to celebrate life, visit and exchange goods. Everybody who was able to go on this journey, which often took days, and sometimes even weeks, was excited to go, even though it was often a difficult trip to make. They happily took what they wanted to contribute to their friends. It always was a joyful caravan, and everyone looked forward to meeting and sharing.

 Yanara, a shining young maiden beaming with light, met Yamon, a handsome young man who had joined the caravan the year before. She had decided to gift him with a beautiful basket. Over the past year she had carefully selected rushes and grasses which were just perfect to weave a basket. Her weave was filled with best wishes and intention for Yamon. For her, the basket gave him her loving presence as a vessel where he could place his manly wishes.

After journeying for some weeks, the tribe finally arrived at the place chosen for their gathering. Enthusiastic and full of joy, in the presence of her giving, Yanara searched for Yamon . . .
Read More . . .
Betty Kraus, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 1 - New Equations Essence program. Betty lives in Sölden/Freiburg, Germany. For over thirty years she has practiced healing touch in Germany, India, and the USA.

Germany Meets Norway

Maja, Soultype 5, and Sylvia, Soultype 8, traveled from Germany to attend their first Norwegian New Equations Advanced Training Organization (NEATO) gathering! They are both in NEATO Level 1.
Left: Marit, Soultype 8 & Sylvia, Soultype 8 Middle: Maja, Soultype 5 & Fabian, Soultype 5 Right: Sylvia & Maja
Finding Fabian
I was not sure what to expect when meeting the NEATO Norway group—it ended up being so different than I imagined.

It was great to travel with my best friend Sylvia, with whom I have shared a lifetime of spiritual traveling and growth.

When we met the open and lovely Norwegian souls, it was an immediate fit. We had a lot in common, and at the same time, they have spent a longer time exploring New Equations, which was wonderful for us.

So there I was, waiting to meet one of my kind, another Soultype 5! I have never met another person who's had an awareness of being a Soultype 5. And there he was—Fabian—a calm, very self-aware young man, with an understanding and peace that was so present, even without words. 

The most magical moment Fabian and I shared was when we sat on a chair and bowed so our Soultype 5 Spiritual Portals touched. What a strong and nourishing feeling that was! To receive this pure soul strength was amazing—so powerful without using force! I'm looking forward to experiencing more of this empowerment!

I am very grateful that New Equations has been discovered and is available so everyone can learn and expand their soul wisdom.

— Maja Müller

NEATO in October

I'm excited to announce that I will be attending a New Equations Advanced Training Organization gathering in Oslo! We will all be together for three days, from the 18th - 20th of October. Meeting like this is so much fun, and gives us an opportunity to learn more about the Soultypes from each other. We will be strengthening our own soul wisdom and Spiritual Portals in connection with each other and the energy of the universe.

Have you been Soultyped and would you like to join us? Once you have completed the Soultyping Program, you can sign up for NEATO Level 1, and come to all of our gatherings! I can't wait to see you!

For more information contact Siv Roland, Leader of New Equations Europe.
Jenna Tovey
New Equations Communications Manager
New Equations Certified Teacher

Hello From Siska

There are so many New Equations discoveries that have surprised me over the years, but one of my favorites was our discovery of the Movement Centers. 

By 2002, after years of observation, it crystallized for me and Alan that people always initiate their movement from their Soultype’s Spiritual Portal (at that time we called them energy centers). Because of this, we also began calling these locations the nine Movement Centers™.

This discovery added another fascinating dimension to my experience when I watched athletes, singers, musicians, dancers, public speakers, and others, move in peak performances. Alan and I realized that the joy a person feels when physically performing at a high level is because they are more connected with their soul.

There is such beauty in those moments when a person performs with a pure soul alignment. Alan and I became even more eager to teach people about New Equations so they could become aware of this possibility, and choose to live life in a new creative state of being.

I produced videos that featured clips of public figures moving from their Spiritual Portals. These New Equations Movement Videos gave our students another way to see the powerful physical expressions of the soul.

You may also like to check out the Movement Centers on our website :)

Siska Tovey
New Equations Director

Alan's Words

Welcome to Alan's Words! As Cofounder of New Equations, Alan Sheets will be bringing you some of what he is writing these days! This month's piece is about freedom.


Everyone has the freedom to align with and follow their soul’s guidance at any time. Our soul is always ready and waiting to be listened to. There is never any judgement. 

Soultype 6

Spiritual Insights. The 6 spiritual energy is used by your body to receive the soft, warm, and alive spiritual energy of the physical world. When this portal is open, your chest is forward and expanded. Your facial expression looks alive and aware. Everything you encounter is more alive and dynamic and you can feel its vibration in the region of your heart. Discover more!

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Walking with Earth at Sunrise - Portal 8 from The Cosmic Human Symphony was composed in the New Equations Frequency that resonates with Spiritual Portal 8. Enjoy listening to a sample of Walking with Earth at Sunrise - Portal 8 on our YouTube channel

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Jenna Tovey
New Equations Communications Manager
New Equations Certified Teacher

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