OCT 4, 2017 
4 Tips to Self-Promote
(PLUS a book giveaway!)
Ask a man to explain his success and he’ll point to his skill. But ask a woman and she’s likely to attribute it to things like “hard work,” “help from others,” or “luck.” A product of centuries (if not millennia) spent denying women credit for their achievements––and teaching them they must be "modest" in the process––women are often hesitant to talk about their successes. Here are 4 ways to take the credit you deserve––while not getting shade in the process.

1. Find a Boast Bitch ASAP
She's your female hype man. She boasts for you, you boast for her, boasting for each other makes you both look better yet neither of you is perceived as bragging about yourself. Research shows that having someone boast on your behalf is effective even if that person is biased (like your mom, or your dog). Think Meredith and Christina circa Grey's Anatomy 2005.

2. Take Credit Where It's Due 
Make sure your individual contribution is known when working on team projects––especially if there are men on your time. Research has shown that while women are given roughly equal credit for work they perform alone or with other women, when they work with men they are at a disadvantage––because the men receive the default credit for the team's work. 

3. Drop the 'Grateful' Cred
You know this kind of credit: it's when we say we're "grateful" for all the help we had, instead of simply accepting our own role. Women already give away more credit than is necessary (or true) to their colleagues––research shows it––in some instances even pointing to their own negative qualities in order to deflect. The first step in not letting others take credit for your work is not giving it away in the first place. 

4. Say 'Thank You'
Employ the radical yet simple act of self-care: saying "Thank you" next time somebody compliments you on your work. Allow us to womansplain:

COWORKER: Congrats on your promotion.
YOU: Thanks. I got really lucky.  

BOSS: Nice work on that proposal! I know a lot went into it.
YOU: Thank you. It was really no big deal. 
(May add: I worked really hard on it.)

BOSS: Great work on your presentation today! 
YOU: Thanks! But it was really all Harold. 
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