Mindful Moment: Chair Yoga Stretch

This simple, fun ‘At Your Desk' sequence integrates the breath and body - a great study break activity to reduce stress and anxiety while improving energy and focus!

Mindful Activity of the Day #11: Chair Yoga Stretch

Our sample ‘mindful moment’ activity videos on our YouTube channel are led by Lisa Flynn, founder of Yoga 4 Classrooms. Originally released at the start of the pandemic and school shutdowns, they continue to support parents and teachers in learning, sharing and/or practicing mindful moments along with their students.

Resources Used in This Video

Learn more about Yoga 4 Classrooms and what others are saying at our new website. Then, be sure to check out how to get started supporting your students (and yourself!) with simple, fun, impactful mindful moments integrated throughout the day to support self-awareness, emotional resilience, and an inclusive, positive, compassionate classroom climate.

With peace and positivity,

Lisa Flynn, Founder, CEO