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Principal’s Message

Dear Preschool Families,

Happy Lunar New Year!

Thank you all for your dedicated support over the past few years, especially the year 2021. Despite the multiple waves of COVID outbreaks, CCACC Academy has been staying strong and united -- thanks to your extraordinary support. Our student body doubled in the fourth Quarter of 2021, yet we decided to continue maintaining small class sizes in order to create individualized education for each student. 

In January, we had an online learning week from January 10-14. It was amazing to see our young learners be attentive and earnest to study for hours each day in front of the computer, enthusiastically participating in classroom discussions and activities. They must be among the youngest virtual learners in the world! My team and I are very proud of them. Meanwhile we fully recognize the real heroes behind them -- their dedicated parents! We thank you ALL for making this happen. You should be as proud of your children as yourselves! Thank you.  

To answer the questions wisely raised by some of you about how safe it is for your child to attend school while COVID is still rampant, we had an interview with NIH Scientist Dr. Limin Wang, father of three. Much to our relief, Dr. Wang assured us that children is never a major target of infection, nor a major source of infection, and excluding children from their peers or school may cause serious anxieties, stress and depression. Please feel free to watch the 30-minute interview video in the "Selected Videos" section of this newsletter. 

January is also the month when our Master Teacher Ms. Saadia Perwaiz joined my team. Within a week, Ms. Saadia found herself happily embracing her new role as our Preschool teachers' facilitator, trainer and mentor in order to fulfill our plan of building a "child-centered" school. In this newsletter, Ms. Saadia shares with you her insights on the importance of independence in a child and how to foster this very important trait. Hope you find her letter helpful. 

Last but not the least, I want to say a heartfelt Thank You to my team. Not only did they work dedicatedly, professionally for long hours every day and support each other, but they also gracefully responded to short notices such as preparing lesson plans for an online learning week. No complaints. No blaming. No excuses. That is my team. I am proud of them. You can rest assured that your children are in good hands.

Thank you again for all your wonderful support. Stay warm and safe. We wish you and your lovely families a very Happy, Healthy Year of the Tiger!


Letters from Our Teachers
Letter from Ms. Saadia
Master Teacher
Fostering Independence in Children
One of the key goals of CCACC Academy's educational policy is fostering independence in children. We believe that children’s environment should support independence so they can navigate independently and choose their work. They are given lessons on the use of materials that promote their ability to care for themselves and their environment. Learning to follow routines inspires independence in children. As they come to their classrooms they are encouraged to unzip/unbutton their coats/jackets, take them off, hang them, wash their hands, use the bathroom, wipe their nose, and clean their workspace. As we know independence is an ongoing process, but by doing these things, the children become more confident and independent. Being able to do things for themselves helps children:
  • Develop confidence which they will carry all their lives
  • Have a lifetime of good work habits and a sense of responsibility
  • Achieve their learning potential
  • Build self-sufficiency, independence, and a positive self-image
  • Develop a sense of purpose and self-motivation

Early childhood classrooms are a learning laboratory in which the children are allowed to explore, discover, and select their work to gain independence and confidence. Our classrooms have a vast array of learning activities.

The materials are displayed on open shelves sized for the height of the children. Each material has a specific place on the shelves, arranged from the upper left-hand corner in sequence to the lower right. The materials are arranged in sequence from the most simple to the most complex.

In short, independence is a necessity for freedom. Letting children make small and safe decisions such as picking a work or picking what to wear at school tells them that we value them and trust them. This gives them a sense of feeling empowered, safe in their abilities to make sound choices, and they learn to trust themselves.
Letter from Ms. Nadia
English Lead Teacher, Racer Class
Dear Parents,

In December we celebrated Christmas. We had a Christmas party and the children were very excited when they got their Christmas gift. Together we all enjoyed the party and sang Christmas songs in both English and Chinese. Children were learning the Christmas vocabulary and listening to Christmas theme stories. For the Chinese class, children listened to Chinese songs and learned about Christmas traditions. This month’s MVP is Alice. She is our outstanding student who made the most improvement in my class. It was amazing to see her participate more in circle time and play with her classmates. I remembered when she first came, she was playing with toys by herself in the beginning but now she will play with her classmates ! Congrats Alice!!

In January, our Chinese classroom theme is reviewing months and days of the week and transportation, which is consistent with our English class. Once again, the students are keeping up with their great work!

Congrats and Cheers!
Letter from Ms. Kriti
English Lead Teacher, Adventure Class
Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! While 2021 was a whirlwind of a year, we made the best out of it. Here's to wishing for a great year ahead! 

Our Christmas celebration was a great success. The children loved decorating cookies, playing Christmas bingo, singing songs and most importantly, drinking hot chocolate. They couldn't get enough of it! 

While the week of January 10 was challenging for most of you balancing work and virtual learning, we couldn't be more grateful for all of your support. It was outstanding to see the children's recollections of old materials as we refreshed our memories about the four seasons, animals and their habitats and community helpers. Kudos to Alexa, Alice, Ethan and Matthew for being our most active participants during virtual learning! 

For the remainder of the month, we will be learning all about transportations. The children are having so much fun learning about land, water and air transportations. It has been amazing to watch the children do dramatic play with the transportation toys and there has been an endless amount of laughter and smiles. 
Letter from Ms. Winny
Chinese Lead Teacher, Racer & Adventure Classes
Our learning in December was mainly around the theme of Christmas. Through learning to sing and dance, listen to stories in English and Chinese, do handicrafts, the students came to understand and feel Christmas. The Chinese and English vocabulary they studied included: Christmas, Santa Claus, reindeer, garland, angel, bell and so on. Among the joyous Christmas songs they learned were "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "Jingle Bells," "Christmas Fingers," "Snowflake," and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." The teachers prepared Christmas gifts for the children, which made them feel the joyful Christmas atmosphere.

We also finished producing a Happy Lunar New Year video (see the "Selected Videos" section of this newsletter). Despite the time pressure, the children all did a wonderful finishing the shooting as scheduled. Special praise goes to Iris Fang for being serious and responsible, taking the lines home, asking her parents to help her memorize the lines, and completing the filming well.

In January we delivered a one-week virtual learning program. I was proud to see the children appear on the computer screen staring wide-eyed, showing novelty and a little excitement. Everyone quickly got used to the online classroom. When it was time for class, they all showed up on the screen with the help of their dedicated parents. Over here, we the teachers put lots of hard work into lesson planning and designing the class lively and intriguing so as to distract the children from being tired. 

In the Chinese class, we learned the application of numbers 1-10 in Chinese while reviewing the year, month, day, week and the four seasons.

The star of January is our Alice. Young as she is, she has performed well in both onsite and online classes, and answered questions actively and accurately. Congrats, Alice!
Letter from Ms. Julia (Chinese Lead Teacher, Victor & Explorers Classes) & Ms. Lindsay (English Lead Teacher, Victor Class)
Dear Parents,

In December, we learned Chinese vocabulary about winter, snowy days, Christmas celebration, and learned relevant Chinese songs. The children made beautiful Christmas cards for their parents, and also made many interesting handicrafts such as Santa Claus (made of a large paper plate), snowmen, polar bears, owls, Christmas wreaths, etc., and folded and cut out snowflakes from white paper. Our school teachers and students held a variety of activities and performances to celebrate Christmas. For our science experiment, we created snow with simple ingredients of baking soda and hair conditioner. The students then were able to compare its texture and temperature based on prior knowledge. Joyce even created a snowman. Another experiment we did was a snow blizzard in a jar. Each student was given a task to help. The most exciting part was when each piece of the alka seltzer tablet was dropped inside of the jar. The alka seltzer caused all ingredients in the jar to react and show an example of what a snow blizzard may look like. The students were so fascinated, they even suggested we make a snow globe at that exact moment. In math, we constantly practice basic addition and subtraction individually and as a group, completing patterns and filling in the missing numbers.

In January, we learned and reviewed the weeks, months, and clocks, learned the Chinese and English names of various shapes, learned the Chinese and English names of various means of transportation, and understood their important role in our daily life. Through our lessons, students understand where each vehicle is usually used, e.g., in the sky, on the ground, and in the water. 

On January 10-14, our courses had to be delivered online. A big Thank you to the children and parents for their full support, which made our online learning week go smoothly and productively. 

Our star this month is our new student Gregory. Hardworking and smart, he learns fast. Congrats Gregory!

February 1st will be the Lunar New Year. We are teaching the students the significance of the Spring Festival to the Chinese people and how we prepare and celebrate the festival. 

Keep up the great work Victor class!
Letter from Ms. Toya (English Lead Teacher, Explorers Class) & Ms. Esther (Assistant Teacher, Explorers Class)
Hello Parents, and Happy New Year! We had a busy month in December. The children made so much progress academically and we had a blast performing in our Christmas program. We also enjoyed snow bowling and making Christmas cookies, as well as conducting science experiments. "Fizzy Candy Cane Experiment," "Christmas Tree Slime," "Melting Snow Science Experiment" and other experimental projects are the highlights of classroom learning in December. The students took such an active part in those experiments that they even created a three-day observation report. 

In December we also had two new students enroll in our class. I would like to welcome Vivian and Max to our Explorers Class. We are excited to have them. I would like to congratulate Iris, Amy and Fiona for excellence in phonics and math. Let us also congratulate Noah and Alfred for their excellence in penmanship.

In the beginning of January we reviewed our vowels, sight words, basic addition and subtraction. For the remainder of the month we will focus on long vowels, reading comprehension, using sight words to apply simple sentence patterns, practicing upper and lower cases of letters in name spelling, measuring objects and learning new sight words. Some of the students have mastered adding and subtracting numbers within 10 and counting to 100; therefore they are studying number axis in January. We are all off to a great start to the new year. 
Lastly, we will go back to doing show and share on Fridays. Thanks and have a blessed Lunar New Year weekend!!
Our Gallery
We wish all of you a very Happy, Healthy Lunar New Year!
Selected Videos
Happy Lunar New Year
CCACC Academy Preschoolers
singing Chinese song entitled "Happy Lunar New Year"
with NIH Scientist Dr. Limin Wang
COVID-19 Status and Its Impact on Children
12 Chinese Animal Signs
CCACC Academy Preschoolers singing
"12 Chinese Animal Signs," a Chinese children's song
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