Cuprum 1.7 released!

Cuprum 1.7 is released and it includes some exciting new features:
  • A type ahead command search. Cuprum is heavily menu driven. You can now just start typing the name of a command and Cuprum will show a list of matches. E.g. typing ‘tcc’ will directly take you to the 'Tools > Highlight > Connected Copper’ command.
  • Instance inspector object filter
  • Graphical command to specify layer offset
  • New multi-page option for print outs, which allows a single page setup to generate multiple pages. One page for each added layer.
  • Invisible (zero width) objects can now be displayed
  • Small objects are always visible
  • Long running commands can be cancelled
  • Added/expanded Excellon commands
    • Support for arcs
    • Support for G32/33 (canned circles)
    • Support for M14/15/16/17 (tool control)
  • Support for the new XNC format from Ucamco
  • You can now configure your own regex rules to extract file function information from file names
  • ZIP file handling is improved
  • The tessellation engine can be easily enabled and disabled from the preferences window. Some graphic cards are very slow with tessellation, but you can now find the optimal setting for your hardware.
    • It’s off by default for Intel GPU's, otherwise it’s on.
  • A brand new icon
The free functionality of the Community Edition has been moved to the Pro edition, which is now a free download. The Pro features are now an In App Purchase. Previous purchases of the Pro edition will automatically unlock the Pro features.

Please visit our website to view the full details.

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