Summary of Scientology
Chapter IV
The Dynamics

Chapter Four


The dynamic principle of existence is Survival. The impulse of life is through survival. This general impulse can be broken down into parts which are called the Dynamics. There are eight dynamics : (1) Self; (2) Sex and family; (3) Group; (4) Mankind; (5) Life; (6) The Material Universe of matter, energy, space and time; (7) Spirit and Thought; and, (8) Infinity and/or God. As a person achieves an effective balance of the dynamics, he lives life more successfully. The dynamics are principally a set of relationships : a way of looking at life. They are very useful in Scientology in describing the individual's relationship to various aspects of life.

The first dynamic is that of Self. Basically, this is the individual as himself, as a consciousness and a unit of beingness. In Scientology, the specialized term, "theta," is used to refer to thought and spirit. The term, " Thetan," refers to the single unit of beingness which each person is. The first dynamic is the person himself, a Thetan and a Static.

Axiom one of Scientology states : " Life is basically a static. Definition : a Life static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and perceive." This is supplemented by Axiom two : "The static is capable of Considerations, Postulates, and opinions ". Axiom three states : " Space, energy, objects, form, and time are the result of Considerations made and/or agreed upon by the static, and are perceived solely because the static considers it can perceive them ". The static is a Thetan, a Consideration production unit. It is the basic unit of beingness which creates the spark of life and the qualities and quantities of livingness.

The Thetan, or static, uses the life form of the human body. The human body, its emotions, its thoughts, and its actions are usually considered parts of one's self; but basically the individual, as himself, is the above described static. The body and the mechanisms created and used for and by it are actually a third dynamic (group) relationship. For practical purposes, however, the first dynamic refers to the Thetan plus the body and its mechanisms.

As the Thetan controls (starts, changes and stops) the body, its habit patterns, and its general state, and as the Thetan controls his imagination, his thought, his own automaticities, and his own considerations, he is able and free on the first dynamic. As he is willing and able to be responsible for these things, he is a healthy individual. As the person's ability to have A R C, and knowingness, and control of the first dynamic can be increased he becomes more self-determined.

The current reality in Western culture holds that the individual is his body and that there can be no separation between self and the body. Even if the person is not his body he is considered today to be his brain, just as a few years ago it was his heart. University psychology courses have "proven." that the person is his brain. It is an interesting and useful phenomenon that when a person exteriorizes from his body, he thinks much more clearly and swiftly. In Scientology, we have discovered again that the individual is not the lump of clay called a body. He is a static, a unit capable of producing, directing and ending life. It cannot be said that research into life necessarily turns up the information one desires, because consistent phenomena very often do not fit into one's preconceived or agreed upon notions of reality. Nonetheless, research showed that the individual is not the body; that he is an immortal unit of beingness who can perceive his own beingness; that is, can be aware of being aware. He is, in fact, an awareness of awareness unit. People can be exteriorized from a body and know or perceive things without the use of the body even though they may still retain communication and awareness of it. There is much information on the subject of exteriorization, but this can be found in other publications. The author would like to point out again that while the phenomenon of exteriorization was a consistent one, it was difficult for many to accept because of differing reality in the culture. Yet one of the biggest errors in " Scientific " research on Life was, and is, the deliberate ignoring of phenomena which did not agree with their own theories or ideas of the universe. This has long been one of the blocks to progress in the understanding of man. The processes of Scientology bring about exteriorization on a gradient scale when used with skill, understanding and thoroughness. This may seem dogmatic, yet the challenge is extended to try it and see, or try it and know. One can read about how to drive an automobile for a long time, but it is only theory until he puts the directions to the test. If the car runs as predicted, there must be some validity in the directions.

The Second Dynamic includes sex and the family. Obviously, the continuance of a life form as a species depends upon its ability to perpetuate itself in some manner. The basic impulse of life is to survive. This, naturally enough, includes the continuance of the form through procreation and reproduction. The continuance of the race depends more upon just the ability to reproduce. Therefore, the Second Dynamic also incorporates family relationships and the education of the young. The family and some system of education are necessary to maintain and perpetuate the existing social structure. It is primarily through family structure that man learns (agrees upon) behaviour. Further, it is through family structure that the young are protected and directed until they become capable of standing alone and beginning their own families. 

Whenever there is communication difficulty within a family, the Second Dynamic does not function as well as it can. Almost all family difficulties can be solved through communication if free communication exists; various communication and affinity processes can be applied which will clear up misunderstanding. If a disagreement exists, there is a difference of reality between the contenders. This can be solved with communication. If misunderstanding is rife, then affinity is bad and any increase in affinity, reality or communication will bring about better understanding.

If family relationships are good then the individual is much more able to deal effectively with the Third Dynamic, the Group. A group can be defined as two or more people working toward an agreed upon goal. To some degree, this definition then includes the Second Dynamic. The Third Dynamic, however, actually deals with all group relationships beyond those of the family. The Third Dynamic would then include all forms of education, for example. Groups can be composed of people who simply have the goal of enjoying lunch together every week, of people who have common political aims, of people who have belonged to the armed forces or even of people who are undergoing processing. Parliaments, Congresses, and Nations are groups, just as the crews of ships, trade unions or knitting societies are also groups. An individual most often belongs to many different groups at the same time. The Third Dynamic has made the present civilization of man possible. Again, the principles of Affinity, Reality and Communication can be used to further the ability of groups. These same principles can also be applied to bring about better understanding between groups as well. When two groups are fighting they usually only communicate on the level of violence and vicious intent. A person who attempts to create communication in such circumstances, is often viewed with suspicion, to say the least. When two nations are at war, it is usually a treasonable act to communicate with the enemy except through violence. The purpose is to prevent the development of understanding from happening. It is a brutal truth that if two soldiers found themselves in a position where they could not harm each other, but they could still communicate, they would soon discover each other's humanity and would not be very likely after that to continue trying to kill each other.

There is a vicious cycle involved. Each nation says that the other is bad and has evil intentions. In order to prevent its citizens from being " infected " with foreign ideologies, each nation then erects an " Iron Curtain ". Because there is then less communication, there is subsequently less understanding and more barriers are erected. Finally, the force of inhibited communications creates a tremendous backlog. In the first place there is within each nation a tremendous amount of communication about the other nation to prove its " badness "; and, further, to make certain that one isn't harmed by something he refused to communicate with he must keep communicating about it in order to, remind himself of the danger. Unfortunately, the picture one makes of the " enemy " may bear little resemblance to the enemy he actually is . . . which can't be known because one is not actually communicating with the enemy. Finally, communication erupts with the violence known as war which eventually simmers down to the normal rate of communication called peace. Though misunderstanding may still be rampant immediately following war, the two countries generally have good communications so understanding takes place; at least until the cycle begins anew. This same cycle occurs within the individual, and  

within the family as well as between groups. It can again be emphasized that Affinity, Reality and Communication can solve any misunderstanding if known about and used.

The Fourth Dynamic includes all of mankind. This means every living human being on this planet, or, for that matter, on any other. The race as a whole is seeking to survive. As a person can contribute toward his family's survival, the survival of groups, and the survival of race as a whole, he is more likely to insure the success of his own survival. The Fourth Dynamic rarely is one considered by many people; it has little reality because they have little communication with it. Their view is more limited to themselves, their family and, to some extent, to groups. Nonetheless, in a world of nuclear fission where there are bombs capable of destroying whole continents, the Fourth Dynamic is one which must be taken into consideration. Perhaps it is about time that more Affinity and Communication is created to create thereby a better reality within each man of all his fellow men. Unless men as individuals become willing and able to understand the species as a whole, it is probable that there won't be any individuals left to communicate even with themselves. In a world of push-button warfare, any moron who is mad at some minor abstraction can push the button which will permanently end all communication problems on this planet. This has at least a little to do with why Scientology has as a goal the ending of all wars before they start. This can be done through Affinity, Reality and Communication.

The first four Dynamics can be applied to any species. For example, a crow can survive for itself; it can survive in terms of reproduction and the rearing of its young; it can survive for the group in terms of a flock of crows; and, it can survive for the good of all crows. Although the first four dynamics can be applied to all species, it refers to man unless otherwise specified.

The Fifth Dynamic involves the impulse of all forms of life toward survival. As a life form, Man is dependent on other life forms for his survival; unless other life forms existed on this planet neither could Man. To the degree that he aids these life forms necessary for his own survival, he assists his own survival in terms of the first four Dynamics. Man is dependent on other life forms for food. He is dependent upon the plant kingdom for the oxygen he breathes, just as they are dependent on Man and other oxygen breathers for the carbon dioxide they require to survive. Man, by assisting those life forms which are helpful to him, such as livestock, and by destroying those life forms which are destructive to him, then increases his own survival potential.

People who have little tolerance for the Fifth Dynamic rarely achieve much on the other Dynamics. A man who hates dogs and cats then to some degree hates his own body and his own livingness. A person who dislikes all green plants will tend to create disharmony in his other relationships. Again, as a person's tolerance toward the Fifth Dynamic can be increased through A R C he tends to function more cheerfully and effectively on the other Dynamics.

The Sixth Dynamic is that of the physical universe which is composed of Matter, Energy, Space and Time in various combinations. These are the basic building blocks without which the physical universe would cease to exist. Matter, Energy, Space and Time are abbreviated in Scientology by taking the first letter of each word and combining them to form the word "MEST ". This is done as a matter of convenience, rather than as a matter of significance.

Man increases his survival potential as he organises M E S T in combinations more suitable to himself. Men who can build houses with central heating and air conditioning are likely to live longer than men who live in damp caves. Man not only adapts to his environment, as many psychologists with their philosophy of "adjustment " would have one think. He also very definitely adjusts his environment to make life more livable. A person should be able to adjust himself to suit his environment. One of the basic goals of man, however, in terms of the M E S T universe is to organise matter through the use of energy in space and in time in ways which will enhance his survival.

With the development of physics and chemistry and other sciences, Man has tremendously increased both his survival potential and his average age length. This, of course, does not include the development of increasingly powerful weapons also in the Sixth Dynamic; these are not particularly survival tools no matter how apparently they may be necessary from the standpoint of any particular viewpoint.

Man has accomplished much particularly in the twentieth century in the organisation and handling of M E S T. Life expectancy has climbed correspondingly in any nation as it has developed its technology. Man has also done much to conquer disease as well. If man conquers himself sufficiently so that he does not destroy himself through his own genius with technology, then his survival potential and life expectancy will continue to increase.

Within the Sixth Dynamic, the individual who cannot successfully handle matter, energy, space and time is at a disadvantage and his survival potential is limited. If John cannot open doors without banging himself, and if he cannot make his car start nor handle any object without some difficulty, then his life will be continually filled with trouble. If he cannot handle energy, he will not be able to create enough when he needs it or he may have more than he needs. This can refer to the use of the body, or it can refer to the building of hydro-electric dams to provide electrical energy. If John cannot handle space, then he will continually be misjudging distances; this can be a definite threat to survival if John is driving a modern car or piloting an aircraft. If John cannot handle time, then he will continually find himself with too much time or not enough time. He won't have any time, or he'll have so much that he won't know what to do with it. On a very simple level, a man who is always much too early for appointments or who is always very late does little to enhance his survival potential with his fellow man, to say nothing of missing aeroplanes, weddings and paydays.

Whenever a person is having difficulty with one part of M E S T, he usually not only has trouble with the other three, he also has trouble with all the other Dynamics as well. If a person can increase his ability to communicate with M E S T, he will thereby gain greater .affinity and reality with it and handle it instead of the other way around. Moreover, he will also increase his A R C with the other Dynamics. Many people have trouble with matter, or energy, or space, or time. Scientology processes are also designed to develop a person's ability to be the master of them.

The Seventh Dynamic incorporates the impulse to survive as a soul, a spirit or a beingness. It includes the impulse of all individual units of beingness to survive. This, then, refers to the survival of the Thetan, and all Thetans, and is intimately associated with the First Dynamic. The impulse to survive as a being is highly ironic because the being is immortal. One of the greatest cosmic jokes is that of the immortal being putting his full ability into an effort to survive when he cannot do otherwise.

The Eighth Dynamic includes the impulse to survive as what can be termed the supreme being. It also includes everything not included in the preceding Dynamics. Because more information can be found in other publications on the Dynamics, there will be no further qualification of the Seventh and Eighth Dynamics here.

The reader can be advised that it is neither the intention nor the goal of Scientology to change the beliefs or opinions of anyone concerning their understanding about God, about politics, about economics, or about anything else which the individual desires and chooses to believe.

Scientology does work toward the increase of certainty within the individual on whatever level he wishes to be certain and can be certain, because as a person is certain he is sane. As he increases his Affinity, Reality and Communication with the Dynamics and as he can control himself and his relationships to the Dynamics, he is sane . . . sane, able and happy. The processes of Scientology increase one's ability to control and to understand along all the Dynamics. As he is capable of handling and understanding any one of the Dynamics, he tends to be incapable on the other Dynamics. When a person is incapable or irresponsible on any one Dynamic, this affects his relationship to the others.

An increase of ability and understanding can be achieved through developing a person's ability on any one Dynamic. However, if only one Dynamic is dealt with, then only a partial solution will be reached. Sigmund Freud, for instance, assigned cause only to the Second Dynamic with the hypothesis that sexual communication was the primary, if not the only, cause for man's aberrations. In this hypothesis lies both the very limited workability and the unworkability of Freudian analysis. This is not particularly intended as an attack on psychoanalysis, but is mainly used as an example to point out the limitations which inevitably exist when only one Dynamic is considered. It is like trying to add up a column of different numbers by only using the top 'numbers; the total will be only partially accurate.

As one can find ways to improve his Affinity, Reality, Communication and control of the Dynamics, he can be more able. An understanding of the Dynamics and their interrelationship makes possible a better understanding of life and a greater ability to live it well.

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Most of the principles and ideas that you find in Scientology occur in other places. However I haven't heard of the dynamics or something like them occurring in other places than Scientology/FriScientology. Have you? I would be enormously glad to hear, and I suspect many of our readers will also be interested, so if you have come across something similar perhaps you would write a short note and let us know some of the details. There's a button below this to press to let you do so. If you do so I will be very thankful/glad. At the moment it's an object of my curiosity.
Your origination on things using principle of dynamics.
Happiness Rundown
In 1981 Scientology produced a little booklet entitled The Way to Happiness. The booklet works through the dynamics giving principles which would help to give you a happy life. Scientology also produced an auditing rundown, called the Happiness Rundown, based on that booklet, which worked on charge which would make it less easy for the preclear to be happy. You can find a reference to that rundown in Scientolipedia at the following link: .

Beginning in July 1981 I was trained on that Rundown and am now reviving it. I'm curious to know and get in touch with any other FriScientologists who are also interested in that project. So (below) you've got an additional button  to press on if you have any data or questions, particularly if you know of anybody running it or who has been trained on it.

The booklet contains a number of precepts which if followed will give you a happier life. They are listed and run in the order of the dynamics. I did an internship on it, meaning doing a lot of auditing. As I was nominally an OT III I was able to audit OT's as well as people who had had little auditing (because of Scientology's "bureaucratic" rules I couldn't initially audit OT IIIs because the AOSH at Copenhagen didn't have an OT III Happiness Rundown Case Supervisor). The precepts on the first dynamic include "preserve your teeth", "eat properly" and "get rest". I remember the astonishment of some Guardian office staff when reading that aloud to me saying to me in astonishment "Did Ron write that?"

The most important part of the rundown (my opinion) is that charge was taken off memories of other people violating or encouraging violation of the precepts. This is significant because such people could strongly influence a person who might unknowingly take on that person's characteristics (also known in Scientology as taking on his/her  valence). So that to various extents the person ceases to be him/herself.

There is documentation that Scientology staff (including Sea org members) left (colloquially "blew") after having been run on the Happiness Rundown. I was thrown out of Scientology in 1983 in the following manner.  After complaining a bit about having to wait a long time for an interview I was made to write up my overts and withholds. After a few times at that and getting my list rejected an "ethics" officer told me that I had an overt (had done a bad action) and I was to "go away" and not speak to "anyone" until I came in and told her what the overt was. How I tackled losing all my friends and having a badly paid job is a bit beyond what we are talking about here.

In 1984 the Happiness Rundown was cancelled and a new Happiness Rundown was produced. I have been able to get hold of both of them can't really find a significant difference — that is to say the two differences I found were relatively minor; a short tape missing (quarter of an hour by David Mayo) and a 90 page bulletin missing.

When I got to my feet again and established connection with other people outside of the church of Scientology I did a fair amount of auditing (I hadn't done auditing since the 1950s) and got quite significant changes — three quarters of the Happiness Rundown course concerned itself with basic auditing. Somehow I was wary of the Happiness Rundown because of a datum (which I can't find now) that one should have a session every day.

However the matter has niggled at the back of my mind, and I recently found someone willing to have sessions every day, and both of us are quite satisfied with the results.

That's why I'm reaching out wanting to know if you can tell me of anyone you know who is familiar with the Happiness Rundown and (possibly) is auditing it. Scratch your brains or your head and let me know if you know of any lines I can trace. And voilà! Below this you will find a box you can click on get an email addressed to our ACE mailing list or you can send an email very privately to me

I think we are onto something hot here. I think it's time to scratch a little bit below the surface!
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