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I haven't been able to classify TagA very well. The latest bright idea I've had is the TagA is Ant's  oligarchs. If you look up oligarch or oligarchy you will see it has a connection with a form of government. Well the form of government in Books Weekly/ACE is a dictatoarship and the intention is that it's a benevolent dictatorship. But you are sort of a higher circle I have a sort of higher ARC with. At the moment it gets used when I'm in a bit of a loss as to want to do and seek the suggestions.

I have just sent out a little note to ACE. The gist of it is that I am cancelling Sunday sermons. That's partly because I find it offensive to joke about an individual's religion (Ron once said that you should not tamper with a person's religion which after all includes that person stable data). Perhaps more basically I'm tired of it. Instead I have started sending out on ACE a "Sunday Thought". This is short and pithy and takes much less time than sending out something on MailChimp. The aim, as was the basic aim of the Sunday sermon, was to give a small bit of Scientology data that could actually be used in daily life and perhaps passed on to others.

MailChimp is very clever in that it incorporates pictures. It's basically a sales programme. It is fairly intricate and time consuming..

I think I should continue with the Saturday sending. Useful and fairly basic piece of Scientology.

If someone else would take responsibility (MailChimp work) for what goes out on Wednesday I have got plenty of material there.

But there is something that I feel more important. On the Books Weekly mailing list there are a number of people who I have audited in person or over Skype. My attention is on the work I did with those people. Many of them were very much in need of auditing. My basic aim seems to be to make sure that Scientology auditing (under any name) is easily available.

Here is an account from one of them. He is on Books Weekly but came off ACE because he wasn't interested enough in reading what came through.


Here is a success story from Thom Pearson. I wrote up an account from memory and he has rewritten it and given me permission to publish his name. He was living in Copenhagen at the time and helped me both with the publication of IVy and with various bits of work on my flat. Here's what he wrote (rewritten by himself and what I wrote):

The story of one of the pcs I audited was ghastly. Thom had a terrible father. When he was 16 he vowed that if he ever found himself behaving like his father he would commit suicide. When Thom was in his late 30's, his father died and he found he was starting to behave like his father. 

He found out about Scientology and went to DK org, took the comm course and received some auditing that ended very badly handled (very badly over run and not acknowledged). So he came in the end to me. 

I didn't do much different than standard grades (and I had no supervision). Amongst other things he had been put in a ghastly orphanage after his parents divorce, his mother had three children and no home, (she had one room in a house where she worked as a maid/nanny). Thom was eleven-years-old when this occurred. In the orphanage he was not allowed any possessions of his own except a pair of shoes, so had to scramble in the mornings to find clothes that would fit him when he woke up. One day he was put out to play with the other children under a burning sun, and a nun refused to let him into the house/shade or even a drink of water. He woke up in bed having suffered sunstroke. 

The nuns running the orphanage did not care for the children, they did not even pretend to tolerate the burden they had been assigned. 

Thom's father came to visit and told him that he would take him out of the orphanage but only if he promised never to contact or speak to his mother again. To get out of that hell he made that promise, then over time occluded the whole event. 

Over the years he had made a few attempts to contact his mother but simply could not go through with any of them. And he did not understand why he had this difficulty communicating to his mother. 

The incident of "the promise" came up in standard auditing and there was no longer any problem contacting his mother. Later the same day, he got his mothers address from a relative and wrote and sent a letter. His mother who lived in England was over to Denmark to visit him a short time later.

Ant back here. There are many more cases I have helped, some of them on Books Weekly — and seeing their names reminds me of their experiences and what Scientology can do for "heavily wrecked humans".

I also have something else on my conscience. On my homepage,, the section "Ant's Scientology Story" is unfinished. So my feeling now is that I should devote my time writing up those case histories, putting them onto, of course suitably anonymized, though I'll try and get permission to publish names.

BUT I have another thing (or two)  backlogged! Copies of Scientology books to be put up for free download. I need an address to send some books to, and I need to tidy up some before putting them on my homepage for free download.


That's the end of my tentative thing. I'm sending it to you and you're welcome to comment to me. Comments probably won't get published unless I decide to send another TagA thing out to you all.

If you're not on ACE and want to be, you just send an email to: 

Bye bye for now. I'll get on with my life which involves me being taken for an trip to the Danish island of Sejerø tomrorrow.

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