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June 26. 2022

Started in 1950 with the book Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health Scientology was originally a therapy which developed into a sort of philosophy with axioms concerning the basics of life. In 1954/5 it became (also) a religion. Though being 100% spiritually based it bears little resemblance to other religions (to my knowledge) and thus we celebrate Sunday by giving a parody of religion. (See the note on insouciance a little further down.)
You can put two or three different letters after the word interest making it either interested or interesting.

A person at a given moment can be interested or interesting.

You might find a person very interesting because of his knowledge of a subject.

And being interested is not only confined to the person who only talks about his latest illness. It could occur with somebody who has developed a new understanding of life or some small aspect of it and is very willing to talk about it to you (if you display interest).

Interested and interesting also have their part in the communication formula.

If life has got a bit dull, have a look around you at how interesting and interested interplay.

(Choir)   Amen


May the spirit of the universe be with you and guide you so long as it fits in with your intentions.


Be good children and come along next Sunday with your pennies or as an alternative remember us in your will, with a whacking big advance payment.

PS. Ron has stated in his Philadelphia Doctorate Lectures that an optimum attitude to life is that of insouciance. So I do not really bless you but have  an insouciant Sunday.
You can stop whispering — — We are outside of the church itself. Look! They're blowing out the candles to save money. Do you think he is going to run dry? Well he's pretty dry already. He got a soaking when it rained last Friday That was his fault because he forgot his umbrella. When will he ever learn!
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