Summary of Scientology
Chapter 7
The Game of Life
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I seem to have a compulsion to communicate to you all. Some of you I have known for years. With a fairly tight schedule I've had to drop the two regular  weekly items I did have. But things keep cropping up I want to talk to you about, and hopefully get some feedback from you. The things are sort of bees in my bonnet so you get this irregular item: Ant's Bee .

As always, you are at liberty "not to give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it". In parenthesis I'd like to let you know that I desire some reply or just a response!

So here's the first bit of honey!

Ant's Bee

Ant has a Bee in his Bonnet
Today's Bee: Happiness Rundown
I took the Happiness Rundown Course and Internship in 1981 at the AO Europe and Africa in Copenhagen. I was actually on the Briefing Course where when one finished a level one had to toddle along to the registrar to sign up for the next level. I did that after level I. I was getting the Briefing Course for free under an offer Ron made to people who had taken and paid for an Advanced Clinical Course. But when I went to sign up for the next level they persuaded me to take the Happiness Rundown Course and Internship and pay for it.

I've collected all the details of the Happiness Rundown and filed them in Scientolipedia. There is a lot to it including two check sheets (from both the 1981 and the 1984  versions) and all the material on those check sheets. Here is the link:

I think my having been on the Happiness Rundown Course and Internship very probably was the real reason why I was thrown out of Scientology in March 1983.

As you will see (I expect) when you read some of the material, the Happiness Rundown frees one from suppressive domination. There are a number of accounts in that material of people blowing the Sea Org after having taken the Happiness Rundown    (BLOW, Slang un-authorised departure from an area usually caused by misunderstood data or overt — taken from the Scientology Technical Dictionary).

[Blows are normally caused by ARC breaks contrary to data given out by a suppressive "Church "]

My experience on the course was not typical which is the reason why I have not audited it more than a couple of times since leaving the church. I have done a fair amount of other auditing, very successfully, and the success I attribute to taking the Happiness Rundown Course and Internship  which in fact is 25% HRD and 75% basic auditing.

Another reason why I haven't audited it particularly much was that I had an idea that it was necessary to give a session every day. I recently found someone who was willing to come and have a session every day.

The results are phenomenal and it appears that a daily session is not necessary. In my words, happiness is dependent on ethical behaviour. The Happiness Rundown is based on the booklet "The Way to Happiness" which I believe was written by Ron. My understanding is that the details of the Happiness Rundown were worked out by David Mayo based on Ron's instructions. David later got kicked out of Scientology cruelly. A short summary of the HRD would be that it relieves you of the influence (reactive, subconscious) of the major unethical people in your past. Additionally the rundown gives you a sort of mockup exercise in the virtues described in the booklet.

That is the major bee in my bonnet at the moment. I am part way through auditing this preclear on the Happiness Rundown and I am really impressed, both by Ron for writing the book and  giving the idea of the auditing, and David Mayo for refining it.

†I got a good deal of the material  from anonymous FriScientology sources — we FriScientologist's owe a lot to many people working anonymously (I don't know why they were anonymous but the reputation of the "Church" will be one of the major reason). 
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All best wishes, Antony.

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