[Here should have been a picture of the front cover. There have been different front covers. This is from the time when front covers of Scientology books were designed to restimulate.]
Dianetics 55!
Chapter 4
Accent on Ability
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Tomorrow's Bees: 1950s Zoom -- conference tomorrow
I have been asked to speak at a Free Zone/FriScientology conference tomorrow (my Saturday) and will do so for an hour.
It's part of a yearly conference emanating from Moscow every January and February with the session every Saturday.

Next lecturer will be by Antony Phillips:
🔥 "Scientology in the 50s"
📅 January 14, 2023
🕖 At 19:00 Moscow time
Your local time:
ℹ️ About the lecture:
1h talk about Scientology, life and personal experience.
About the author:
Met Scientology in 1954 in London
Did the Hubbard Professional Auditor course in London 1955 to January 1956
Worked for Scientology in Dublin in 1957 (March to September, it was known as "The American College of Personal Efficiency") where he worked teaching a Personal Efficiency Course using the technique known as "Teaching by Agreement".
Attended two ACCs (Advanced Clinical Courses) at London and East Grinstead.
Worked in London HASI 1957 to 1960
Worked in East Grinstead (SH), Edinburgh and Copenhagen 1964 to 1972. (admin posts)
1980 to 1982 (approximately) took two levels of the St Hill Briefing Course and the Happiness Rundown Course and Internship
1983 (March) "thrown out" of official Scientology.
1983 (June) received "Dane Tops" letter and thus began in FriScientology
Worked on a Danish language FriScientology magazine (Uafhænge Synspunkter)
1991 to 2008 edited IVy ( International Viewpoints), a print magazine, five times a year
Since 1983 has audited off and on.
Present body now aged 93
Present time Scientology interests: use of simple Scientology procedures for ageing people, the Happiness Rundown, auditing/research on past and future lives/goals.
Entry link (click on this just before Zero Hour):
More information can be found here:
A recording of the conference will be on on Monday.
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All best wishes, Antony.

Church IoW  by Leonard Dunn
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