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Dianetics' 55!
Chapter 2
The Fundamentals of Life
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Something can be done about it.

Antony Phillips Dec 19   #862  
Something can be done about it.
I remember this coming up fairly early in my Scientology experience. It is something that has become a stable datum to me. You can always do something about it (whatever "it" is).
All best wishes, Ant.

 Scott Gordon - Watchful Navigator - Auditor Class 0+Dec 20   #864  

"Something Can Be Done About It"

is indeed an awesome stable datum.

So simple.  So true.

It is the antidote to Apathy (look up also, "learned helplessness").

LRH brought about a whole new way of thinking with the Logics, then, later, the Data Series.

These are built upon the belief that Existence is for each, individual one of us to manage.

Life units are ultimately self-determined, while also relating to and exchanging with, their Dynamics.

It was a brilliant application of philosophy to living.

The follow-up (next step) datum would be: "Make It Go Right."

Then find out Why it went wrong or is going wrong, and fix it (Data Series).

It's a wonderful formula for living.

The only way this goes wrong is when the group or others disrespect self-determinism.  Trying to make (force) others make things go right, rather than helping them and consulting their willingness to do so, just creates complaints about cults.  The ARC breaks and failed purposes need to be looked at and acknowledged.  Then willingness returns, then self-determinism comes alive.  Then the above cycle can work for another.

Indeed, "Something Can Be Done About It."


Scott Gordon

Auditor Class 0+

Scott Gordon


 Barry StephensonDec 20   #865  
That is a good expansion on Ant's datum Scott. I enjoyed reading it.



 Barbara SevenoaksDec 21   #866  

I read something similar in the SP/PTS pack.  Slightly different wording about how even doing the smallest thing can help a PTS situation, putting someone at a bit more cause.

There's a video/lecture also with the same title.

It's worth keeping in mind.  It is easy to feel things are hopeless, when in truth they seldom are.


 Antony Phillips Dec 21   #868  

I have wondered why I didn't mention this subject to you earlier. I'm keen to pass on useful things to you all. I have a list hanging on the wall of things I regard as important from Scientology, and I even put such a list on (see:  --  it's pretty rudimentary).

I think "Something can be done about it" is very important. I ran across it early and I've finally come to the conclusion that it became natural/instinctive to me, as natural as breathing, and nobody that I know of goes about recommending people to remember to breathe. Apart from accidents of nature, and the fact that a friend told me to go to the doctors when I had an extremely minor stroke I think my longevity has a lot to do with instinctively using that stable datum.

All best wishes, Ant


Here is another thread I have found.  This PS will not be proofread, but in making it I have cut out a number of irrelivancies. Ant (official and authorised  P.S. provider/edior)



 Antony Phillips
Dec 7   #832  
Dear ACE reader,

I am the old grey bearded FriScientologist — been in and out of Scientology since 1954. So there's a lot of experience and likewise a lot I have forgotten.
Do you remember a time when Fabian was the flavour of the day?
If you do can you explain it?

Fashions change so quickly in Scientology that old tortoises like me get dizzy


 Antony Phillips
Dec 8   #837  
First a short ACE admin note.

This thread is called: 


Someone has started a new thread which is called:

 [ACE] Fabian............. 


Interesting in a way, I didn't know there was a pop singer called Fabian. But adding the dots to the subject makes it a new thread, filed separately in ACE files.


There was a period when Ron recommended being Fabian. My memory on it needs brushing up which is why I was asking.


Here is the definition from the World Book Dictionary (the one which Ron recommended and I dutifully ordered a copy which took about 3 months to come from the USA to Denmark!).


Fabian, noun and adjective, one using stratagem and delay to wear out an opponent; cautious; slow: by recognising Fabian tactics, then, socialism has recaptured Labour (Canadian Saturday Night).
It was named after a Roman general and statesman who was surnamed Cunctator (which means delayer)

I was hoping somebody could remember that short period in Scientology and help me brush up my memory, but perhaps it was a futile hope, as it occurred before I got thrown out of the church in 1983, which is becoming a long time ago, and there are only about 25 people on this list.

All best wishes,


 Barbara Sevenoaks
Dec 9   #838  

Sorry about that.

I didn't intend a new thread, I thought I was replying to the previous Fabian subject.

I didn't insert any dots, just did a "reply to group".

I've got the basics of ACE but obviously not all the finer points!

I didn't know of any Scn project called Fabian.


 Antony Phillips
Dec 12   #843  
On Thu, Dec 8, 2022 at 08:43 PM, Antony Phillips wrote:

Fabian, noun and adjective, one using stratagem and delay to wear out an opponent; cautious; slow: by recognising Fabian tactics, then, socialism has recaptured Labour (Canadian Saturday Night).
It was named after a Roman general and statesman who was surnamed Cunctator (which means delayer) . I was hoping somebody could remember......

(I do think celestial forces or beings influence me, possibly towards helping me achieve my 3rd dynamic goals)
I've just realised something about Fabian. My recent attention (complaint!) has been on the fact (idea) that while Ron talked about gradient scales he "never"/seldom used them. When a new thing came out it came out with a BANG! Big events, lots of mailings to Scientologists et cetera.
But the idea of Fabian actually was approaching the idea of a gradient. Of course the talk of opponent in the definition there is a little bit un-Scientology — or at least it's not compatible with my idea of FriScientology which I mean is not looking for opponents and a fight.
My tentative plan/intention is for self and others to use simple Scientology things (assists, Happiness Rundown etc.) and using them under the title that include a word similar to Scientology (my choice is the Danish construction FriScientology but I think there is also a Facebook site called Free Scientology)
Well that's the thought for today. It interrupted me while I was engaged in another cycle of action so here I go back to the other cycle of action.
Greetings and ARC to you. Ant



 Poppy Popar
Dec 12   #844  
This is just a practical joke. Testing out my reserve email address. Yes you've guessed correctly. I'm actually Antony in her practical joke disguise.



 Barbara Sevenoaks
Dec 13   #845  

What was the Scn article regarding Fabian?

 Antony Phillips
Dec 13   #846  

There wasn't one. I don't know where you got that idea from. I'm looking for more data. Something has just come in, so wait a minute and I'll post it to ACE.

All best wishes, Ant

 Antony Phillips
Dec 13   #847  
Dear ACE member, as they used to say in old times  "Eureka". I've got the information I was looking for. I got the following message from Ken Urquhart:

Hello, Ant. 
LRH described the Sea Org activity of disappearing out to sea, slipping into port,
doing international scn business, slipping out of port, disappearing out to sea 
again -- having told the port just left that we'd be going to port B while we actually
sailed to port C, as "Fabian". He did not otherwise use the term in Scientology
(that I know of or remember). 
He used the term in the sense of 'avoiding decisive contests' -- or so I believe. I
don't recall his explanation of the term, but I do remember that his definition
involved becoming invisible to or unlocatable by, enemies (real or supposed)
so said enemies could not strike a blow. We were to be a constantly moving
and frequently invisible target for the 'enemies.' I can't tell you if this is what
Quintus Fabius Maximus did or not.  
ref: 1
: of, relating to, or in the manner of the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus known for his defeat of Hannibal in the Second Punic War by the avoidance of decisive contests
On Mon, Dec 12, 2022 at 5:52 PM Antony Phillips <ant.phillips@...> wrote:

Dear Ken,

I see that you're not on the groups.IO mailing list ACE.

Therefore I'm sending you this one which m   ........ [rest of private email deleted]


P:S: I see a private email has got onto this ACE thread. Groups.IO which is the program we are running this email ACE chat list on is quite good but is a bit complicated. Gets me puzzled sometimes and I make mistakes.
That's the end of these excerpts. If you're not on ACE and want more of these chatty sort of things go backup bit and you'll find out how to get on I think. Ant
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