[Here should have been a picture of the front cover. There have been different front covers. This is from the time when front covers of Scientology books were designed to restimulate.]
Dianetics 55!
Opening Pages and Forward.
This is rather exciting! Starting on a new book. So here's a couple of opening comments. I had a bit of a tussle finding a cover. The one you have here (above) is one made at a time when Ron ordered that all Scientology books should have a picture on the cover which he dictated, and a very diligent artist in Pubs Org made according to his instructions. It was the latest Big Thing. Ron made a tape specifically to Pubs Org staff explaining — and unfortunately for me there was an urgent job to get printed NOW-NOW-NOW and I didn't get a chance to hear it. But the gist of the story was that these different and rather peculiar covers supposedly restimulated what was called the OT 3 incident. As far as I can make out all these book front cover pictures (and here is another one)
were intended to restimulate people into buying books and coming into Scientology.

However when I took my HPA course starting in the middle of 1955, I was issued with Dianetics 55! in a pretty rough form, as far as I remember loose pages held together with a staple and having a semi-stiff plain orange cover. It is also worthy of note that on that course there was nothing in the nature of TR's (communication training drills). My memory of it was listening to tapes, or rather going to sleep while listening to tapes, and doing some sort of auditing, though without rudiments.

But don't let that put you off reading the book looking for new and data new understandings. Off you go!
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All best wishes, Antony.

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Church IoW  by Leonard Dunn
Post PS. A few odd pictures which it is easy for me to slide over.
They are from my homepage and you can find more about the story behind them at the following place:
Ant's Scientology Story Part VIII
What wild ideas that Jekyll and Hyde Hubbard came up with in his attempt to dominate.
I dedicate myself to the positive genius side of him and debunking the idiocy (said very quietly and shortly).
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