Unilateral Emergency Order

As self appointed President (formerly Emperor until that term was discredited) of the Federation of workers I hereby declare the whole empire in a state of emergency.

While we have managed to send out regularly Books Weekly mailings three times a week forming a stable datum for our readers an enormous backlog has appeared. Volunteer collaborators have scanned in important historic Scientology-related material but this has not been handled and posted on It's lying rotting on the shelves untreated.

Additionally, situated as we are in the northern hemisphere, a holiday period has come up and our loyal workers will undoubtedly strike if they don't get their prescribed annual holiday.

This is therefore a warning to our loyal Books Weekly readers:

You cannot rely on receiving the regularly thrice a week Books Weekly mailings. It will come sporadically if at all. This is the last one you'll get  (and consider yourselves lucky!). If you postulate hard you might get something regularly.

ACE, our complimentary "chat" line will remain in operation since the labour involved comes mainly from the participants and not our loyal staff.

Thank you for your patient and respectful tolerance, and understanding that we are plagued by circumstances beyond our control and are total effect.
Wednesday's Offering


Classic Comment

Terry E. Scott

19 Nov. 1994


When order is put into disorder, confusion blows off, according to L. Ron Hubbard. In his Scientology Axiom number 56, he states that "Theta brings order to chaos," noting also that chaos puts disorder into theta.

It also needs underlining that one must continue to put in calm, friendly order - create, create, create it. Otherwise, the confusion that can arise might not untangle or dissolve, but is liable to enwrap the being doing the action.

If one starts a new business venture, no matter how well planned, the arrival of orders for products is itself a randomity. This requires order to be brought to bear, and if the new business lacks sufficient organization, that fact soon becomes painfully obvious.

Order, organization, does not mean fanatical control of situations actual or potential. Control is necessary, though, meaning the ability to initiate (start), alter or maintain (change) and conclude (stop) actions small and large in cycles of production and administration.

Communication lines should be "clean", and good comm cycles, with harmonious affinity, are vital.

Order requires a stable datum. There can be one or many of these, and in a business they include definitions such as who we are, what we are aiming to do, who our customers are likely to be — and so on.

The stable data act as markers on which can be aligned all the factors of a confusion, of disorder, of randomity.

Too much order can be a pain in the butt. There is an optimum amount of order required for any activity, neither more nor less (plus a latitude of a bit above, a bit below that optimum). And that is where one large organization went wrong, in putting in order and order and a degree that would have been amusing had it not been tragic.

But let us, as Independents, not overlook the fact that as individuals, as business people or employees and above all as Independents in loose grouping or otherwise, some extent of order is vital. For too much randomity, too few stable data in common, would spell chaos.

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. ….In your dreams —it  is unlikely to happen here!

Maybe you're wondering what's happening.

Maybe it's a stuck flow. There was a theory that if you ran a flow too long in one direction it stuck.

But it is true that I have some "away from home" holiday coming up and that I have scanned in books waiting to be tidied up and put on my homepage.

But I can assure you that despite my antiquity I'm going fairly well physically though there are signs of age. I'm still able to cycle (that is thanks to a good acupuncture practitioner handling problems with balance). But today I went out cycling in our marsh, a wooded area next to a lake which is sort of bottomless — the paths sink and need a new layer of gravel put in now  and then. And the paths are narrow and really should be forbidden to cyclists and I decided that it was the last time I would cycle there (with this old body).

So I have been thinking quite a lot about my Internet output. It seems to me that the audience I'm trying to communicate to divides into two gradiently Intertwined classifications. Those who are interested in Scientology theory (like at the moment there is a mild discussion about the awareness levels on ACE) and those I have audited since I got thrown out of the church in 1983, some of whom have had startling gains and perhapsare  more interested in bits of Scientology that are of practical use in their lives at the moment.

And I myself am interested in two areas (gradiently intertwined): making sure that Scientology (with its sad history laid bare) survives and is available for those who need it and preserving the history.

I suspect that I've written too much and should shut up.

All best wishes,


P.S. Perhaps I should drop Wednesday and Sunday perhaps just for the moment and concentrate on finishing the Commentary on the Axioms. That brings in my good indicators: just concentrating on one weekly Books Weekly and dropped the other two for the moment.
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