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Dear Books Weekly Tag A activity Member,

I don't know why my guardian angels got me to create this TagA — about 20 selected people who are on Books Weekly. I haven't found a regular use for it, but something (in fact a few things) have popped up which I want to talk to a more limited audience about.

Work overload.

I find that with increasing years I cannot accomplish quite as much as I used to. I have set myself a fairly rigid schedule of sending three messages a week to all Books Weekly members, and other things are piling up. The most important thing that is piling up is the preparation of some PDF files of Scientology books and FriScientology books to be set up for download on my homepage. Additionally I'm taking a few days holiday as it is summer at this end of the globe. So what I am intending to do is to stop sending the usual Books Weekly email on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, and get on with my work. I will of course announce this and explain it, though it will be with rather short notice. I'm considering putting something else up regularly. I don't seem to get any help from my guardian angels but perhaps they're trying to work through you 😁 .


This is going quite well. There are some people making use of it by going into the more "nerdy" aspects of Scientology. I had someone (who I know quite well) unsubscribed from it because as he said "I never read them".

My former preclears

On the Books Weekly list are quite a few people who I have audited since 1983 both personally here in my flat and using Skype on the Internet. In some cases I have achieved startling gains just by using standard Scientology grades processes et cetera. Cases of a parent notably one father and two mothers treating their child in a really abominable fashion. One, living locally, has never bothered to join any of the lists I run. But those are the sorts of cases which I would like Scientology to be around to handle "for the rest of "existence"". That has a higher priority to me than the esoteric's of the awareness levels.

Lukewarm War

It occurs to me that I have lived through one World War, the beginning of another, a Cold War, and now I'm living in the beginning of what looks to me like being a Lukewarm War. I am amazed by the fact that Russia, that says it is not at war with Ukraine is attacking Ukraine brutally (Ukraine the country) whereas far as I know Ukraine the country is not attacking Russian  territory at all. I suppose you could call it a war but is hardly a Cold War — the moment I call it a Lukewarm War.

I would like to discuss this sanely on ACE, but there we have Egor Burbel from Russia and Andreas (unknown surname) from Germany  (incidentally I have met Andreas, he came here to have a look at my Scientology materials). I believe that polite communication solves problems where as guns et cetera and "ungentlemanly" conversation do not. Andreas referred to Egor as having views "marinated by Russian sources". I consider that an unnecessary remark, but I do not have the time and I think not the diplomacy to handle that matter which is a great pity.

Sex on the Know to Mystery

We recently (very recently) had an occasion where the Royal family (Crown Prince and wife) have suddenly decided not to send their two eldest children to a very well renowned school ( Herlufsholm Skole og Kostskole i Næstved ) due to a scandal which has broken out. I believe there are potential scandals with regard to British boarding schools, although I escaped that, I did witness an unpleasant incident at a convalescent home I went to at about the age of nine. The "me too" question seems to have been running along nicely for some years.

I had an urge to start a discussion on ACE on the subject: sex being number two on the dynamics and yet right down the bottom of the know to mystery scale and getting mixed up with a lot of low tone activity. If we wanted to build a universe with unending games we couldn't have chosen a better way of making the building blocks.

I'd like to start something on ACE on that but I'm not going to as I have not got the time. But is open to anybody else to start such a thread. You start it by sending an email to with a suitable subject.

If you're not on ACE and want to be, you just send an email to: 

Those are the things I wanted to discuss with you, or rather inform you of. You can reply to me at the address below if you want to.

All best wishes, Ant
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All best wishes,


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