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WELCOME and Thank you for joining my monthly Newsletter. It is an honor to have you following my ventures. In this monthly newsletter you will find updates for anything under the KLOWNSKI LLC umbrella which consist of news and updates on Klownski Travel events, Klownski Toys and Collectibles, Klownski LLC and lastly The Klownski Foundation.

This first issue will have lots of news and updates since it is the first edition. The following editions will be much smaller in context. I hope you enjoy the monthly editions and I hope you keep following me in this exciting journey!!!!

Klownski Travels

News and updates
Klownski Travels
(News & Updates)

Welcome everybody to the first edition of Klownski Travels news and updates. As you all should know by now I am a travelholic! After years of planning trips with friends or flying and busing it all around I decided who better to form a travel group than someone who REALLY knows how to travel. I get excited whenever I get ready to travel somewhere new and even to some of my old favorite places around the country. In addition there are so many really fun festivals and events around that many of you may have thought about going but may have been apprehensive about travelling by yourself or just didn't know how to put together a fulfilling trip that highlighted most of the noteworthy places.

Through this group everyone gets to travel to at least some place or event that they always desired to visit. This group will always be open ALL friends & families as long as you love to travel and make new friends.

When you join Klownski Travels you not automatically become friends you become family.

We have lots of fun and exciting stuff coming so enjoy it, experience it and live it!!!!!!


To learn more or to join our facebook page just click below!!!

Upcoming Events
  • Dodgers Opening Day 4/7/2017
  • Arizona Spring Training 2/25/2017
  • Dodgers game group fiesta date TBD
  • Dodgers San Diego invasion bus trip date TBD
  • Dodgers Beach Party
  • Dodgers Klownski Grand Fiesta - September 2017 (Special musical guest to be announced)
  • DODGERS Watch parties ALL SUMMER LONG!!!! And much much more!!!!

For additional details to all our events 
make sure you follow them on our Facebook page.

You can find all the events at
The Klownksi Travels page.

Klownski Travels
Exclusive Products and Promotions!!!!!
Souvenir Tickets

As most of you remember last year was Vin Scully farewell season. We created a commemorative souvenir ticket in his honor and everyone loved it.

This year in our first edition we will be honoring Sandy Koufax. These limited commemorative souvenir tickets will be given away free with every Dodgers purchase you make ONLY through Klownski Toys and Collectibles.This is 1 of 5 which will be produced and which we will be giving away all season long. We will also have a few for purchase so please make sure you follow on Facebook and keep following the news and updates only here at Klownski Travels.

Jersey Shirts:

Also back by popular demand will be our Dodgers players Baseball tee's. Each month we will announce a set of players from the current to past rosters. These will feature a one of a kind jersey shirt that will somewhat replicate the game jerseys shirts worn by your favorite players.

All items will be available at in the Toy Box section starting March 1st 2017. Last year our King Scully jersey shirt was a sell out so you don't want to miss out on these one of a kind jersey shirts!!! These will only be available through Klownski Toys.
Klownski Toy Box
Klownski Toys & Collectibles

News and updates
Klownski Toys and Collectible 
(News & Updates)


Very excited to present to you my first edition Klownski Toys and collectibles news and updates. By now you should probably know what my hobbies are!!!

To me, the best part of collecting vintage toys is that you have the barest bones of your collection found, and now you need to fill them out and find those elusive toys that are out there waiting for you. In other words - The Hunt Begins. All drama aside, now that you know what you want, you can start looking at places like eBay and other online auction sites to fill out your stash. I like to research online for the most part, but there are books out there that can tell you exactly what type of collectibles and memorabilia that is out there to buy. Learn what is rare and what's common, and then stalk the auction sites and local ads for the great deals.When I was building up my collection, I found collector sites that would have members buying and selling and even trading their toys and memorabilia. I had a blast doing it. These are not your ordinary toys these are collectibles from when you were a child. The hobby brings back memories and nostalgia from the time you were in elementary.

The reason I started this company was because I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the hunt. Before my first son was born I went into the attic and found some of my old original toys. I thought, I will put them aside, clean them up and he can play with them. But then reality hit and I thought to myself that's going to be a long time before he can play with these toys. I then started collecting and building not only my collection but my son's as well. I soon found out that while doing this I was also building up a little small fortune. I found that most of the toys I had pulled out were pretty valuable. And that's when I decided to start buying, trading, and selling. I not only had my collections but had many extras to spare. So not only did I buy to keep but I bought to sell and trade and I began to have fun. My prices are never out of reach because I believe through this hobby everyone should enjoy it not just only for themselves but for their children as well. I am also not into this for money or to get rich it was always about having fun doing it and doing it for my kids enjoyment. Everyone has a want and need in life, I just chose toys and collectibles,  not just for my nostalgic reasons but to also enjoy them with my kids!!!!



We also pay REFERRAL FEES ($$$$)
So if you have vintage toys or know someone that has vintage toys or sports memorabilia or need someone to go through a garage or storage WE ARE YOUR GUYS!!!!!

Toys must be 1980's and back!!!!!

If anyone is interested in starting up a collection. 
Please feel free to visit or click below for more information.
We have toy hunters standing by!!!


Klownski Toys and Collectibles
About: Klownski LLC

Who is Klownski

Independent Finance Consultant

Sergio Franco has been in Finance for over 20 years. He is currently a finance consultant at one of the largest and well known hospitals in California. In addition to consulting, Sergio is also involved in business development, recruiting and staff development. Sergio is also the owner of several small companies and ventures within KLOWNSKI LLC, which include Klownski Toys and Collectibles, Klownski Travels and Klownski LTD.

Sergio has a broad range of financial management Leadership experience and business legal arbitration support experience. He has helped his clients  recover millions of dollars in lost revenue and has saved his clients as well as individuals from financial disaster and financial burdens .

He also works with his clients Executive leadership to bolster processes to improve financial performance and positive outcomes. Sergio also has extensive experience in personal finances and healthcare finances and is well versed in the many types of financial assistant programs, finance solutions and financial debt relief.

Sergio is an avid retro Toy, collectibles and Sport memorabilia Collector and enjoys spending time traveling and enjoying time with family and friends.

If you're looking for:

Professional Consulting Services??? 
Having financial problems???
Looking for a new career or change???

Please contact us or send us your resume to:

The Klownski Foundation

Everybody knows somebody or someone with a disability and if you don’t know somebody then you have probably seen someone or somebody with a disability. The definition of a disability is as follows:

Disability- A physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.

Let’s start by not confusing a disability with a disease. A disability can often happen when some has a disease leading them to have a disability. A disability without having a disease is much more different. The types of disabilities are as follows:

If you wear glasses or you have blurred vision- This is a Disability
If you have hearing loss or have trouble hearing- This is a Disability
If you have Cerebral Palsy, brain injury or any type of brain damage- This is a Disability
If you have a broken foot, leg, hand, arm, amputee etc.- This is a Disability
If you have autism, learning challenges, down syndrome- This is a Disability
Depression, mental health, suicidal thoughts, anxiety - This is a Disability

And there are a lot more.........

Now a disease is something much different. Below is a list of common types of diseases which can lead to a disability:

Heart disease
and list goes on and on.

So I hope by now you get the picture. Now you are probably asking yourself well then "What is the Klownski Foundation?". Klownski Foundation is an idea which emerged a few months back and is aiming to bring disabilities to the forefront and to bring awareness to both disabilities and diseases that can cause disabilities with and emphasis on CEREBRAL PALSY. If you go to my website under the KLOWNSKI FOUNDATION you find the how, what, when and WHY’s we are trying to start this foundation.

Through this newsletter you will find out a little more about the
WHAT KLOWNSKI IS UP TO with the Foundation.

Through the next few months we are planning to launch several initiatives to help people with disabilities and to help families cope with family members with disabilities. We are currently preparing to launch our Klownski goods. Our Klownski goods will be used for those who participate, join, volunteer, give to charity and donate their time to this grand cause. For our Klownski troops with abilities and not disabilities we plan to have stickers, pins, shirts, key chains, watches to give away to anyone in the Klownski Army. Also for those troops that take it to the next level and are participating, joining, volunteering, giving to charity and donating their time, YOU will also be provided with your very own stars and stripes and will also have an opportunity to earn badge's of honor, but yours will be earned and not given. We have big plans for the disability community, we are eager to support them and stand by them. Our current target date for this mission is set to launch 3/23/2017 and I really really hope you all get behind it because we have lots of great stuff coming. Whether you attend a KLOWNSKI event, donate or donate your time in any way, purchase a toy, a collectible, memorabilia or anything with the word KLOWNSKI on it you will automatically join the KLOWNSKI ARMY and will become a troop.

Please know that all proceeds under KLOWNSKI LLC will go directly to the KLOWNSKI FUND which will inevitably help launch the KLOWNSKI FOUNDATION in the near future!!!!!

Stay tuned we have lots more coming!!!!! This KLOWNSKI TRAIN has left the station!!!! So ALL ABOARD this KLOWNSKI TRAIN will never STOP!!!!

Our KLOWNSKI MOTO will always be 

If you want to learn more or want to get involved with the Klownski Foundation
Please click below!!!!

Klownski foundation
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