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May & June 2022

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Did you Know?

Okaloosa County is the only school district in Florida to be designated as an Academically High Performing School District by the Florida Department of Education every year since 2012-2013.

What does it mean to be Academically High Performing?

     Earn a grade of A for two consecutive years;
     has no district-operated schools that earn an "F"
     Complies with ALL class size compliance requirements
     Has NO material weaknesses or instances of material noncompliance noted in its annual independent   financial audit

The Legislature created this distinction to recognize and reward school districts that demonstrate the ability to consistently maintain or improve their high-performing status.

In the Okaloosa County School District
Opportunities are Provided, Passions are Ignited,
and Everyone is Important!

OCSD Spotlight

Superintendent Chambers shares his Memories from the 2021-22 School Year

We have had a great but challenging year in the Okaloosa County School District. Here are some of the memories we have shared packed into nine and a half minutes! Thank you OCSD Family, for another successful school year.

School Safety is our Top Priority

A Message from Superintendent Chambers
Safer, stronger schools are the top priority for the Okaloosa County School District. The tragic events at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, remind us that we must be ever vigilant in taking the necessary steps to keep our children and staff out of harm’s way. No words can express the heartbreak we feel for those families and their community. Each time such a tragedy occurs, it’s natural for all to be grieving the senseless loss of life while at the same time asking honest questions about the safety measures in our own schools. While the following actions are not exhaustive, they form the basic structure of the Okaloosa County School District’s school safety and security protocols.
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Air Force Association Announces 2022 Teachers of the Year

Congratulations to the Okaloosa County School District employees named 2022 Teachers of the Year by the Air Force Association Chapter 398 Hurlburt! The winners were presented with a certificate and a $250 check. They will attend the Annual Awards Recognition Banquet to receive a citation from our district's US Congressman. The Teacher who wins the "Overall Teacher of the Year" title will receive a scholarship to attend the US Space and Rocket Center's Education Space Camp. According to Rick Soria, VP for Aerospace Education, "the purpose of our annual program is to recognize classroom teachers at the chapter, state, and national level for their accomplishments in exciting K-12 students about science and math (STEM) and preparing them to use and contribute to tomorrow's technologies." 
Ms. Christi Rice
4th grade teacher at Wright Elementary School
Ms. Sharleen Nunez
Science teacher at Ruckel Middle School

Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation Funds Summer Camps

The purpose of the Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation (OPSF) is to serve as a catalyst to promote excellence in Okaloosa Schools, enhancing teaching and learning through community and private sector support for special programs. This year, one of the OPSF projects was to provide Career and Technical Education (CTE) and STEM summer camps to students at no cost. 
CTE offered a total of seven camps to rising fifth-graders, including:
REVVED UP! Automotive Camp with Mr. Welch
hosted by Crestview High School
Glam Camp- Cosmetology with Ms. Welch
hosted by Crestview High School
Camp Metalhead- Welding with Mr. Goodwin
hosted by Crestview High School
Prime Time Coding with Mr. Sexton
hosted by Crestview High School
La Cuchina Italiano, A Day in Italy- Culinary with Chef Pannelli
hosted by Niceville High School
Biomedical Marvels- Biomed Camp with Ms. Mueller
hosted by Fort Walton Beach High School
Build It! Carpentry Camp with Mr. Rynearson
hosted by Pryor Middle School
The Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation also funded STEM camps at Riverside Elementary thanks to grants provided by Boeing and Florida Power and Light. Students going into fourth and fifth grade were involved in hands-on learning in one of two camps which focused on science, technology, engineering, and math.
STEM Camps hosted by Riverside Elementary

Schools Recognized for their "Change for Children" Contributions

Children In Crisis, Inc. (CIC) recognized the top fundraising schools at the May 23, 2022, School Board meeting and thanked the School District for their support during the Change for Children fundraiser.

Change for Children is an exciting fundraiser within Okaloosa and Walton County Schools where Elementary, Middle, and High School students bring in their change to help support The Children’s Neighborhood. In the past, there have been talent shows, dress-up days, pie your teacher in the face contests, and other fun activities to help get the students and staff excited about the campaign.

The Change for Children Program in Okaloosa County is run by Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary organization of women educators dedicated to educational excellence, altruism, and world understanding.

Southside Primary School won the Community School Division and was the overall winner, raising $5,032.00.
Choctawhatchee High School won the High School Division, raising $3,044.00. 
Ruckel Middle School won the Middle School Division, raising $4,723.82.
Destin Elementary School won the Elementary School Division, raising $1,634.32. 

Summer Break Spot

Free Meals for Kids and Teens
Okaloosa County Schools are participating in the Summer Food Service Program during June and July. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to kids 18 and under at specific school sites for free.
Find sites and meal service times here!

Elementary Math Activities

Summer break is a time to relax and unwind. It is also an opportunity for your child to continue developing their math skills to prepare them for the upcoming school year. Try to maintain the learning without making it seem like schoolwork by keeping it simple and fun!
Here are a variety of games you and your family can play while traveling to the grocery store, beach, or visiting relatives...

Odd or even

“Odd or even” is good both for practicing recognition of numbers and for counting. The game is to predict whether the passengers will spot more even numbers or odd numbers on license plates before a time of your choosing — and then test that hypothesis!
Odd or even can be played with a time limit or until someone reaches a given score, depending on what the players prefer!
  • One player counts the odd license plates, the other the even. As a car goes by, someone — either one of the players or a neutral — should call out the number on its plate; the player who just ‘scored’ then calls out their new total.

Reach 100

Playing cards in the car (especially if you’re driving) is not very practical. However, you can play a variation of twenty-one without worrying about shuffling and dealing while still getting the mathematical benefits! Each player’s goal is to get their total to 100 — or as close to it as possible.

Each player starts from zero and takes turns to ‘add a card.’ When a vehicle passes, add up the digits on its license plate and add the total to the running total: if they have 47 and a car with the number ‘194’ on its plate passes, they would add 1+9+4=14 to their score and say “61”. They can then choose to ‘stick’ and make that their final score or twist and add the next number plate to their total. If they go over 100, though, bad luck! They score nothing.

Whoever ‘sticks’ closest to 100 wins the round. It is traditional for the loser to request “best of 3”, then 5, then 7…

  • There’s nothing special about 100 — if you want to pick a higher or lower target, feel free!

Spot the shape

“Spot the shape” combines shape knowledge, observation, and a little bit of creativity! The goal of the game is to be the first to spot a named shape: for example, if the shape is ‘circle,’ someone might point out the wheel of a semi-truck; if it’s ‘triangle,’ a road sign might fit the bill.

Only the most competitive families keep score in this one.
   * Be prepared to make rules about what’s allowed — can a triangle have rounded corners? Does a rectangle count as a square?


Multiplication fact practice

If multiplication is an area you’re keen to work on, use license plates for practice. When a car passes, call out the digits on the license plate; the players race to multiply.

If the number on a passing license plate is 352, the first person to work out 3 × 5 × 2 and say “30” gets the point; set a winning target depending on how long the journey is and how busy the roads are.
      * For younger children, you can try adding the digits rather than multiplying.

2022-2023 School Calendar

The 2022-2023 school year begins Wednesday, August 10th! School calendars for the 2022-2023 school year through the 2023-2024 school year can be found here.


Student Information System

Kindergarten and New Student Registration is open now for the 2022-2023 school year! Parents will create a FOCUS Parent Portal account to begin the process. Please find more information about registration on our website: 

If you prefer, you can visit the school you register with and use their registration kiosk in the front office.

VPK Registration

Voluntary Pre-K Registration is OPEN and available for students whose 4th birthday falls between February 2nd and September 1st.

Register through the Florida Division of Early Learning Family Portal:

Need more info?

Material Adoptions

The Okaloosa County School District is currently examining materials for adoption to be used in elementary, middle, and high school math classes. Links and login information are available on for teachers, parents, and members of the public wishing to review the materials being considered.
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