Carpentry Clippings, 10 July, 2019

Highlights from The Carpentries Community Calendar

The next Maintainers Skill-up meeting will take place on 15 July 2019 at 15:00 UTC (check your time) and 20:00 UTC (check your time). It will be a great opportunity for the curriculum maintainers to exchange experiences with each other. Maintainers and others can sign-up on this Etherpad.

Check out the community calendar for the monthly events and other regular community calls.

Community News

Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Roadmap
The Carpentries has developed an Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Roadmap. This roadmap appreciates where we are, where we want to go, and maps out how we can get there. We hope it reflects what the community is experiencing and saying. We will continue to iterate on this roadmap with your feedback. We invite you to read the roadmap and give us your thoughts via GitHub issues. See more detail in this blog.

Committee and Task Force News

Lesson Infrastructure Team
Erin Becker and François Michonneau from The Carpentries Lesson Infrastructure Team announced the June 2019 lesson release. More than 1100 members made this project possible by contributing to the improvement of several lesson materials. The staff team coordinated this release with 36 Lesson Maintainers by making sure that the core components of the lessons were preserved during the development, the exercises and code chunks worked, and the online renderings were as expected. Read more detail on this blog.

Library Carpentry
The Library Carpentry community has grown in the past year, and so has the demand for their promotional materials! In a recent open call, over 20 organisations from around the world received stickers to share with their local Library Communities. Drew Heles and David Kane have created a Library Carpentry style guide under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which includes the official sticker designs that you can print using a local or online service. At the UK’s Cross-Sectoral Conference for Information Professionals 2019, Jez Cope delivered a talk - Tabling Library Carpentry: talking data skills.

Executive Council
The Executive Council has formally approved the formation of a 2x2 Committee, so called because it will include two representatives each from the Executive Council, staff, and each Lesson Program (Library Carpentry, Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry). This committee will not create or enforce policies, but is intended to share information among each of these groups, including discussion of concerns and updates to the community.

Instructor Development Committee
The mentor on-boarding calls for the upcoming round of the mentoring program took place on 8 July 2019. Marco Chiapello, the Mentoring Chair, has shared plans for this program with mentors who will support mentees in different groups with various learning objectives and goals within the community. You can find more details on the mentoring program in The Carpentries Handbook. The recording from the previous mentoring calls are available on YouTube.

What you may have missed on the blog and mailing lists

In The Carpentries blogs, read the post by Alexander Refsum Jensenius, who shares the lessons learned from a recent Train the Trainer Workshop. In another post by Phil Reed - R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis workshop, read the summary of a Library Carpentry event at The University of Manchester Library. 

Library Carpentries blog posts from ZB MED in Germany - Building a Community for Digital Literacy at ZB MED, and Macquarie University in Australia - Developing Data Skills at Macquarie University Library, highlight stories of community members about how they are supporting Carpentries beyond workshops.

Thanks to David Pugh, Software Carpentry Plotting and Programming in Python lessons now have a Binder button. This will provide a solution for the Software Carpentry workshop attendees who might face difficulties with software installation. Check out more posts on the TopicBox Discuss channel.

Tweet of the Week

Papers and articles for and from the community

Farewell authors, hello contributors, Alex Holcombe, Nature 571, 147 (2019)
How to support open-source software and stay sane, Anna Nowogrodzki, Nature 571, 133-134 (2019)
Making invisible work in STEM more visible, Linda Wang, C&EN Volume 97, Issue 26 (2019)
Docker for bioinformatics: reproducibility at the core, Alice Minotto, Peter Bickerton, Earlham Institute Technology Article (2019)


Gallantries: Galaxy Meets The Carpentries
The second Gallantries hackathon took place on July 8-9 2019 and was colocated with the Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2019) CoFest in Freiburg, Germany. Funded by Mozilla mini-grant, this hackathon was aimed at elucidating the lessons learned from the first pilot workshop, which included Galaxy and The Carpentries resources, into a checklist document for workshop organizers and instructors. Furthermore the training materials are being extended to include a third day, on the topic of using R in Galaxy for downstream analysis of RNA-sequencing data.

RE-Lifelong Learning - Planning Grant for Library Community
A grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services was awarded to The University of Rochester River Campus Libraries, in association with Colgate University, Cornell University, and Syracuse University, to plan and pilot a skill-sharing program. This cross-institutional planning grant will build upon the existing train-the-trainer model to support librarians in research and teaching environment. This program will also explore issues related to meeting their demands by working regionally across libraries and institutions and facilitating exchange of expertise. (see the source)


If you are attending UseR 2019 in Toulouse (France) or SciPy 2019 in Austin (Texas, USA) this week, join other community members on The Carpentries Slack channels to plan unofficial meet-ups. The Carpentries team members François Michonneau ( will be at UseR, and Elizabeth Williams ( and Serah Rono ( will be at SciPy. See this post on the TopicBox Discuss channel for more information.

Toolshed (Posts from our Past)

A year ago Jonah Duckles published an overview of the role and importance of Organisational memberships in defining the future of The Carpentries. For several weeks after the CarpentryCon 2018, we kept receiving heartfelt and positive notes from our community members who attended the conference. Notably, the African Carpentry Task Force published a summary of their experiences and takeaways from the conference in this blog post.
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