Carpentry Clippings, 25 April, 2018 

Highlights from the Carpentries Community Calendar


Bug BBQ and Lessons Report
The recent Bug BBQ to update the Geospatial and Social Sciences lessons was a big success. Six new Maintainers have been onboarded for the geospatial lessons, and five for the social sciences lessons. Additionally, a team of Curriculum Advisors has begun work to provide leadership in ongoing lesson development. You can see who’s involved here. A lot of work was done to improve the lessons during the Bug BBQ, though some work is still outstanding. Read how you can help get lessons ready for the final release.

Join the Library Carpentry Hackathon
Interested in Library Carpentry lesson development? Then put aside some time on 10-11 May to take part in the Library Carpentry sprint! This two-day global hackathon will be part of the annual Mozilla Global Sprint. We currently have five participating sites listed - add yours to our organizing etherpad. Chris Erdmann and Belinda Weaver will be leading the change in their respective hemispheres. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact with others in the community, including the chatroom. Read the plan for the sprint.

Community News

Launching The Carpentries Website!
We are excited to announce that The Carpentries website is now live! The launch of the new website completes our transition to a new, merged, online identity as The Carpentries.  The website will give you easy access to common information across the merged organization, for example, our Code of Conduct, information about instructor training and assessment, a range of shared policies, including our privacy policy, details of staffing and project governance, and a whole lot more. The Data and Software Carpentry sites will remain as lesson organizations - lesson information will always appear on the individual sites. Please let us know if there are errors or omissions on our new website by raising an issue. 

New Blog Too!
Increasingly we will blog as The Carpentries, rather than as Software or Data Carpentry, so be sure to check out our new blog. You can also follow The Carpentries on Twitter.

Handbook Update
The new Carpentries Handbook has been enthusiastically received by our community. For those who haven’t seen it, find it here. The aim of the Handbook is to provide a one-stop shop for people wanting all kinds of Carpentries-related information. Information is being added and updated all the time so please let us know if there is something missing. Read more.

Instructor Training Pre-Survey
We now have an instructor training pre-survey. We'll collect demographic information in the pre-survey, and we'll be able to compare (pre/post) trainees' ability to complete several of the instructor training outcomes, and their motivation to continue learning about our teaching pedagogy. Be on the lookout for data and reports in the near future.

Subcommittee Activity

CarpentryCon Update CarpentryCon Update
The CarpentryCon Task Force are currently running a CarpentryCon Countdown as the big day in Dublin comes ever closer. CarpentryCon 2018 will run from 30 May to 1 June. The countdown is through the dedicated CarpentryCon Twitter feed, which features highlights of what is ahead. See the program. You can buy tickets here. If you are interested in volunteering at CarpentryCon, add your details to this pad, which also explains what kind of help is needed. Download the new poster to help publicise the event locally.

Mentoring Groups Open
Did you miss the deadline to join a mentoring group? Do not fear, there are still openings for mentees to join groups in the following timezone:

To join, fill out this application.

Mentoring Subcommittee Co-chair Needed
The Mentoring Subcommittee is seeking a new Co-chair to replace Marian Schmidt, who is stepping down. The Subcommittee is an informal group of volunteers who meet monthly to discuss ways to support instructors. It organises regular instructor discussion sessions and supports the mentoring groups program. To apply for this role, please fill out this form. Applications close on Friday 4 May. Thanks to Marian Schmidt for her hard work during her 12-month term as Co-chair. Read more.

Tweet of the Week

What you may have missed on the blog and mailing lists

The history of the Carpentries’ Code of Conduct was raised on the Discuss list. The launch of the Open Science Training Handbook 1.0 as a Gitbook was also posted. The Handbook, released under a CC0 1.0 Universal license, was written by 14 experts, and aims to support the practical teaching of Open Science principles. Javier García Algarra put out a call for research resources about education to reduce the gender gap in computer science.

Papers & manuscripts from and for the community

Community job postings

Other places to connect
If you can't get enough Software and Data Carpentry, here are some other places to connect with our community. Have something you’d like to have included in our next newsletter? Please send items to
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