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The Carpentries Philanthropy: A New Way to Get Involved in The Carpentries
Join the new Carpentries Philanthropy mailing list for an opportunity to engage with The Carpentries on a philanthropic level. More information about the list is available in this blog post, published on 1 October 2020.

Hacktoberfest 2020 - Glosario Contribution Drive
As part of the annual Hacktoberfest event, please consider helping The Carpentries internationalise and expand Glosario, the open source, multilingual glossary of data science terms. In this blog post, members of The Carpentries core team explain how to get involved. 

Announcing The New Carpentries Help Wanted Page
A new Help Wanted page was recently added to The Carpentries website, providing a list of GitHub issues in need of some help. The page provides an accessible overview of all open issues that maintainers have identified as needing help, across many of our official and community-developed lesson repositories

Call For Candidates for the 2021 Executive Council
Nominations are now open for community-elected and council-elected members of the Carpentries Executive Council! If you are interested in participating, either by self-nominating or nominating a qualified individual for one of the open seats, please read this guide to applying and FAQ by the current Executive Council

Bronze-level Memberships Are Now Available!
The Carpentries has added a Bronze-level Membership Tier. This tier includes: 2 yearly coordinated workshops and a 20% discount on additional coordinated workshops. The Carpentries Become a Membership Organisation page contains more information about this and all membership tiers.

Highlights from The Carpentries Community Calendar

Community Discussions and Themed Discussions in The Carpentries are a great way to interact with, learn from and share your knowledge and experiences with other Carpentries community members from around the world. Subscribe to our community calendar for updates on community calls that may pique your interest and are in a befitting hour depending on your timezone and schedule.  You can also watch some of our recorded community calls on our YouTube channel.

  • 16 October, 10:00 UTC - The Carpentries Community Discussion with Aleksandra Nenadic

  • 20 October, 10:00 UTC - The Carpentries Community Discussion with François Michonneau

  • 23 October, 7:00 UTC - The Carpentries Community Discussion with Serah Rono

For Instructors: Have you taught a workshop recently? Please consider attending one of the above community discussions to share your experience and help prepare future Carpentries instructors

What you may have missed on the blog and mailing lists

Lessons Learned - Data Carpentries Workshop for SADiLaR (August 31, 2020)
This post covers instructors' experiences teaching a Data Carpentries workshop for the South African Centre for Digital Language Resources in August 2020

Progress Towards The Carpentries 2020-2025 Strategic Plan
This post, written by Carpentries Executive Director Dr. Kari L. Jordan provides a summary of Q3 2020 (July - September)  progress on work towards the goals outlined in the Carpentries 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.

CarpentryCon @ Home: The journey of the Wikidata Lesson
In this post, the leaders of the CarpentryCon @ Home Wikidata Lesson Sprint follow up on perspectives gained from the session.

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Community Job Postings

The Carpentries & CyVerse are hiring for a Science Engagement Postdoctoral Position
This is a joint postdoc position between The Carpentries and CyVerse across a range of activities to develop, enhance, and expand the capacity of The Carpentries and CyVerse to develop curriculum, and build communities and opportunities for training in digital and computational science skills. Learn more and apply at the CyVerse Website.

SageBioNetworks is hiring a Bioinformatics Engineer, Data Coordination
SageBioNetworks, a non-profit biomedical research and technology development organisation is hiring for an engineer to do the following: curating data, developing data formats and metadata standards, and maintaining high value research collections. Learn more about the position at the SageBioNetworks website

RTI International is hiring a Python Developer
This position will work on the following items: participate as an active member of a team building web-based data products, typically using Python, Django, and Vue.js, create infrastructure for data processing, analysis and reporting on projects with varying data requirements, create microservices to operationalize machine learning models, and more. Learn more about the position at RTI’s website.


The Hub Portal - An Extension of the Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya
The Hub Portal, a newly launched platform to connect science clubs in Kenyan universities to collaborate, learn and allow easy access to local data, and allow students to put in requests for training or mentorship, find out what other life science and bioinformatics students are doing in other universities is looking for members. If you are an active science club or an active group of science enthusiasts in your university? Let us know about it by filling out this form questionnaire

Open Access Week 2020 - Academy of Science of South Africa
ASSAf ( Academy of Science of South Africa) has announced the dates, times, and theme of this year’s Open Access Week. The theme will be Open With Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion. The conference will run from 19-23 October, and registration links are available on the ASSAf website.


Help teach DC ecology topics to tribal environmental professionals
Carpentries Community Member Sue McClatchy posted in The Carpentries discuss Topicbox searching for potential helpers and instructors to teach parts of the Data Carpentry Ecology R curriculum to tribal environmental professionals. The course will be part of a larger event held between Nov 4-12 in the Pacific time zone. For more information, please visit the thread on Topicbox.

Toolshed (Posts from our Past)

In December of 2019, we published a post thanking our community for supporting our outreach efforts. What we said then, holds true now, We appreciate the enthusiasm and creativity with which community members communicate in, about and in support of The Carpentries. Read the post here.

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