Carpentry Clippings, 29 May, 2019

Highlights from The Carpentries Community Calendar

The first European CarpentryConnect will be hosted by our member organisation Software Sustainability Institute in Manchester from 25 to 27 June 2019. Under the theme "Training Communities: Challenges & Opportunities in Europe", the conference will host multiple workshops, breakout, and skill-up sessions.  It will provide a great opportunity for the regional community members to connect with each other, and meet with a few members of The Carpentries team. Register soon to attend this conference!

Community News

The Carpentries Maintainers oversee the continuous improvement of our lessons through individual contributions by our volunteer community.. The Maintainers for 36 of The Carpentries lessons are preparing to publish them on Zenodo in June. You are welcome to contribute to your favorite lesson between now and 3 June 2019 as things get finalised for release. Several maintainers have created a “to-do” list that they’re actively seeking contributions for, so there’s a good entry point if you’re not sure where to start. Check this blog for more detail.

Committee and Task Force News

CarpentryCon 2020 TaskForce
The Task Force is still accepting bids for the CarpentryCon 2020 venue on this bid form. You can also contact the CarpentryCon 2020 Task Force directly by emailing

Workshop Administration Team
Canadian Regional Coordinators James DesJardins and John Simpson hosted a Community Call on Constructing the Carpentries Community in Canada. There were several participants and discussion on how to get involved across the Region. Find the recorded video on The Carpentries YouTube Channel.

Library Carpentry
Library Carpentry is excited to host the Mozilla-Library Carpentry Global Sprint on 30-31 May 2019. You can participate in the sprint by contributing to its lesson materials, developing Learner Profiles, or designing SQL Lesson episodes. If you don’t know where to start, the current issues and pull requests on Library Carpentry’s GitHub repository will help you get started.

Member Organisation Council
The next set of Member Organisation Council Meetings of 2019 will be taking place from 17 to 20 June. This meeting will provide a place for Member Organisations to discuss successes and challenges with each other, get updates from The Carpentries, and give feedback on current initiatives. Everyone representing a Member Organisation is encouraged to sign up to attend on this Etherpad.

Membership Team
The Carpentries Membership Team is very interested in hearing about the ways that Member Organisations are using their memberships and what additions and improvements could be worked on to help build and sustain local capacity for training. If you have been involved with membership at your organisation, we will be happy to hear your responses to these 10 questions and receive your feedback!

Executive Council
The Executive Council (EC) meeting in May was used to review the 2018 financial report and using the information contained therein to plan for our continued budget and long term strategy. As a part of that planning, EC will be creating a task force to design and implement a Sponsorship Program to allow other organisations an additional pathway to supporting our mission.  Read more in this blog post.

Instructor Development Team
Mentoring Groups are back! Applications are open from 24 May to 14 June. If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee, get in touch with the Instructor Development Committee Mentoring Chair  (email: For more information about Mentoring Groups, see the Mentoring section of our Handbook, and read this blog post by Tobin Magle and Marco Chiapello.

What you may have missed on the blog and mailing lists

Dr. Kari L. Jordan, the Senior Director of Equity and Assessment, delivered the opening keynote of csv,conf,v4, titled ‘Building Confidence, Achieving Equity: A Call to Action for Open Source Communities’. You can watch this wonderful talk on YouTube. She also led two Themed Discussions on 21 and 22 May on the topic ‘Diversity is our Goal. Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility are how we get there’. See this blog and recorded video if you missed these calls.

In our blogs, read about the recent community call on Carpentries activities in Australia, tips and tricks for teaching R, and an update from The Carpentries team on ongoing project work in the second quarter of 2019. On the Topicbox discuss channel, join interesting discussions like Plotting and programming with python vs programming with python and upcoming mentoring group.

Tweet of the Week


Community Job postings

Data Science Teaching Fellow, Imperial College London, London, UK
Research Computing Teaching Fellow, Imperial College London, London, UK
Expert in Biostatistics: Center for Statistical Data Analysis, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany

Toolshed (Posts from our Past)

The first community conference of The Carpentries, CarpentryCon 2018, was organised in the University College Dublin from 30 May to 1 June 2018. Attended by 125 international community members, this meeting was a unique opportunity for our community members  to meet each other in person, exchange skills, and build lasting collaborations. The conference led to a number of heartwarming tweets, blogs, personal accounts (e.g. African Task Force and Latin American attendees), YouTube videos, pictures, and regional CarpentryConnect events. Thank you everyone who participated, supported, and made this community event a success!

An iconic picture of the diverse Carpentries community members at CarpentryCon 2018 by Bérénice Batut

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