Carpentry Clippings, 8 January, 2020

A happy new year everyone! We hope that you had a great start to the year 2020. We look forward to hearing about and supporting the exciting projects that you are already working on, or plan to start, in The Carpentries community and beyond.

Highlights from The Carpentries Community Calendar

Our calendar for this month has already filled up with several online community meetings. If you took instructor training last year, remember to complete your check-out process by booking a slot for your community discussion and your teaching demonstration. Check out the community calendar for a discussion or teaching demonstration slot suitable to your timezone and sign up on this Etherpad for community discussions and this Etherpad for teaching demos.

The first Maintainers meeting of this year is taking place on 15 February at 3:00 pm UTC (your local time).

Community News

Search for the next Executive Director
On 1 January 2020, Dr. Kari L. Jordan officially transitioned to the role of Acting Executive Director. The Executive Council has retained Marcum LLP to conduct an international search for our next Executive Director. This search will involve feedback from staff, community, and other stakeholders. Karen Cranston, Amy Hodge, and Elizabeth Wickes will serve as the search committee. Our search for the new Executive Director for The Carpentries is now on. Submit your applications here, and help us share the opportunity widely.

Committee and Task Force News

Code of Conduct Committee
François Michonneau will serve as the staff liaison for the committee while Kari Jordan assumes the Acting Executive Director role. Karen Cranston is rotating off of the Executive Council (EC) in 2020, hence will no longer serve as an EC liaison. However, she will remain a member of this committee. The new liaison will be announced as soon as the new EC members take their positions.

Executive Council
Out of the 1248 ballots distributed to Voting Members, 419 ballots were cast (33.6% turnout). The four new candidates joined the Executive Council for two-year terms. The community-elected Members are Lex Nederbragt, a senior lecturer at the Institute of Biosciences, University of Oslo, Norway, and Paula Andrea Martinez, a training coordinator at the National Imaging Facility in Australia. Council-elected Members are Cedric Chambers, founder and CEO of JUMP Recruits in the United States, and Konrad Förstner, a Professor for Information Literacy at the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences and Head of Information Services at ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences in Germany. Thanks to the outgoing Executive Council members – Karen Cranston, Kate Hertweck, Raniere Silva and to the entire Carpentries community for standing for election, recommending candidates, and submitting ballots! More details are available in this blog post.

CarpentryCon 2020 Task Force
Have any ideas for t-shirt designs ahead of this year's CarpentryCon? Submit them under this GitHub issue by January 20, 2020. You are also welcome to upvote existing submissions that you like in the GitHub issue.

CarpentryCon is offering a participant stipend to community members to facilitate their attendance and participation at the conference in Madison between June 29 and July 1 2020. These stipends are aimed at, but not limited to postgraduate students, early-career researchers and academics who are unable to fully meet conference expenses through other funding means. Interested applicants should submit their applications for consideration by January 21 2020. Details on how to apply are available in this blog post.

CarpentryCon Task Force is keen on putting together an inclusive conference for our community.Please help us improve your experience by letting know what your needs are.Do you need childcare? Do you have dietary restrictions? Do you have concerns about accessibility? Please fill his form and let us know.

What you may have missed on the blog and mailing lists

December 2019 was #GreenStickies month in The Carpentries and lots of gratitude was expressed by our community members and various stakeholders via blog posts. In case you missed The Carpentries Gratitudes series, read and share these blog posts: gratitude and the mission of fiscal sponsorship, gratitude for our fiscal sponsor Community Initiatives, Member Organisations and Champions, the growing trainers’ community, regional coordinators, lesson maintainers, instructors and helpersThe Carpentries Instructors in Africa,  gratitude from the infrastructure team, and more.  Last but not least, here is a blog post by the Executive Council thanking The Carpentries Staff and our previous Executive Director Tracy Teal for their relentless work and unwavering support to the community.

Tweet of the Week

Community Job postings

Astronomy Curriculum for Data Carpentry, The Carpentries (guided by The Astronomy Curriculum Development Committee (ACDC)), remote. Other previously announced job openings in The Carpentries are listed online at


Applications open for The Turing Way Book Dash: 20-21 February 2020
The Turing Way is hosting its first Book Dash of 2020 on 20 and 21 February 2020. Send your application by completing a short online form. It is an in-person collaborative event on “how to data science” resource development, where you will work with others to add to and improve the Turing Way book. The event will start on the evening of 20 February 2020 followed by the official dinner. The complete day of 21 February 2020 will be dedicated to the project content development. The skills and contributions may include, but are not limited to: science communication - skills in writing, editing and/or exciting interactive communications, great examples and case studies of reproducible research, writing new chapters, editing the current chapters and updating how the book looks online (CSS, logos, layout etc). You can read a step by step guide for the application on this Twitter thread.

Call For Proposals is Open for
csv,conf is a community conference for data makers that features stories about data sharing and data analysis from science, journalism, government, and open source. Conference discussions transcend spreadsheets, and include broader topics like advancing the art of data collaboration- from putting your data on GitHub, to producing meaningful insight by running large scale distributed processing on a cluster. The 5th edition of this conference will be held in Washington DC on May 13-14, 2020. Submit your session proposals by February 7 2020.

Toolshed (Posts from our Past)

The last Executive Council election took place in December 2018. Out of the 981 ballots distributed to Voting Members, 247 ballots were cast (25% turnout). The members of the Executive Council, Karen Cranston, Karen Cranston, Lex Nederbragt and Raniere Silva were joined by community-elected Members: Amy Hodge and Elizabeth Wickes, and council-elected members: Mesfin Diro Chaka, Juan Steyn, and Joslynn Lee. The outgoing members were Ethan White, Mateusz Kuzak, and Sue McClatchy. Read the details in this post.
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