Carpentry Clippings, 15 August 2017


Highlights from the Software and Data Carpentry Community Calendar

Announcing the Merger

It’s now official - Software and Data Carpentry are merging into a single organisation. Both Steering Committees recently approved four motions about how the merged organisation will work. Missed the announcement? Read it here.

Instructor Training Curriculum Updated

The new release of the Software and Data Carpentry Instructor Training curriculum will be published by the end of August. To get the material ready, an Issue Bonanza was held in July to identify bugs and issues which were fixed during a Bug BBQ over 3/4 August. Thanks to the more than twenty people who took part in the 24-hour session. Read more.

Another Work Cycle Wraps up

Staff completed work on Cycle Phobos at the end of July. During this cycle, Kari Jordan released some of her work on assessment, the Data Carpentry Genomics lesson was updated, and a new cohort of instructor trainers began their training. Read more about what we accomplished in this cycle.

Data Carpentry at the University of Venda

Ivo Arrey wrote a post about a Data Carpentry ecology workshop at Venda. Workshop attendees brought their own data to day three, and have now created the Univen Study Group to help them integrate the skills learned at the workshop into their daily research practice.

Subcommittee Activity


Both instructor discussion and demo teaching sessions have been very busy as scores of new instructor trainees complete their checkout. If you are having trouble signing up for instructor discussions, please let the mentoring committee know so we can schedule additional sessions. 



Carpentry Champions Call
To share ideas about community building strategies, Jonah Duckles and Belinda Weaver are hosting a Carpentry Champions call at 8pm UTC on 22 August. Check the local date and time in your location. You can sign up for the call on the etherpad, which will provide a list of talking points and all the connection details.

CarpentryCon Call

CarpentryCon plans and planning are the topic of the next Community Call on 17 August. Join us to find out what’s in the works for this event.

Kari at JupyterCon

Dr Kari Jordan is speaking at JupyterCon in New York, August 23–25, 2017. She will discuss how training has the potential to improve diversity and drive usage of Jupyter notebooks in broader communities.

We Don’t Want to Lose You

Have you changed jobs? Changed your email address? Please let us know. We don’t want to lose touch with you. You can use the form to update your other details too, e.g. what lessons you can teach.

What you may have missed on the blog and mailing lists


Kari Jordan reflects on her first year at Data Carpentry, where she credits our community for the help they gave her in developing the data science toolkit, most especially around R, that she used in her work on assessment. Kari is keen to have interested people join her assessment network, so feel free to join the group or tweet your thoughts to @drkariljordan.

Jupyter + Docker + AWS

Titus Brown’s contribution on using Jupyter Notebooks on AWS to support tutorials sparked some positive comments.

Papers & manuscripts from the community

Unrealized Impact: The Case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion A study of staff experience, workplace practices, and demographics across the education sector.

Bioinformatics Core Competencies in Undergrad Education Results of a survey of life sciences faculty in the United States about teaching bioinformatics to undergraduate life scientists.

Community Job Postings


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