Carpentry Clippings, 30 January, 2018 


Highlights from the Software and Data Carpentry Community Calendar


Change of Fiscal Sponsor for the Carpentries

Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry have combined their separate projects into a new project, now known as The Carpentries. As part of this transition, Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry are moving from Fiscally Sponsored Projects with NumFOCUS to The Carpentries with Community Initiatives, whose fiscal sponsorship administration services are better aligned with our emerging needs. The Carpentries will continue to participate in the NumFOCUS Community as a new member of the NumFOCUS Community Alliance. Read more.

Seeking Your Help

We would like our community’s help in finding sponsors to support our inaugural CarpentryCon, which will take place from 30 May - 1 June, 2018 at University College Dublin. Please consider advocating for CarpentryCon 2018 sponsorship within your organization. Read more. If you would prefer us to make the approach, please email Belinda the contact details of the person to be approached, and we will take it from there.


Community News

Webinar with Dr. Rochelle Tractenberg

There are still spaces left for our Webinar with Dr. Rochelle Tractenberg, which will take place on Friday, 2 February at 7pm UTC.  Ýou can check the time in your zone.  Dr. Tractenberg will speak on ‘Train the Trainer vs Train the User: Making short term training work (in spite of what cognitive psychology says)’. This webinar was organized as a follow-up to our discussion about the “Null effects of bootcamps” paper. Register to attend here, or read more about the event. The webinar will be recorded and we will post details of how to access the recording after the webinar has taken place.

Poster Competition About to Close!

Entries close on 31 January for the CarpentryCon promotional poster competition. This is your chance to win free registration to CarpentryCon 2018 in Dublin in May. You will also win some great swag. Entries need to address the conference theme of “Building Locally, Connecting Globally”.

Date Claimer for Next Carpentry Champions call

Find some ‘recipes’ for building strong local communities on the next Carpentry Champions call at 8pm UTC on 14 February, 2018. Carpentry Champions discuss strategies for creating, maintaining and strengthening local communities. The next call will showcase the fledgling Carpentries Community Cookbook and discuss ways to add to and maintain it. Meet other Champions on the call. Check the time and date in your zone. Sign up for the call on this etherpad.

Our Maintainer Team is growing!

We now have fifteen new lesson maintainers on board. A big welcome and thank you to these new volunteers. Each new Maintainer has completed a three-week ‘onboarding’, but might need a hand as they find their feet in what can be a complex role. Please help out if any of your new teammates run into snags. There will be a new round of Maintainer onboarding in March. Contact Erin Becker if you would like to apply to join the training.

Subcommittee Activity


CarpentryCon - Latest News

CarpentryCon organization has moved into a higher gear as we approach potential sponsors, build the program, and finalise Dublin accommodation options. We have three keynote speakers locked in so far - Anelda van der Walt (our 2017 Community Service Award winner), Greg Wilson, (founder of Software Carpentry) and Professor Desmond Higgins. Tickets will be on sale next week. Watch our Twitter and Facebook feeds for announcements, or sign up for the CarpentryCon email list. We are looking for volunteers to help with the website (email Belinda)  and with event organization, both now and in Dublin (email SherAaron to volunteer).

Mentoring Showcase

The Carpentries' community is invited to participate in a Virtual Showcase of our mentoring groups' projects on 6 February at 14:00 and 23:00 UTC. Each group will present one slide outlining something cool they learned or completed with their mentoring group. Be inspired by the projects of your global community members! Sign up to attend!


What you may have missed on the blog and mailing lists

Nathan Moore started a thread on the Discuss list about the book Beartown which lead to a friendly discussion about our Code of Conduct. Taking over a learner’s keyboard got another run, this time started by Peter Hoyt. People might also be interested in the earlier thread. Dena Strong wrote a post about teaching an alternate Git lesson that makes more use of GitHub. Mike Jackson suggested a comparative version control exercise.

Javier Garcia Algarra wrote a summary of teaching Python to high school students, while Laura Fortunato reported back on her earlier ‘core concepts for novices in 30 minutes’ thread.  

Nathan Moore raised a question about the status of Library Carpentry and how people might request workshops. More on that soon.

On the Maintainers list, these has been a lot of discussion about proposed changes to our Instructor checkout procedure. Feel free to add your own thoughts to the thread.

Papers & manuscripts from the community

Community Job postings

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