Carpentry Clippings, 24 October, 2018

Highlights from The Carpentries Community Calendar

Mentoring Groups Virtual Showcase
Our Mentoring Groups will be presenting Virtual Showcases to share the work they’ve done to support and welcome new instructors to the Carpentries community.  Join one of the upcoming calls to hear about what they’ve been up to!

Social Science Onboarding
We started our first round of lesson-specific Instructor onboarding in September to prepare Instructors to teach the newly released Data Carpentry Geospatial curriculum. We are now offering five one-hour onboarding sessions in October for our Social Science lessons. Sign up on this pad. A recorded onboarding will be made available after 9 November for Instructors unable to join a live session.

Member Organization Council Meetings
Community representatives from our institutional member sites will be meeting this week to discuss membership and community building. These Member Council meetings will be held at five different times over the week. Join us for updates about our membership program and to connect with other member site representatives!

Community News

The Carpentries Annual Report
We are excited to share that we have published the first Annual Report for The Carpentries.  In this document, we take a long look back from the inception of Software Carpentry in 1998 to our current configuration as a unified Carpentries. We look back on some highlights from 2018, and look ahead at our plans for 2019. We also provide an overview of our financials.

Library Carpentry Sprint
Library Carpentry, partnering with the Australian Research Data Commons, Research Data Alliance Libraries for Research Data Interest Group, FOSTER Open Science and others, has launched a Top 10 FAIR Data Things Sprint which will take place 29-30 November around the world. The goal of the Sprint is to develop Top 10 FAIR Data Things resources by research disciplines and/or themes. See the announcement for more details and to learn how you can get involved!

The Carpentries Community Service Award
We are accepting nominations for the 2018 Community Service Award. Read more in this blog post, and use this form to nominate someone to be recognized for their extraordinary contributions to The Carpentries. Nominations will be accepted until 19 November, 2018 (anywhere on Earth).

Library Carpentry as a Lesson Program
The Carpentries announced a draft lesson program policy and roadmap for lesson programs. Library Carpentry has met all of the conditions outlined in the draft roadmap and has soft launched a Carpentries-templated website for community feedback. The website represents one of the final steps for Library Carpentry to become a full fledged lesson program. 

The Library Carpentry Governance Group recently met to finalize the Carpentries-template website and to discuss participation in the wider governance of The Carpentries following the incubation phase. The Library Carpentry Curriculum Advisory Committee is preparing to onboard new and current Maintainers to its lessons following a recent call for Maintainers.

Committee and Task Force News

Lesson Maintainers
The Maintainers group met to talk about branding workshops under different Carpentries lesson programs. They also discussed Software Carpentry’s Git lessons, specifically using Git both from the command line and in GitHub. Lastly, they continued the discussion about expanding Software Carpentry’s Spanish language lessons.  Read more and check out upcoming meetings here.

What you may have missed on the blog and mailing lists

A lively conversation started on the Discuss list about what it means to call our instructional approach “live coding.”  Another conversation discussed how we can scale up training at universities. We blogged about the value of using Etherpads as a teaching tool.

Tweet of the Week

Community Job postings

Assistant Professor in Data Science, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, United States
AI Now Institute, New York University, New York, NY, United States
Research Computing Program Coordinator, Columbia University, New York, NY, United States
Outreach Scientist, Code Ocean, New York, NY, United States


In September 2018, Carpentries Instructors Kunal Marwaha and Kevin Vilbig taught a Software Carpentry workshop at the University of Virgin Islands. Read more about how they managed slow internet, co-teaching from two different islands, and incorporating JupyterHub into their lessons.

Toolshed (Posts from our Past)

Your Favourite Tools
About a year ago, we reached out to all of you to share blog posts describing your favourite tools. Community members shared the value they found in specific tools like R, IPython, GitHub, Open Refine, as well as broader concepts like videoconferencing and asking for help.

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