'Your weekly dose of creativity' | Renewal #5

Renewal #5

No one know what they are doing
Hey friends,

I’m currently in the middle of a study session for my finals, but I wanted to share a few thoughts that have stuck with me in the last few weeks...
We all create our own reality

Have you ever been in a library or a coffee shop planning to work only to notice that everyone seem to be working around... except you? Whether it’s at your job, your school, sometimes even in your family, everyone seem to be have everything figured out, all of their shit together. Everyone but you. But why is that?

We all create our own reality and we project it onto people while they do the same in reverse. We see ourselves as lazy, stupid, because we are not doing as much as the next one but in reality,
nobody actually know what they are doing. People are just trying and messing around, sometimes boasting fake confidence, but nobody has it all figured out yet (even if they pretend to).

So you’re not late, you’re not less hard-working or smart than anyone. What seems futile for you probably seems awesome to others. Always remember that you live in your own reality, and you have way more creative power over it than you think.

— What I learned this week
📖  What I'm reading : "Show your work" by Austin Kleon • Although it's very short, this book is just a gem for creatives and people wanting to grow in their field. Highly recommend you to read it!
🎧  What I'm listening to : "The Imposter Syndrome" • Very relatable podcast and on point with today's topic. The hosts share some tips to stop feeling like you're an imposter.
— What I created for you this week
Here's what I created for you lately.
My story with creativity
I always thought I wasn't creative, I could never an artist or create lasting change in the world. Here is how I fought through it.
What is it all for?
Whatever is your craft, whatever you do for a living or for entertainment, I have one question for you today: what is it all for?

Once again thank you a lot for reading, I appreciate it very much! In case no one told you yet today, you rock 🤟
I wish you all to have a great sunday and a beautiful week. Good luck for the upcoming finals and end-of-the-year craziness. See you next week !
Mathieu Céraline.
Mathieu Céraline
Park Avenue
Montréal, Québec H2V4J1

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