'Your weekly dose of creativity' | Renewal #12

Renewal #12

Remember when we were kids?
Hey readers,

I hope you are okay and spent a great week. Just before I start today’s issue, I want to thank you all for reading me, weeks after weeks, both on the blog and here.  I try to keep this newsletter as close to my life as possible. What I talk about here are things I personally went through, thought or experienced; and when Sunday comes, I’m the happiest to be able to share them with you, only hoping that some of you can resonate with them and find some peace.

And, in these last few days, I’ve been wondering...

What is it all for?
Why are we running all the time, wanting to please people, make more money, feel more validated? Days after days we are lured into trading our happiness, our joy for fake promises of better days. For years, I thought that if I ran faster, thought better, learned more then I would be setting myself well for the future... only to realize that I could have just chosen to be happy this whole time.

As a wise friend told me no further than yesterday: today is our greatest gift and tomorrow is not promised. In the last moments of our life, will we really care about all the little things that worry and stress us today? Will it really matter if in 2020 we failed a test or didn’t meet the expectations of that friend or that teacher who probably doesn’t even remember us?

Today is a gift and.. of course we should strive and try to be the best version of ourselves, but we also need to remember our own values. What’s the point of sacrificing our health and happiness today for things we won’t care about tomorrow?
— What I learned this week
🎧  What I'm listening to • "Experience" by Ludovico Einaudi. If you listen, I promise you'll understand why I love this song so much.
📱  One App I'm loving: Readwise • If you're a reader, then you'll love Readwise also. Basically, the app syncs all of your highlights/favorite quotes from e-books and physical books, articles and more, and resurface them for you everyday in a mail.
— What I created for you this week
Not just one, but two new posts for you this week!
Why you should build your own blog
Welcome to this new series when I'll be exploring the ins and outs of becoming a blogger!
How to study when you can't focus
If you often want to study but find yourself distracted, this post is for you.
Alright, that's all for me this week! Thank you once more for reading. If you find some value in this issue, don't hesitate to recommend it to your friends! They can subscribe here.
See you next week,
Mathieu Céraline.
Mathieu Céraline
Park Avenue
Montréal, Québec H2V4J1

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