Congratulations, it is International Women's Day and WICGE is turning 1!!

One year ago we launched this international network for Women in Coastal Geosciences and Engineering. It was an amazing day where we felt empowered to positively change things for women in our disciplines (read about the launch here). Since then, we have worked hard but there is still a lot to be done. We have lots of ideas and initiatives but have only been able scratch the surface. We have made some important steps towards gender equity in our discipline. We, the WICGE committee, feel that it is important that we each dedicate some of our valued time to create change. We are convinced that, step by step, we are changing the world, and every small step helps future generations to have a work environment where we are all valued and treated equally.
Thank you for your support! :)
What have we done in this year?
  • We have increased the number of WICGE members to 309!
  • We have raised awareness; several conferences have included in their programs a WICGE event and even WICGE awards. For example, EGU and Coasts and Ports.
  • We have gathered and impressive amount of data and are working on a paper to determine the state and reasons for gender inequity is in our discipline. This will be used in the future to compare with the improvements that for sure we will have.
  • We now have a more complete website; it is still ongoing work so please do let us know if you can volunteer some time.
  • We have been trying to raise funds to create scholarships and monetary awards for women. It is important to acknowledge that up until now, all expenses: web domain, software licenses and other events have been completely funded by committee members.
  • The members of the committee have started a regular blogging schedule where we all will share our thoughts and experiences. Some examples of blogs are here and here, but please do follow our page so you can receive updates.
  • We have active Twitter and, more recently, Facebook pages with growing followers (are you following us? Please do!).
What next?
  • We need to continue raising funds to create scholarships and monetary awards for women and to support women participation in research events- if you have any ideas, please contact a member of the committee.
  • We need to continue raising awareness, please contact us if you come across a coastal geosciences and engineering event where you feel that women are not adequately represented.
  • We need to create a mentoring program where more experience women can help the future generations of coastal scientists and engineers. Do you think that you need some mentoring? Or do you think that you could be a mentor? Please get back to us with your ideas about how to do this.
  • We need you. We need your help and support and we need your ideas. We need you to help us spread the word.
  • Do you have a story to share? Please write a blog post and send it to one of the committee members, you can remain anonymous if you wish. While we try to emphasise stories with a positive outcome, we also think that it is necessary to once in a while have a good rant!
  • Share interesting links and stories with us via our Twitter and Facebook pages.
This photo, from last year's launch, is a reminder of what we can do locally to achieve things globally. Please feel free to organise a local WICGE chapter- just speak with the committee first so we can put you in touch with other members in your area!
Our mailing address is:
Women in Coastal Geosciences and Engineering
School of Geosciences F09, The University of Sydney
Sydney, NSW 2006

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