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Sustainability at UC

February 2017

We are excited to debut Sustainability at UC, a monthly publication curated by the UCOP Sustainability Team. We’ve had a three year hiatus in sending out regular UC Sustainability news summaries, and we’re excited to be able to resume such summaries on a pilot basis in a new format. This newsletter aims to give you the latest updates and news in campus sustainability and sustainability education and research across the University of California.

Please give us your feedback on this pilot re-launch and send us news items from your campus that should be included in future issues. Feedback and suggestions can be emailed to Please also let us know who else should receive this newsletter.

-Hilary, Janika, Matt and Robbie

Campus Sustainability Highlights

Bending the Curve: UC as a Living Laboratory for Climate Solutions

Fifty UC faculty from all ten campuses and multiple disciplines came together to publish “Bending the Curve: Ten scalable solutions for carbon neutrality and climate stability.” Chapter 2 in the report chronicles how the UC system has made itself a model for climate solutions through a Carbon Neutrality Initiative.

UC Chosen as Regional Center for Sustainability Curriculum

AASHE named UC as one of 13 higher education institutions to serve as a regional Center for Sustainability Across the Curriculum. UC will partner with AASHE to offer workshops and other professional development opportunities on sustainability in the curriculum.

The Conference of the Future

Is it possible to eliminate emissions related to conference travel? A novel conference at UCSB thinks so.

In a national first, UC Irvine injects renewable hydrogen into campus power supply

UC Irvine engineers successfully implemented the first power-to-gas hydrogen pipeline injection project in the US, demonstrating the use of excess clean electricity that would otherwise go to waste.

Profile - Reducing Waste in the OR with Dr. Corinna Zygourakis

This UCSF resident physician combined her expertise in medical care with a passion for sustainability to lead OR waste minimization practices that significantly reduced both waste and costs.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

CHESC Call for Proposals

Proposals are due February 10th at 5pm (see link above). The conference takes place June 26-29th at UCSB.

AASHE Call for Proposals

Want to present at the conference? Proposals are due February 13th. The conference takes place in San Antonio from October 15th-18th.

BERC Energy Summit

February 23-24, UC Berkeley. In its 11th year, this is the premier and largest student-run energy conference on the West Coast.

CHESC Best Practice Awards Nominations

Nominations for this year's Best Practice Awards are due February 28th at 6pm.