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Your Child’s Spiritual Walk

Greg & LynnOne of the greatest concerns for most parents who contact us is for their child's spiritual walk. The good news is that parents can have an amazing impact on their LGBTQ+ child's spiritual life.

When your child discovered they were LGBTQ+, it probably challenged their spiritual life in ways it had never been tested before. They have had to go back and question what they know about Jesus, the Bible, and the church. Remember your children have questions because they have had hard and hurtful experiences. Many LGBTQ+ individuals hear Christian people say, "God hates you, and you are going to hell," because their same-sex attraction and/or gender identity is something other than straight. Too often, the church or individuals have hurt them in some way that has them questioning their faith.

Satan would love nothing more than to have your child turn away from the God who created them in his image and who knew everything about them before they were even born. Satan knows that if he can get a person to believe that God doesn't care about them, eventually, in the absence of hope, desperation and depression occur. Your child becomes vulnerable to self-harm and suicide. But that hopelessness is a lie.

Tim KellerYour child needs to know that they are loved and known not just by you but also by God, and nothing will ever change that. As Pastor and author Timothy Keller says, “To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial. To be known and not loved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known and truly loved is, well, a lot like being loved by God.


Upcoming Events

Greg & Lynn Teaching

Greg and Lynn will be speaking at the Parents in Process event on Thursday, October 28th, 2021. If you're a Christian parent who has an LGBTQ+ child and lots of questions, this event is for you. Are you wrestling with what it means to honor God, and continue to love and embrace your child after they've come out? If so, you are not alone on this journey. The Reformation Project is offering Parents in Process for parents just like you during their annual conference scheduled for October 28–30, 2021.

At the conference, you will hear from inspiring keynotes Christian leaders like Jen Hatmaker and, of course, the Reformation Project’s founder Matthew Vines. This year’s conference will take place at the Crowne Plaza Phoenix-Chandler Golf Resort in Arizona.


This Month’s Favorite Quote

“It is my practice to try to understand how valuable something is by trying to imagine myself without it”

Co-founder of Southwest Airlines

Herb Kelleher’s quote has such incredible application in any number of areas in life, and especially so as it pertains to loving our LGBTQ+ children. We encounter to many Christian families that ran their child off through the judgment and condemnation of the child. And after they no longer have a relationship with their child, they would give anything to have a relationship again.

Team Spotlight

Kieran King

Care Team Coach and Small Group Leader

Kieran KingKieran is the fortunate mother of two teenage sons, one of whom is gay. She has been volunteering with various not-for-profit organizations throughout the years to support multiple social and Christian causes. Embracing the Journey was so blessed in 2020 when Kieran joined our Care Team as an extension of her life-long commitment to support inclusion in all forms. Kieran does one-on-one coaching with parents who have LGB children and leads an Embracing the Journey parent support group. Kieran’s heart of compassion and her knowledge and personal learnings acquired from her own journey make her a fabulous resource for hurting Christian parents with LGB children. Kieran says it best when she says, “I am so very grateful for the opportunity to minister to these parents; I get to meet the most amazing people.”

To feed her two teenage sons, Kieran also serves as Chief Customer Officer at Talkdesk, a cloud-based customer experience software leader. Kieran also founded Statera Insights, which promotes global gender balance by sponsoring women in go-to-market and talent-based projects.

Nice Things People Say

  • “Thanks, we feel such love and kindred spirits we could not have made it through the last 9 months without you and your support.”
  • “Real. Practical. Hopeful. Those are the words that describe the support provided through Embracing the Journey.”
  • “I am needing this encouragement in my life right now. Thank you for being so honest. I can apply your words in every situation of my life.”
  • “Meeting the McDonalds and other parents of LGBTQ children, our fears were extinguished that evening with their gracious hearts and loving attitudes. We were tenderly welcomed and knew we were in a safe place where we would be able to share our thoughts, feelings and ask the tough questions.”

Don’t go it alone. Our Care Team is here for you.

Consider Partnering With Us

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Until next month,
Your friends, Greg and Lynn

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