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May 2017   Newsletter



President's Message

Hello again Ladies of Rocky Mountain Hi. As you can see from the attention grabber above, our meeting date has been changed from the third Monday night of the month to the fourth Monday night, for May only. This is due to the scheduling of the SDP Conference and Annual Meeting, May 15 to 20 in Dayton Beach.  Except for this one change, we will be back to our normal schedule for the remainder of the year. I am hoping this change does not cause an inconvenience for you and I hope to see you on the 22nd.
To bring you up-to-date about our current (and hopefully enduring) Philanthropic Endeavor.......the classes we are holding for the Brain Injury Alliance clients is going beautifully! The students LOVE their paintings and are incredibly appreciative of the opportunity we are giving them. Thank you to Linda Bierman, Ginny Sparlin, Verlene Siska, Lisa Kresge and Nancy Glassman for their generosity and loving spirit in working with the BIAC students in April. We have currently entered the students' work into an Art Show in Colorado Springs and will also be displaying their work at a fund raiser in Denver in October. I will be passing around a 'sign-up' sheet at the meeting for anyone who would like to come to the classes and help out. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 10 to 11:30. at the BIAC offices, 1325 So. Colorado Blvd., Suite B300.

Thanks to Nancy Glassman, Lisa Lewis, Ginny Sparlin, Pat Greene and Melinda Barnes for acting a our Ambassadors at the Bead Show. Our table was a plethora of beautifully painted items and the ladies 'did us proud' with their demos and conversations with the attendees. You gals are the BEST!

Our Elissa McAlear is presently recovering from a knee replacement, so I want to take this opportunity to send a "Get Well Soon" to her and to remind you all to be painting for the Annual Art Show in September. It is always inspiring to see all the exquisite painting our members have done over the past year.

Love you all.
Marilyn Corners, MDA

President/Newsletter Editor
Marilyn Corners, MDA
Rocky Mountain Hi Chapter
1st Vice President-Programs Report
Hi Everyone,
The May 22 Both these ladies are amazingly talented artists and you can learn a lot from them. Hope to see you all there!! with your smile.

RMHi Meeting (note day change) is going to be a lot of fun and definitely interesting to all. Our friends and past members, Jeanne Downing and Patsy Schultis will be here to demonstrate for us. All you need to bring is a notebook and pen and of course
The June 19th RMHi Meeting will be an evening of STILL LIFE DRAWING. You'll need to bring a couple of pencils (if you draw and have drawing pencils bring them, otherwise a couple of  #2 pencils should get you through). Also bring a good eraser and a pencil sharpener. We'll provide the paper, and still life objects. We'll try to have one teacher at each table to coax you along, so fear not! This will be fun.

See you all soon,

Ginny Sparlin, V.P. Questions? call me 303-693-0771
First Vice President-Programs Report
Travel Teacher Seminar Report
Chris Thornton

One seat for Chris' August seminar has become available for Saturday!  There are a few seats available on Sunday.    Reminder... the dates are Saturday and Sunday August 19 and 20 this year.  We are co-sponsoring with the High Plains Chapter and class will be held at the Littleton School Administration Building so the facility is wonderful.  We will have 4 projects in 2 days.  Delta paints and mediums will be provided for us by Plaid Enterprises... even the paints for prepping your piece.  The paint has been delivered and I will let you know when it is available for you to pick up at our meeting.
If you are interested in this seminar don't hesitate to contact me.
The project photos are on our website under Seminars in the menu.  I will also have color photos with me at our next meeting.
Travel Teacher Seminar Chair

Tole Chatter
Hello Everyone,
Some of us are getting ready to go to Daytona Beach for conference... I wished you could ALL go and enjoy this experience!  Our Miss Ginny is running for Board-Member-at-Large... keep your fingers crossed she is elected!  I think she will be elected, don't you?
Jamie Mills-Price has a new book out and as always it is adorable.  Her snowmen faces are absolutely the best in our industry.  The new book is "Christmastime 8" with many adorable snowmen, gingerbread people, bears and a penguin wrapped up in a snowman suit!  I always smile when I look at her designs.  Jamie's website is always fun to visit.  There are all her new designs and books.  You will also find free patterns and several videos showing you how to paint her techniques.
Artist's Club has a new book out called "Fall and Frost" with designs by Deb Antonick, Holly Hanley and Debbie Cotton.  You guessed it, designs for fall and winter.  *grin*   My favorite is a haunted house for Halloween.
The Brush Guys:  If you need to order paint brushes online here is a good website.  They have several name brands to choose from and offer a sale occasionally.  You can sign up for their newsletter to be notified of their sales.  Their newsletters aren't sent out that often so they won't clutter your mailbox.
Loew Cornell was sold to a company that won't be producing the paint brushes we have loved for so many years.  If you have a favorite LC brush you had better buy it soon before they are gone.  The Brush Guys' website does carry some of the LC brushes.
TIP:  I read somewhere you can put a colored pencil with broken "lead" in the microwave to repair it.  I can't recall the details, but we all know we shouldn't put the pencil in the microwave for very long at a time.  Hmmm.... I decided to Google this and it is not advised to do this!  The metallic lettering can cause a spark so do this at your own risk.  Yikes!  The website I found has a lot of good information on how to sharpen your pencils with many different types of sharpeners.  If you don't read the article on the website the best tip was to lay a pencil in a warm sunny spot for a few minutes to soften the lead and that may help to repair the broken lead
Here is a very informative website comparing the different brand of colored pencils you might find interesting.
The National Museum of Decorative Painting is still offering all their tote bags on sale.  The bags are beautiful and you can't have too many totes can you. These bags would make inexpensive gifts.
Color:  Artists invented the first pigments 40,000 years ago!  They used a combination of chalk, burnt charcoal, soil and animal fat to create a palette of five colors...  brown, red, yellow, black and white.  How lucky we are not to do this!  
Isaac Newton discovered violet in 1370.  He formulated the concept of viewing objects having different shades and hues.
Orange was named after the fruit.
Pink... grace, elegance, sweetness and romance.
Dark pink roses are symbolic of appreciation and gratitude and a traditional thank you.
Light pink roses are associated with admiration and gentleness.  Used as an expression of sympathy.
That is all the news for this month.  See you at our meeting May 22nd!  Note we are meeting a week later than usual. 
Be sure and check our website for the most recent information concerning chapter meetings and events. Chris Thornton-Deason's project photos online for you to view.
Hospitality Report-Verlene Siska
Thank-you Iris, Deb and Catherine for providing refreshments at our April meeting. They were delicious, generous and much appreciated. Char Bucher, Karon Sorenson and Lisa Lewis will be bringing treats to our May meeting. Thank you, Ladies!
Way and Means-Verlene Siska
Our 2018 calendars are here and will be for sale at the May meeting. They are $15 each.  Originally the printer made 2017 calendars rather than 2018.  So, while supplies last, when you receive your 2018 calendar you will also receive as 2017 calendar at no additional charge.  How great is that!

Randy Hale generously donated one of the paintings he demonstrated at our April 15th workshop, to us for a door prize drawing.  We will be selling tickets for $1 each or six for $5 from now until the drawing, which will be at our November Ornament Exchange/Potluck Meeting. The painting is beautiful! You will want to purchase several chances, (just sayin’). 
2nd Vice President-Membership Report
As of May 2, 2017 we have 39 members.  Kat Beasley, a friend of L. Bierman’s, is our newest member.  Please join me in welcoming her to our chapter.  Please continue to spread the word about our chapter and refer anyone interested to our website where a Membership Application can be downloaded, printed and completed for submission.  Also, I’m happy to send an email to anyone interested with the application attached, which provides the address for you to send your $20 (Local Chapter annual dues).

Society of Decorative Painters annual dues ($50) must be sent directly to National at their new address:  Society of Decorative Painters (SDP), 1220 East First Street, Wichita, KS 67214.  You can also contact SDP by phone at (316) 269-9300 ext. 101 or go to their website: or email to

Should you have any questions regarding Membership please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer.

Thanks to Elissa for covering membership while I’m traveling in May, it’s so appreciated!
Sherry Flowers
2nd VP – Membership
(303) 791-3189 (home)
(303) 725-7912 (cell)

President/Newsletter Editor
Marilyn Corners, MDA

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