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June 2020 Newsletter

Please note: you will be receiving a separate email this month from Verlene Siska (not in mail chimp) showing what our members have been up to  in the last few months. We will also meet via Zoom June 15th. Details under program report.
President's Message - Lisa Lewis

I owe a debt of gratitude to Nancy Glassman for stepping into my shoes this month and forging ahead with new communication during my husband’s recent successful surgery and his care before and after.  All is very well I am happy to report and for the first time in almost 11 months, I can see a return to a form of normalcy on the near horizon.

It has been very difficult to determine how to function socially during this time of pandemic. We all have varying levels of comfort and it has been my desire from the beginning to respect this disease and respect the uncertainties it has wrought. More than anything, I miss the chance to see you all and share our stories and artwork.

Thank you for being the people you are, dedicated and eager artists. Thank you to those who are endeavoring to restart classes remotely. Thank you everyone for your patience as we discover what it means to be in an uncertain world with as many viewpoints as there are people. As we gradually figure out new ways to come together, may you discover the new ways in which you can be touched by beautiful moments in these overwhelming times.
Vice President - Ginny Sparlin

Hi All,
This is for all you ladies who've been members awhile. I got a call from someone a few of our longtime members hopefully will remember. Jean Compton called me out of the blue, we talked for quite awhile, just like old times. She said since her husband passed away she's had to move, and is in a senior living community. She said her feet started giving her trouble a while back and she's had to have her left foot amputated, but she learning to walk on a temporary prosthesis till she gets her permanent one. Jean says she's looking into getting back into painting, fabric painting at this time. Sounds like she may be interested in reconnecting with us and maybe re joining the chapter. If you knew her when she was a member, I wish you'd consider giving her a
call. Her number is: 720-335-3790. It seems her new residence has been in lock down since the whole covid 19 thing, and evidently anyone living there can leave, but when they return they're required to self quarantine for 14 days. She said she's not going anyplace at this time. I told her when we are able to have meetings again, she should come to a meeting and get re acquainted with the group.

Program Report - Mary Steingesser

Nancy G. mentioned that we’ll have a Zoom meeting on Monday, June 15th at 7pm.  Zoom is software that will run on smartphones, iPads, and computers.  On a smartphone or an iPad, go to the App Store and download Zoom.  For a computer, go to the website “” to check it out.  You won’t hurt anything if you want to create your own free meeting to go into to check out the controls and such.  You can also call Marilyn (303-249-1009?) or Mary (703-728-9253) if you need help.

For our meeting, here is the invitation from Zoom:  

Mary Steingesser is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: RMHi Chapter Meeting
Time: Jun 15, 2020 07:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 868 5395 3189
Password: 000601

Click on the link to attend the meeting.  I’ll have the room open at 6:30pm in case anyone wants to check it out early.  When you first go into a meeting, it’ll ask if you want video and you should say yes.  It’ll ask to use your device audio or something else - say you want to use your device audio.  The host will have to click on a button to admit you into the meeting.  Once you’re in there, you should see others in the room.  If there are too many faces for your device, you can swipe left or right or press an arrow (depending on your device) to see other faces.  There are other buttons and such to explore.  When the meeting starts, please stop all side conversations.  If necessary, we can mute members, but it’s easier if we’re all just polite and wait until our turn.  Whoever is leading the meeting can call out a name when they want someone to talk.  After the meeting, there will be a Show ’N Tell.  Have your art ready to show or just enjoy seeing what others have been doing.
Past President  - Nancy Glassman

A  message from Iris, she misses everybody and is looking forward to when we can get back together again.

I hope this Newsletter finds you all in good Health!  Some of us have been inspired, by all the stay at home time,  and are painting some beautiful art.
Are you one of these people?  Sadly I'm not,  unless you consider painting screen doors, wooden decks,  flower boxes, and rocks art.  According
to some of the parents of the children in my neighborhood, they all like my rock art in the front yard.  Wouldn't it be fun to paint rocks with  a few of
these  children. With schools closed, I missed  volunteering at the neighborhood grade school, in the Art class. On one of the trails I walk on,
a child has painted a rock with a message "you can make it You Rock"! Another of my favorite (driveway) art in chalk is a beautiful Flower with  a saying  
" Choose Kindness Above All Else!"

I have also spent hours in my yard this summer and have planted  vegetables  among my Flower garden.

I think the idea of having a Zoom Chapter Meeting and a Show and Tell  is a great way to stay in touch and share what our members are painting.
Read on in this Newsletter  for more details from the Board.

Thank you everyone who has written an article for this newsletter.  We have many members who have already used Zoom to take classes and stay in
touch with Family and Friends.  Thank you Mary for volunteering to Host the first Chapter Zoom Meeting on Monday, June 15, 2020, at 7 p.m.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our Board Members.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the Zoom Meeting on the 15th.  
Until then Happy painting!

2nd Vice President/ Membership Report - Debbie Poster

Our current paid membership is at 27.

Because we are all being consumed with daily "stuff" it's very easy to forget some of the fun in our lives. For me, belonging to the SDP and the Rocky Mountain Hi Chapter is one way to stay connected to my love of painting and the fun we have at meetings (which we are all missing).
Consider this a reminder for:
Judy Murphy
Crystal Doggett
to renew both SDP and the Chapter memberships.
If any members have questions or concerns, PLEASE call me: Debbie Poster at 303 805 1509

Debbie Poster
Membership info to follow in another email

Philanthropy - Marilyn Corners

Hi Everyone. Happy Quarantine! Hoping you are doing well, staying safe and feeling happy.
News from the BIAC Community is relatively positive. We do have one student, who, along with her husband, contracted Covid19 at the beginning of the Pandemic. They were not hospitalized. However, she is still receiving Oxygen and is extremely fatigued. This virus is no joke!
We, as a group, have been meeting each Tuesday morning via Zoom. The meetings generally have a are you spending your quarantine time?.....what are the most obvious changes in your routines?.....what are your most unsettling issues?.....what are you most looking forward to in returning to "normal"?.....are you doing any painting?......if so, what?
The discussions are interesting and I have come to recognize that Brain Injury does have a significant impact on the mental well being of most of the survivors during times of unusual circumstances/stress.
The group has asked me to attempt to organize online classes which we can access by Zoom. I am finding this to be daunting, although I will continue to try to make it happen for them.
Personally, I have been BUSY! No painting, but lots of cleaning.....garage, shed, Lloyd's office and basement. Not a ton of fun, but very beneficial in ridding hordes of unused stuff! Yay!!
Just to keep you up to date on more personal issues, Sailor (my 16 year old Grandaughter), has joined the workforce. She is now gainly employed at Papa Murphy's Take and Bake Pizza Place. She is thrilled.....first job.....earned money.....cute boys....all in masks. Life is GOOD!
I really miss seeing you. It will be so good to someday get back together.
Please stay safe, take care and be well. Much Love.

Marilyn Corners, MDA
Society of Decorative Painters

Rocky Mountain Hi Decorative Artists

Community Outreach - Catherine Roche

As you know, we were suppose to have a meeting at Garden Plaza on Saturday, April 4, 2020, so we could paint tote bags for us to donate to Garden Plaza and its residents as a thank you for that institution allowing us to have our meetings there for free. Due to the coronavirus, we not only had to cancel this April 4 meeting, but several monthly chapter meetings as well. We are not sure when we can resume our regular meetings at Garden Plaza, but appreciate not only that we have been able to have so many years of meetings there, for free, but know when they feel it is safe for everyone for us to return, they will let us do so. Therefore, we still want to complete our tote bag gift project and give these bags to Garden Plaza when we can meet there again. A number of chapter members have picked up tote bags from my house, and have been painting them at home. I look forward to seeing all of these home painted tote bags when we can meet again and give them to Garden Plaza. I am sure the rest of you will want to see these painted bags as well.
Best regards,
Catherine Roche

Sunshine Report- Karon Sorensen

We want to wish best birthday wishes to those that had birthday’s in April, May and June.

April Birthday"s
Ginny Sparlin   April 6
Debbie Poster  April 7
Andrene Schnelzer April 13
Joan Egar  April 24
Nancy Glassman April 24
Gina Rehlander April 27
Carmen Owens April 29

May Birthday”s
Karon Sorensen May 16
Linda Beaty  May 16
Mary Steingesser May 26
Noreen Goetz May 27

June Birthday
Lisa Lewis June 19

Local Teacher Seminar Chair Report - Char Bucher

It looks like we are able to go forward with our July 11th class with Judy Patti.  To refresh your memories, it is a lesson on painting trees.   It is an all day class.  Some of you may wish to go to the studio, however it is available online, if you have zoom. You must let me know which
way you wish to participate in her class.  Only a certain number may attend in person.   So be in touch with me soon. The cost is $40 either way.

Verlene and I have taken several classes online with Judy and it works very well. Those of you going to the studio will bring a limited amount of supplies. The list will appear in the next newsletter.  Don't forget your lunch.  I will be in touch with those of you who have already signed up to get your decision.  Your checks need to come to  me right away.   No one has already paid for the class.

Talk soon, Char

Travel Teacher Seminar Chair Report - Melinda Barnes

RMHi is co-sponsoring with High Plains Decorative Artists a seminar with Mark Polomchak. As you know this seminar was scheduled for August this year. It has been decided to postpone Mark's seminar until next year. I don't have any other details right now, but when I do I will share them with you.
Melinda Barnes
Rocky Mountain Hi Artists

Tole Chatter - Melinda Barnes

Many artists are generously giving the painting world many free patterns, YouTube videos and online classes to keep us from getting bored during the "Stay at Home" order. For some of the webinars there is a charge, but many classes are free. If you have Facebook be sure and look at our page... I shared a beautiful free pattern from Chris Thornton you can download. If you have a problem downloading contact me and I will send it to you. Also if you use Facebook there are many free classes and demos offered.

You might want to bookmark this website. "Pop In and Paint" is a place where three days a week you can pop in and out for 12 hours. They are using ZOOM. You will have to download the software and enter the password each month to take advantage of this one. It appears this one is more about Connection, Creativity, and Conversation hosted by Cindy Harrison, Kelly Hoernig and Sandy LeFlore.

One of the websites holding online classes with big brushes is Artful Webinars hosted by Cindy Harrison. Classes are about $50 and the pattern packet is included. You have the option of ordering the surface if you would like to. You can also click on Paint With Heart in the menu bar and find free videos lessons. Also in the works is an online convention in March.

Here is an interesting article from Painting World Magazine "What is Steampunk". Chris Thornton's name is mentioned. A little history and some websites to visit.

Golden Artist Colors... published an article titled "Cleaning Your Acrylic Waste Water Made Easy!!". An interesting read.

Another article on Golden Artist Colors is painting on various surfaces.

Lydia Steeves... has a few free videos painting in acrylic and colored pencils. A very talented lady.  Two colored pencil videos are for beginners.

Here is a nice watercolor video for painting a hummingbird with initial washes first.

Renee Mullins has added another cute free pattern to her website. The surface is available as well. You will enjoy browsing her site to see all her new patterns as well.

DecoArt... introduced many new products. I listed some of the new products in our last two newsletters. Here are a few more...
Crafter's Acrylic® multi-surface™
All-surface, indoor/outdoor paints with excellent coverage. They are self-sealing, so no primer or varnish is required. They have superior adhesion on all surfaces:
Wood • walls • canvas • metal • terra cotta • paper • ceramics glass • StyrofoamTM • most plastic fabric • masonry.
Premium Tempera™
Enjoy the fun of creating art with these high-quality, excellent- covering tempera paints. These brilliant, opaque matte colors won't crack or peel. Ideal for posters, cardboard, school projects, finger painting, and creative family time.
Washable Tempera™
Create vivid art with these excellent-covering washable tempera paints. Easily washes off skin and out of most fabrics. Simply apply with a brush or sponge.
Texture Sand Medium™
Ultra-fine grit paste that mixes with any water-based acrylic paint to create stunning textural effects. It can be tinted or painted once dry.
Last, but not least (be still my heart)...
Glitter Basecoat™
Painting with glitter is easier than ever before with this revolutionary new basecoat medium. A neutral base with grit, it grabs the glitter, allowing for fuller coverage in fewer coats.
Visit their website to see more information, photos and more ideas.

9th Annual Plein Air Convention and Expo
I mentioned this in the last newsletter, but now see the Plein Air Convention has been moved from Denver to Santa Fe, NM. Dates have changed as well. August 11-15, 2020

Shara Reiner Seminar... The HPDA is hosting Shara for a two day seminar on Zoom now rather then postponing Shara until next year. You can view the projects on their website. One is a chicken on a pitcher and the other a fall scene on a tray. The seminar is in a couple of weeks and I'm not sure if they are taking signups this close to the dates. I've heard so many wonderful things about the Zoom classes and seminars.  Certainly the wave of the future, at least for now.

Well, I've given you enough to do for now.  Stay safe and well!

WEBSITE - Melinda  Barnes

Society of Decorative Painters
Be sure to check our website for the most recent information concerning chapter meetings and events.

We are also on Facebook. Please visit our chapter page and like us! This helps our chapter to be more visible to possible new members.

Newsletter Compiler - Verlene Siska
Rocky Mountain Hi Chapter

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