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First of all : Best Wishes to all ! 
Have a FABULOUS 2017 !


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We plan to (re)launch our Kickstarter campaign by the end of February, early March 2017 at the latest,
so stay tuned in!

Results of the First StringPad Giveaway Challenge :

Let me start by saying you guys have been amazing and while it was clear who won the Tank Challenge, awarding the Classic Challenge was pretty hard and the race was very tight, so it took a lot of analyzing of all the data. In any case THANK YOU ALL for sharing and recruiting !

The winners of the first StringPad Giveaway Challenge are :

Giveaway Challenge Price 1 : a StringPad Tank* will be awarded, when it’s released to: BIJAN with 1.003 entries !
Giveaway Challenge Price 2 : a StringPad Classic* will be awarded, when it’s released to: Koty Schwarz !
Giveaway Challenge Price 3 : a StringPad Classic* will be awarded, when it’s released to: Clay Simmons !



Not to worry! We’ve started a new Giveaway, so here's your chance :

Another way to win your own StringPad
Classic or Tank set is :

Send us an e-mail if you have an interesting contact to share with us!

What we've learned from you so far :

One of the reasons we've paused our Kickstarter campaign in December, was that we felt the prices were a bit too high for most of you. We've been negotiating and calculating really hard in order to get better quotes. We wanted to know how much you'd like to pay for the StringPad set.

42% of you wanted to spend a maximum of 100$/€ (+ shipping), 39% would spent 130$/€ (+ shipping), 13% would go up to 160$/€ (+ shipping), and 6% would pay 190$/€ (+ shipping).

We'll do our best to stay within the 100-130$/€ range, but lower prices are only possible if more sets are sold :-)


Moreover, we've learned that 80% of you are from Europe, so that'll help us with shipping quotes, VAT calculations etc.

Wireless/Bluetooth is another costly affair so we wanted to know if you really wanted it. Turns out most of you do, so we'll check on that.

42% of you wanted to spend a maximum of 100$/€+shipping, 39% would spent 130$/€+shipping, 13% would go up to 160$/€+shipping, and 6% would pay 190$/€+shipping.
This next question had to do with bluetooth / wireless. As a means to calculate whether it'll be worth the high-cost of obtaining CE and FCC certifications, we asked you how much you'd pay EXTRA for a wireless feature on StringPad?
23% of you didn't really dig bluetooth at all, 35% would pay up to 15$/€ extra, 42% would pay 30$/€ extra and 10% would pay 50$/€ more for wireless.
In order to get the best shipping quotes, we needed to know where most of you are. An overwhelming 80% of you are in Europe! 17% are in the US and only 3% are from other countries. Thanks for the feedback!

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