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We gradually post videos and pictures from the prototype to the testing to the actual product on our website - check it out!

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We're in this together

So we took a few steps:
1- Invent a thing worth making.
2- We built the prototypes.
3- We had them tested by around 50 people, especially gamers.
3- We told you guys the whole story and listened to your feedback,
4- and we re-shaped the design together.
5- Now we have to spread the word to bloggers and journalists and we need your help to do this:

Are you / Do you know someone with a large follower base? Spread the word!
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WE LAUNCH as soon as possible, but we need to GROW the STRINGPAD.COM(MUNITY) a bit more!

All the video feed we made so far, can be found on our site and on our YouTube channel.
All the pictures, comments and progress can be viewed on Facebook and Twitter.
A press release text and pictures about StringPad can be found on our site

The more of you follow our Facebook page, our YouTube channel and our website, the better we can grow the StringPad community.

We're in this together, because we need your feedback, remarks and support to make the StringPad even better! You’ll be directly involved in the process of choosing colors, features and much more.

So: share, re-tweet, comment: the more, the better!
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This is the video you've all been waiting for: gamers testing the StringPad, with and without VR

StringPad Gamer's testing the motion simulation headset
Click on the picture to view the gamer's test video.

YouTube channel :
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StringPad technology combines dynamic speaker drivers and build-in bone conductors. A specially designed two-way amplifier emits two different signals: one for the sound and one for the vibes, making it possible to adjust both separately.
The speaker drivers let you hear it when you hit the curb when driving, the bone conductors let you feel the gravel crunching under your tyres.

Important Design Updates:

Product development is the magic that turns circuitry, software, and materials into a product. Moving efficiently from concept to manufactured product is a complex process with many potential pitfalls.

The result of these design updates is a much sleeker looking StringPad, even more adjustable and user-friendly:

What we've learned from you so far :

Will you use StringPad headphones for?

An overwhelming 66% of you play mostly FPS, 21% are racers, leaving 12% for fantasy & adventure games. Also nice: we've had a lot of extra reactions from those who play all these kinds of games :-) We've used your feedback to create the next question: "Which StringPad would you like most?" and included the Tank :-)

Which StringPad version do you like most?

Here, the numbers were closer. We received 237 reactions: 35% of you choose the StringPad Tank version, 22% choose the StringPad Classic, the StringPad Blue got 27% and the StringPad Orange only got 14%.
Power to you: we will release the StringPad Classic as planned, and the StringPad Tank as a special edition, with the StringPad Blue as a back-up! Thanks for the feedback!


Q1/ Does StringPad work with Xbox / PS4 / PC etc ?
A: Yes, StringPad only needs an audio exit to work, so you can plug it in your PC, console, tv, ... It even works with a smartphone or tablet.

Q2/ Where / when can I buy the StringPad ?
A: As you may already know, we plan to bring StringPad to Kickstarter soon. Since you provided us with your email address, we’ve put you on our first mailing list so you’ll be able to buy the StringPad as an early bird on Kickstarter at greatly reduced prices. You'll know it first!

Q3/ Where will it be available ?
A: We'll ship worldwide, perhaps not to Antarctica, but certainly to the US, Europe, Asia etc.

Q4/ What will the StringPad cost ?
A: We don't have an exact price yet, as we're working diligently with a number of manufacturers to get the best quote for you, but we'll keep you updated !

Q5/ Do you have to be bald for the StringPad to work ?
A: LOL! No, all our pictures and renderings have a bald guy, just so you can really see where the bone conductors touch the skull (a place called the "mastoid process"), but it'll also work with a big hairdo, as there's no hair just behind your ears.

Q6/ What's the difference between the StringPad and other headphones ?
A: The big difference between StringPad and other headphones is that StringPad is not a mere headphone, but it combines sound and motion simulating, it combines sound in your ears with a sensation of motion behind your ears, creating a very realistic and immersive experience.

Q7/ What's bone conducting ?
A: Bone conducting (source: Wikipedia) : Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Bone conduction transmission can be used with individuals with normal or impaired hearing.

Q8/ What's haptic or tactile feedback ?
A: Haptic / Tactile feedback (or haptics) is the use of advanced vibration patterns and waveforms to convey information to a user or operator. The word 'haptics' is derived from the Greek phrase 'I touch'. (source: Google)

Are StringPad headphones adjustable ?
A: Yes, StringPad headphones are adjustable in height to fit your head and the earpads rotate on their axis to adjust to your ears perfectly. The transducers are covered in an anti-sweat layer to provide even better comfort during those long gaming sessions and the earpads are in an ergonomical, durable material.

Coming soon : more updates on design, tech specs and the introduction of the StringPad team video!

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