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Event Info - Psychic Medium Readings

Mind. Body. Soul.

They are all connected. Thoughts and emotions affect the body - they are intimately intertwined - science is proving this over and over again. But where does the soul fit in? What is your idea of soul? And what is the purpose of connecting to it? 

Although definitions of “Soul” may be quite personal and diverse between individuals, we believe Soul is the source of guidance we all have access to. With practice and stillness we can each connect to our Soul and receive guidance on whatever our heart desires. At Well Within, we like to say it is the source of instinct - and that trusting our instincts will lead us to greater health, happiness and fulfillment. 

So here’s a question...
How often do you trust your instincts? Every day? Or do you not really think much about it. Do you prefer to rely on logic and fact? That does seem logical, yet some of the most successful business people like Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey all attribute a large chunk of their success to trusting their instincts when making business decisions, and life decisions. Check out this Forbes Article for more.

So what about your health? Do you ever find yourself thinking or feeling that you know what will make you feel better, but then you let doubt creep in and talk yourself out of it so you go searching somewhere else? A doctor, physical therapist, or even the internet. I’m willing to bet your initial instincts are almost always correct. 

How do we hone this skill? Connecting to your instincts is a learned skill and when practiced, it is an amazing tool to use not only for your health, but also for other areas of your life. We know that when the ‘thinking” mind is turned off - we have access to a different part of the brain that is associated with intuition and instinct. This is why meditation is so effective for honing your intuition. It is in the stillness  - the gap between thoughts - that our insights are born. 

Some people don’t have to work as hard at this - they are gifted with intuition, insights and the ability to access a realm most of us never will. Mediums and psychics have these finely tuned skills. We are excited to bring one of them to you in a special event at Well Within. 

Join us Oct 13th from 6pm-10pm to wind down, take a break from thinking, get some Reiki, Chair Massage, Meditation, and (drumroll please) get a psychic reading with our highly intuitive and light hearted friend, Charles Grant, Psychic Medium. Warm apple cider, tea and wine are complimentary.
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