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Update 16 - Project SS

Business as unusual

Thank you for subscribing to updates for A Whim Away's next project, codenamed Project SS. In the past few weeks, I actioned some of my to-do list.

Self-review complete

Adam and I finally finished going through the manuscript fragment of SS. It’s actually a lot closer to the end than I thought. For the past year and a half, I have had writer’s block on this piece. Not because I didn’t know what the end was. I actually knew the end I wanted, but I didn’t want to write how I was going to get there.

Once Adam and I finished going through the manuscript, I wrote a different ending to the one I initially envisaged. It made me laugh-out-loud. You’ll see what I mean, hehe.

Microcontent for Instagram

In the meantime, I had a follow-up meeting with my marketing coach, Sara Berry, from Marketing Sense. She introduced me to the idea of microcontent, where I take parts of my blog content, and create Instagram Stories out of them using Canva.

The idea is to have new people discover my content without my having SEO, which my Wordpress plan doesn’t allow for. I’m still stuck on getting music on my Stories, though. It may not be possible if I upload via Canva.

'Til next time!
Anna Ceguerra.

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