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Women in Film & Media Colorado

December 2017
Member Newsletter

WIFMCO Holiday Party & Fundraiser
Saturday: December 9th
Time: 6:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m.
Silent Auction

Geek who Drink Movie Theme Trivia- Cash prizes to winning team!
FREE entry for WIFMCO Members
$10 Non-members


Benefiting SafeHouse Denver
SHD: Serves survivors of domestic violence and their children through both an emergency shelter and a non-residential counseling and advocacy center.
Bring a New ($10 value or more) item from this list and receive a FREE spin on the prize wheel! Or FREE entry if you are a non-member.

Women’s Clothing (all sizes needed):

Kids Clothing (all sizes needed, boys and girls):
Kids tennis shoes
Long Sleeve

Body Wash
Body Lotion

Composition Notebooks

House Needs:
Over-the-counter meds (Nyquil, Zicam, cold and flu, Tylenol etc. for adults, kids, and infants)
Canned vegetables/fruits 
Non-Perishable food items (rice, noodles etc) 

Office Supplies:
Computer Paper
Manila file folders 
11-Inch by 14-Inch Smooth Paper Pad

Let's celebrate the season by doing some good and having fun while we're at it!
Hope to see you there: More info and to RSVP CLICK HERE

P.S: We need items for our silent auction! Members who would like to donate an item will get a FREE spin on our prize wheel! Please email us with your item details (value and suggested min. bid) before Dec. 9th


New! Film & Media Finishing Grant

A Letter from our Vice President: Sheila Schroeder

    As a founding board member of WIFMCO, a film professor for 25 years and a filmmaker for the last 33 years, I’ve had a variety of experiences relevant to documentary, experimental and narrative film-making. When I came on board with WIFMCO as the Vice President I did so because, from the start, the board focused on how to support our membership. I’m proud to say that we have supported writers, actors, producers, cinematographers, hair and makeup professionals, and many others through our panels and workshops. Our networking events have created jobs and friendships across the industry. Our Screenwriting Contest motivates and creates opportunities for screenwriters across the state.
    WIFMCO is ready to take the next great step toward supporting our members as we announce our Film and Media Finishing Fund Grant. This $1500 grant is open to all members. Don’t worry, if you’re not yet a member, it’s easy to become one ( Preference will be given to projects that align with the WIFMCO Mission Statement and that have completed principle photography.

Application Link: (
    This grant, supported by WIFMCO and two private donors, is designed to help film and media professionals with the completion of their media projects. While not designed for students doing work for academic credit, the grant will help independent film and media makers with post-production, distribution or outreach expenses. Take a close look at the application today as it does require a variety of information about your project including log-line, synopsis, budget, distribution plan, etc. You also must include a link to a work in progress sample so please plan ahead so you can have all information complete by the deadline!
    The grant is non-genre specific so if you’re working on a web series, documentary, narrative, TV pilot or something else, we’d love for you to apply. The grant application reflects other finishing fund grants available throughout the industry. If you’ve never applied for funding before, this will be excellent practice for going after those larger grants. If you have applied for other highly competitive funds, know that this award can help build momentum for your project.
    This year, there is no application fee. There has been discussion about attaching a fee for 2019 that would be added to the total award. We’re also seeking out corporate sponsorship and partnerships to help increase this grant amount in 2019 and beyond.
The timeline for this 2018 award is:
  • Deadline for all applications: February 28, 2018 midnight.
  • Award announced: May, 2018 at our monthly meeting.
The board will serve as the review committee for this year’s award.
We look forward to reviewing the applications and wish you all the best in the new year!

Thank you,

Sheila E. Schroeder, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
University of Denver
Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies

Scary Lucy

WIFMCO Script to Film Lab

We will begin our classes on Saturday January 27th
1101 W Mineral Ave. Littleton, CO 80120
1 p.m.- 6 p.m
Please RSVP(links below)
This will be the longest workshop of the series. Please plan to stay the duration. Bring water and snacks as they will not be provided.

Thank you for attending our launch party for WIFMCO's Script to Film Lab.
 We hope you are as excited about this program as we are!

We wanted to provide you with a summary of all that was talked about so you can sign up and start preparing for the January 27th Program Start!
Writers will sign up on-line HERE before Jan 27th.
Cost for the entire workshop (12 classes running once a month Jan 2018- Dec. 2018 Showcase): $250 non-member / $225 WIFMCO member. (Exact dates and times are TBD)
Please bring at least 4 different ideas for a 7-9 min script for potential web series.
Please bring at least TWO 2 page sample scripts from your ideas to present to actors for cold read.
Writers will gain:
Step-by-step guidance in writing one episode of a 7-9 min web series pilot from start to finish.
learn how to write for the actors in your market
Feedback from actors
Feedback from guest instructors
Feedback from directors
learn how to write a " bible" for a full season of your web series
Learn how to "pitch" your story
Work with local actors
Lessons on how to write for low budget
Actors will sign up on-line HERE
Cost for the entire workshop (12 classes total running once a month Jan 2018- Dec. 2018 Showcase): $250 non-member / $225 WIFMCO member
Bring a 1-minute monologue that showcases your acting technique and/or a type of character you would like to play if a writer was writing specifically for you. If you cannot attend the first workshop you may submit a video of your 1 min. monologue. Actors who can attend the first workshop in person will be assigned first; those submitting videos will be considered once those actors have roles.
Be ready to cold read- we will be going through cold read technique at the first workshop!
Actors will gain:
Participate in a program that brings people to them to write a role specifically tailored for them.
Learn about the process of creating a web series and to get an opportunity to work with an acting focused coach to develop a character over the course of a year.
Perform in front of Colorado and New Mexico Casting Directors and others.  
Learn how to prepare/sell yourself for a showcase event. Seminars like this often cost actors thousands in other markets.
This workshop is not meant to replace regular, general acting instruction (this is not a workshop for beginner actors; please note we are looking for intermediate to advance actors ready for a challenge)- Instruction will focus on various acting methods for your specific characters: studying technique for script analysis, working on emotional memory, intentions, objectives, relationships, quick memorization, physical action and improv as well as in depth story discussion with the writer.

*Because scripts will be changing monthly- an open-minded actor who has skills to adapt to change and has a willingness to communicate with coaches/writers as well as take constructive feedback is essential. 

10% discount to The Actor's Study Workshop Tuesday night adult workshop for the entire year.

WIFMCO member Karen Hemmerle is offering members 20% discounts on her custom monologues and screenwriter coaching through the end of June, 2018. See OFFER BELOW UNDER MEMBER PERKS!

Workshop schedule:
We will be meeting once a month. A solid schedule will be released as we get closer to the start date.
We are planning to meet the last week of each month starting Jan 27th. The first workshop will be about 5 hours in length. After that, workshops will go no longer than 3 hours. Days of the week may vary, depending on space availability. The workshops will be scheduled around the participants that are confirmed and paid after the Jan 27th workshop.
Writers and actors will be attending together at all times. We might not be able to accommodate all schedules. Sick or personal circumstances that result in an absence will be reviewed and left to the discretion of WIFMCO to offer a make-up or refund the pro-rated fee.
Do I have to pay up front? Yes you do need to pay up front if possible. If you decide not to continue the program after the initial 5 hour workshop on Jan 27th,  you will receive a refund less $25.  That means if you decide not to continue you just got a 5 hour workshop for $25! That's pretty great!
Can I pay in installments? Yes. This is going to be on a case by case basis. Please talk privately with us about a payment plan if it's something you need.
I'm an actor, what if I don't get cast in a project? If you do not get cast after the initial workshop you will receive a refund less $25. You may request to be put on a list of backup actors should any actor in the program need to be replaced. Your fee will be pro-rated if asked to join after the program has started. However, we will make every effort to find a place for each and every actor in the program, and possibly more than one role.
I'm a writer, what if my script doesn't get picked to be work-shopped? You may ask to join another team as a co-writer or you can receive a refund less $25. 
I want to write and act! Can I do that? YES! If you want to do both the cost changes slightly.  Non-Members will be $400 and WIFMCO members will be $360 for the full program.
Can I write for myself and act in my web series pilot? Yes….BUT, we’d prefer you didn’t. Look at it this way, if you write something you have one chance of being on the winning team, but If you write one and act in another you now have two chances to be on a winning team! If you decide to write for yourself, you must be willing to make changes for your writing and acting choices. If you feel you want to play/write this a certain way and are not willing to take critique it might better if you save that script for another project.  
This seems like you are asking actors to pay-to-act. What will actors get out of this? Well if you have to ask that question, this might not be the program for you. Any time an actor has an opportunity to have roles written for them is pretty special and exciting. Actors in this program will learn a lot about their acting, their habits and how to communicate to writers. We will be going over acting techniques, new ways of thinking and more! Not to mention actors will be a valuable asset to writers.  PLUS you get to perform a live staged read in front of (CO and NM) Casting Directors and agents. That's HUGE! It's definitely worth the very affordable cost. And remember that your instructors are working professionals who are donating their time as well.

Member Spotlight

Bobb Webb
***It's official WIFMCO opened membership up to Men who support our mission! Men who decide to become members must adhere to our membership standards and be willing participants in helping women to gain experience and employment in above the line positions as well as hire women to be lead writers,  lead actors and more. If men will support us on our mission we want them in our circle! ***

Please welcome our first paid male member: Bobb Webb

Q:  What is your field of focus?
A: I guess I could narrow it down to writing and acting. I am grateful I was able to act in the two short screenplays I wrote that became short films. Within film festival-related activities, I love programming. It’s a whole-brain activity, a balance of art and science. Putting together a quality schedule is one of the most rewarding processes in which I’ve ever had the good fortune to participate.

Q: What was your inspiration to get into this industry? Do you have any mentors you want to mention?
A: I grew up incredibly shy. I even diagnosed myself in junior high as having an inferiority complex. In my forties, I had a mentor who challenged me to make a list of things I was afraid of. Two items on the list were singing in front of an audience and public speaking. So I found a voice coach. I learned I have a good ear and I survived a couple of recitals. Soon after I was laid off in 1998, the volunteer coordinator at Phamaly (The Physically Handicapped Artists and Musical Actors League) told me to get my a** down to rehearsals and make myself useful back stage. I eventually auditioned and was cast in Damn Yankees in 2001 in the Space Theatre at the Denver Center. After that I had parts in Once Upon a Mattress, Guys and Dolls, Pirates of Penzance, Arsenic and Old Lace and a few others. It was an easy jump from there to “Acting for Camera” classes.

Q: Tell us about your journey thus far in your career? Did you study? If so, where or are you still in school?
A: Since 2003, I’ve studied at The Denver Center Theatre Academy, Front Range Acting Studio, DS Studio Works, the Acting Academy of Denver and a dozen or so workshops. I also wrote short scenes and film scripts in workshops, beginning with Peter D'Anello's Write to Act. I’ve been writing vignettes, scripts, short stories and longer projects since the early 90’s. I am not currently taking classes, but I plan to restart in the near-future.  I also co-founded The Film Festival of Colorado in 2009, and the non-profit Intendence Film Festival in 2013. Between the two, we’ve held eight annual festivals to-date.  CHECK IT OUT!

Q: Tell us about your favorite project you've worked on? Any take-aways?
A: This is a difficult question to answer. I have seven IMDB credits for behind-the-scenes still photography, where I learned about the film-making process, up close and personal. Two of my short scripts, Chainsaw Sofa Exorcist and Thursday Night Special, were produced. I had a role in each. I’ve learned something with each project I’ve been involved with.

Q: Any projects coming up?
A: None at the moment.

Q:What are your hopes for the film, television and media scene in Colorado?
A: The purpose of TFFOC and IFF is the showcase local talent and, at the same time, raise the bar for Colorado filmmakers. I’d like to see that continue.

Q: Any advice/wisdom to fellow actors, filmmakers, writers etc etc?
A: This topic could fill a weekend workshop. Keep learning, be professional, contracts are worth their weight in gold, learn from your critics, films are ultimately judged by their quality, not by who you know. Assume there are things you don’t know that you don’t know. Keep looking to find such gems.

Women in Film & Media Colorado
2nd Annual Screenplay Contest

When you enter the Women in Film & Media Screenplay Contest, you put your script in the running for $1000 in cash prizes, a table read with professional actors and director, and feedback from 3 Hollywood writers representatives!

RULES: You must be a woman or identify as a woman; OR have one woman on the writing team; or be a male member of WIFMCO who has written a female-centric script

You do not need to be a member of WIFMCO, but members enter for free at all dates! 
If interested in joining: $50 annual membership
You must be living in Colorado.

Awards & Prizes
1st Place Winner receives:
$600 Cash Prize
A table reading with local actors and Director
Script feedback from 3 Hollywood writers representatives!
Announcements to Colorado film industry.

2nd Place Winner receives:
$250 Cash Prize
Script feedback from 1 Hollywood writers representative.
Announcements to Colorado film industry
Two tickets to the WIFMCO 1st Place Winner Table Read

3rd Place Winner receives:
$250 Cash Prize
Announcements to Colorado film industry
Two tickets to the WIFMCO 1st Place Winner Table Read

To Enter
Go to for details, or enter at

Deadlines:  IT's ALWAYS FREE for WIFMCO MEMBERS!!!!!
Regular Deadline: Dec 31st- $10 submission fee (non-member)
Late Deadline: Jan 31st, 2018 - $20 submission fee (non-member)

Member Perks


20% off Custom Monologues

     WIFMCO member Karen Hemmerle is offering members 20% discounts on her custom monologues and screenwriter coaching through the end of June, 2018. Karen's monologues "A Love Story of Sorts" and "The 24-Hour Intimate Position" have been performed by Stories on Stage, and she's the screenwriter of the award-winning films "Dandy Kids" and "Broken Ties", as well as the soon-to-shoot feature film "The French American". Contact her at Actors, stop auditioning with the same monologues your competition is using. Have a monologue written just for you, showing your talents to their fullest. Your monologues will never be sold to another actor. Two 1-minute contrasting monologues are regularly $100. WIFMCO members pay only $80. Additional monologues are priced individually for the discounted price of $40 each. Longer monologues are available, also at 20% off.  Screenwriters, sometimes you need someone to help you get back on track and keep you there. You need a coach for feedback, accountability, and all manner of questions from formatting to writing for a budget to "should I just give this up and get a real job like my mom wants me to do?" I'm here seven days a week to support and guide you, for one month or several. Regular monthly coaching is $300; WIFMCO members pay $240. Contact her at

Membership rates are going up to $55 in January 2018!

If you haven't renewed yet, now is the time! You can still get in at $50 for a 1 year Professional Membership

Not sure if your membership is still valid?
Email us at to inquire.


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