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Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>,

For nearly 15 years, Organic Services has been working with Intact GmbH, Austria – an Integrity Solutions’ provider, to introduce Ecert® the audit management software for standard setting, control and certification bodies, and accreditors.
We have been successful and are proud to say that Ecert® is the market leader in the organic sector, but Ecert® has also been introduced to organisations from other industries, e.g. fair trade, fish, mining, non-gmo, health, construction material, accreditation, etc.
In working with control bodies of all sizes, we recognized that it was necessary to develop an “entry-level” product that fits to the reduced complexity of smaller, local and emerging organisations and their budgets.
Over the last two years, we developed ‘Ecert Basic’ an easy to use, affordable solution focused on Ecert®’s core functionality, introduced and proven by our current clients. With a number of you, we have been in contact for many years about introducing Ecert®, but were not able to offer a solution that fits your needs and budget. We are sure that Ecert Basic will meet your needs!
This “Ecert Basic Insider” will inform you about ‘Ecert Basic’ and its functionalities. Should you be interested to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask for a free presentation.

With kind regards,
Frank Gerriets & Gerald A. Herrmann
Professionalising compliance management
Ecert Basic is an off-the-shelf version of the leading audit and certification management solution, Ecert®, that gives you all its standard functionalities at a price that fits your budget.
It provides a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate the management of your certification body from administration and preparation work to inspection/ audit work to follow-up work in an efficient, reliable and highly cost-effective manner.
Get your Ecert Basic flyer fresh from printing at our booth at BIOFACH 2017 Hall 1 Stand 653 or check out all Ecert Basic can do here.
Ecert® or Ecert Basic?

Ecert® is the leading professional software for database driven audit management, administration and CRM. Over time, Ecert® has developed into a multifunctional tool that gives its users many more features on top of its core functionality. Ecert® offers a high degree of flexibility and can be customized to meet the needs of your certification body. But not all certification bodies are ready for Ecert®.

Ecert Basic is an easy to use, affordable solution focused on Ecert®’s core functionality.

Small, local certifiers should be able to deliver the same performance as globally active ones. This can be challenging and sometimes even overwhelming with the audit and reporting demands of accreditors, the need to professionally manage data and the investments needed on all levels at the same time. This is why we developed Ecert Basic. Choose Ecert Basic and make a solid investment in further professionalising your certification body today.
No need to sacrifice quality

Still get the same Ecert® quality to play at the same level as large, global certification bodies 
  • Professional software based on Ecert® that sets you free from paper pushing and custom spreadsheets
  • Simplifies administration of the certification process with default settings for data entry, export and use
  • Web based so no installation required
  • Central electronic database independent of location prevents data losses
  • Increased integrity and reliability of data and processes
  • Data security is guaranteed by a professional data processing centre and user rights and roles
  • Real-time data
  • Get the power of Ecert® at an affordable price
  • Cost and time savings for the certification process and the entire organization
  • Efficient audit planning by time, location and qualification of auditors
  • Electronic storage of data guarantees easy retrieval of information and faster processes
… And more
  • Can be made available in your own language to meet your and your auditors’ needs
  • Continuous improvement and further development (regular system updates)
  • Professional set-up, training and support that is cost and time conscious
  • Enhance your competitive position
  • Make accreditation as easy as possible
Positive synergistic connectivity
With our family of solutions: Ecert Basic, Group Integrity and Check Organic, you can give your clients even more through positive synergistic connectivity. Group Integrity can help your clients better manage their internal audits and make certification even easier for you. And with Check Organic, you can make your certification data available to the world and make your audits even more efficient. Ask us for more information or visit our websites for Group Integrity and Check Organic.
ETKO has been an Ecert Basic client for nearly a year, having made the decision to take advantage of the benefits Ecert Basic offers shortly after BIOFACH 2016. ETKO issues over 300 certificates according to a variety of standards, such as GOTS, Textile Exchange, Turkish organic and USDA NOP regulations.
Certification Alliance (CertAll) is an alliance of certification bodies designed to make certification an affordable and doable step for organic producers in countries with small organic markets, and certain members of CertAll (BIOCert Indonesia, OAM Malaysia, OCCP the Philippines, ACT Thailand) have been a client since 2014. Certification Alliance includes members in China, Indonesia, Lao, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
Organic Services is an international strategy and management consultancy, specializing in organic food, sustainability and development matters. Our services have an interdisciplinary focus, and include, among others, market development and studies, product sourcing, certification and accreditation consulting, biogas plant implementation, and knowledge transfer through the organization of trade fairs, conferences and study tours.
We are renowned experts in software-based audit and quality management systems. Examples include, besides several successful industry consulting projects at national and international levels, »Check Organic« for enhanced supply chain integrity, »Group Integrity« for the administration of (internal) control systems for smallholder groups and companies with contract production and »Ecert Basic« for the management of the audit/ certification process for local certifiers.
Check Organic is a cloud-based supply chain integrity solution that brings together organic certification and supply chain data backed by Ecert technology. Keying in on these two data sets brings greater transparency to organic supply chains and is what makes Check Organic unique. Check Organic means a more streamlined way to do business, but more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your transparency and protect your brand integrity. Check Organic is a service offered by Organic Services.
Group Integrity supports audit management, audit documentation, non-compliance follow-up, external reporting (market, certification) and internal quality verification system management processes (e.g. ICS, PGS, and GLOBALG.A.P. Option 2). What makes Group Integrity unique is its combined support of a variety of processes in one tool, not only for grower groups, but also for businesses who contract smallholder farmers. Group Integrity is the ultimate solution for professionally managing groups and will help transform your group into a well-structured, transparent and reliable market partner. Group Integrity is a service offered by Organic Services.
Ecert Basic is an off-the-shelf version of the leading audit and certification management solution, Ecert®. Ecert® is the professional software for database driven audit management, administration and CRM. With Ecert Basic, you get all of the standard functionalities of Ecert® at a price that fits your budget. Ecert Basic provides a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate the management of your certification agency in an efficient, reliable and highly cost-effective manner. Ecert Basic is a service offered by Organic Services.
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ACA Professional Development Training
February 1-2, 2017
Portland, Oregon, USA
February 2-4, 2017
Portland, Oregon, USA
Fruit Logistica 2017
February 8-10, 2017
Berlin, Germany
February 15-18, 2017
Nuremberg, Germany
9. Food Safety Kongress
February 21-22, 2017
Berlin, Germany
The Global Food Safety Conference
February 27-March 2, 2017
Houston, Texas, USA
Natural Products Expo West
March 8-12, 2017
Anaheim, California, USA

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