Let's celebrate MH Day 2020!
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Today is MH Day 2020!

A change of pace from our normal Memos, today you're receiving a special Menstrual Memo - a digital care package if you will. Even if COVID-19 prevents us from celebrating amongst friends and colleagues in person, we all deserve to spend MH Day doing something exciting and rewarding, right?!

Dig in and enjoy what we’ve curated for you!

Happy 28 May, MH Day, to everyone, everywhere, from our heart - and ovaries - to yours!


P.S. Check out the brand-new MH Day #ItsTimeForAction" 2020 video featuring the voices of the global menstrual community! 

Photo: Lunette

Period Party Guide by Lunette 
Lunette has created an awesome Period Party Guide to show you how to throw a party to honor menstruation, take a moment for period education, raise awareness or just simply take action with your friends to break taboos and stigmas. This inclusive guide includes decoration tips, activities, engaging quizzes and everything you need for a very, very fun night! 
Photo: Lunette

50 Shades of Red Cook Booklet
Did you know that incorporating the right vitamins and minerals can help reduce PMS symptoms and ease menstrual discomfor? Lunette has done it again, this time with the 50 Shades of Red CookBooklet! Here you’ll find tasty recipes, learn about the nutrients to consider when menstruating, and how can certain foods help you combat hormonal fluctuations.
Follow @lunettecup for more!
Image: @UNICEF

Oky - UNICEF's period tracker app, designed for girls, by girls

UNICEF created Oky as part of its mission to promote girls' education and health by challenging one of the world’s biggest taboos: menstruation. Oky's mission is to reverse stigma & misinformation around menstruation to make sure all girls have access to the information & tools they need to make their periods manageable. Available in Indonesia, Mongolia & soon scaling in Kenya. Interested? Get in touch!

Check out Oky
Photo: Claire Rice

Open your ears:

Hosted by three Bay Area (California) bleeders who decided it was time to break the silence, demystify and laugh at periods, Kate, Meg & Meg discuss all things periods / cycles, including first periods, period sex, tampons and menstrual cups, and more!
Photo: DNA Web Team

SLAM that Poetry:
To Bleed Without Violence


A throwback from MH Day 2019 in India, Aranya Johar shares her powerful and inspiring piece of period slam poetry about menstrual stigma, about what she has been taught to believe. She envisions a different world, a world where a period doesn't equal a stop for girls and women. 

Official YouTube 28 May Premiere:
WOMENstruate (2020)

To celebrate MH Day 2020, we’re giving you the exclusive opportunity to watch the new documentary directed by Lauren Anders Brown in support of UNFPA / the African Coalition on MHM. Filmed in 4-7 days (the average time numbers a month a women menstruates) and with an all female crew, this documentary featuring seven African women of different generations, this film goes deep into discussing the experiences of their menstrual cycles across different phases of their lives. In the meantime, get excited about this film by watching the trailer!
Watch WOMENstrate (premiering 28. May)
Photo: Mädchen

Mädchen (2020)



The MH Hub is a proud partner on this film! Written and directed by Silvana Damm, "Mädchen" tells the story a young person from a poor family in Berlin, Germany who gets her first period. This film deals with the hardships and reality of period poverty, highlighting both the economic and emotional aspects of not being able to afford menstrual products. Mädchen is currently fundraising and looking for partners to help grow the film's reception. Get in touch for more details!


OH SH*T! (2020)

Written, directed and produced by Berlin-based filmmaker Elsa van Damke, OH SH*T! is a German short film that wants to break the taboo around menstruation. OH SH*T! accompanies 27-year-old Maggie on a dinner date at the apartment of her crush. Everything is going well until she suddenly gets her period. She escapes to the bathroom where she is confronted by a very familiar monster inside her head. So, sit back, enjoy and and get ready to... OH SH*T!

Pandora's Box (2019)

Presented by Diva International, makers of DivaCup and produced / directed by a mostly female crew, Pandora's Box is a feature-length documentary film that takes viewers on a journey through India, Uganda, the UK, and North America to explore the cultural and social subjugation of menstruation. Amplifying the global narrative around period poverty, Pandora's Box asks viewers to lift the lid and truly consider how eliminating period stigma globally can help brings us closer to gender equality. This film is a flagship project of Diva Cares, a radical new program that aims to improve people’s lives through education, advocacy and access to menstrual health.
Watch the trailer for Pandora's Box

First Period

Dasra and MH Alliance India teamed up with director Mozez Singh to create a short film about a slightly different first period. The short film, ‘First Period’ is a unique movie highlighting the many facets of life that are associated with menstrual health. This is a sweet, heart warming video that will definitely emotionally resonate with you!
Give it a watch!

An account empowering women in Mexico to better understand their menstrual cycles.
Crafts and Cramps

Art and activism to spark conversations about menstrual health. Love this crafty account!

A Colombian artist enjoying the greatness of being a woman - it shows it in her art!

Just the most beautiful menstrual blood art, seriously.

A visual artist / cultural producer creating fascinating work around the human body.

A feminist menstrual artist with beautiful, tactile art.
Jobs Opportunities in Menstrual Health
Mention that you found it in the Menstrual Memo 

WoMena Uganda (sister to WoMena Denmark) focuses on the implementation of reproductive health solutions is currently looking for applicants to support the following positions:

Executive Director

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Deadline for applications: 10th June 2020

The Global Menstrual Map
692 registered & going strong! 

The Menstrual Health Hub has the most comprehensive overview of who is doing what, where, around menstrual health and periods, worldwide. To maximize collaboration potential, we will be sending out an important note soon to update your entry. 

The Menstrual Map has almost 25,000 views to date!
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*We use the word female to denote the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova). At the MH Hub, the term 'female health' is used to capture the experiences related to the presence of the menstrual cycle and the specific health issues an individual may face over their life cycle as a result.  We recognize that not all women menstruate, and not all who menstruate identify with being a woman, and strongly advocate for the inclusion of diverse voices, identities and bodies in discussions around female and menstrual health.

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